Friday, 9 May 2008

Haffnium, where are you?

A long time ago I stumbled upon some very exciting stories on the web. Best of all, they were very professionally illustrated. The author, Haffnium, really is a skilled artist. What excited me the most was that the heroine, Birgit, actually resembles myself very much as far as appearance goes. The stories are hard and extremely exciting for a painslut like me. Generally, a man called Adolf – a drug dealer – is the one who punishes Birgit or sees to it that she is punished. Here she is whipped by him.

I have experienced savage bullwhippings several times but not in front of spectators like this. Hopefully, Master will arrange something soon…

Next, our heroine is publically flogged in Saudi Arabia because of adultery. Actually, it’s Adolf again who has succeded to convince the authorities that he should do the whipping and this time it is so severe that his victim ends up in hospital

Pictures like this make me go wild with lust. Actually, I have written a book on the subject, The Love of the Lash, and if you want to check it out, follow this link:

Shameless plug, I know. Still, the book tells very much about me as a person through my fantasies. It is very hard and brutal, including several scenes from my secret fantasies.

As for Haffnium, he seems to have disappeared from the web. Where are you? I would love to see more of your great work which made me so excited and… horny *blushes*


sammy said...



sorry for intruding. have you had any luck in the last... um six years finding him? i just remembered him from long ago, and wondered, and you came up in the search.


Anonymous said...

Anyone have any luck finding those stories?

tinaslut said...

I still have some of his stories on my hard drive but I really don't know if it would be alright to publish them here. From what I have heard Haffnium died several years ago but I am not really sure if his stories are public domain. Most are in German and will have to be translated. Anyway, they sure are great stuff. said...

I too am looking since quite a while...dont know what happened. I could translate from German to English, though. Would not worry too much about copyright, all of this was public domain...

K W said...

hi all,
you are searching the stories?
I´m the Person behind those stories. The autor was an old guy with real name "Adolf Mueller". He was a friend of mine and I wrote his handmade whipping-stories into word-files. Some (very bad) Translation I did, too.
My friend Adolf (fucking Name - but real name) died 2005. So I collected all his fiction and posted it in a groub at yahoo: abenteuergeschichten.

here the link:

All stories are in german. perhaps someone can translate them.

I proctise whipping Masochist women in reality. If there ist one or two in southern Germany let me know! I give you the bullwhipping you Need!