Sunday, 11 May 2008

STORY: The Devil's Daughter

This is an excerpt from my upcoming e-book "The Devil's Daughter" which shall be completed very soon. If you like hard s&m, humiliation, cruel floggings, torture, rape and son, I am sure this book is something for you.

Charlotte’s soft lips gently touched my cheek and she moved on up, kissing away my tears. Her left hand started working on my clitoris again and I was moaning with ecstasy, yearning to be relieved from the fire that was building up within me. I was on the brink of a climax when suddenly a sharp knock on the door brought us back to reality.

“Come in, it’s open” Charlotte greeted our guest in her sweetest voice.I really did not know what to expect. The man that entered the room was tall, dark and handsome, with intense blue eyes and a moustache. It was really difficult to estimate his age – he could be anything between 35 and 50 – although the fact that he was wearing a T-shirt, black jeans and smart jacket perhaps would indicate a younger age. But then, who was I to know. He put his coat over a chair and gestured at me to rise.

“So, this is the whore.” He turned to Charlotte. “Judging from the photos, I guess it’s all right to beat her and slap her?” His voice was calm and showed no sign of emotion.

“Of course, don’t hold back. And besides, she loves it, you know.”

He touched my stiff nipples and next I felt his fingers starting playing with my moist sex, rubbing and pinching my clitoris, fingers entering me. I could not help but moaning. Right away two hard slaps exploded in rapid succession on my cheeks, first right, then left. He slapped me hard with open hand and I gasped but did not utter a word. I was specifically ordered not to speak before I was given permission. In the big mirror on the wall I could se the marks of his fingers on my face. I wanted him to slap me again. Harder this time.

“She really is a hot, wet slut. A horny, cheap slut!”His words made me shiver from anticipation. I loved the way he spoke about me, just as I was an object and not a human being. An object for his pleasure. He pinched my nipples hard, twisted them and made me moan slightly. Several new hard slaps exploded in my face. It was just the beginning of a long night to come.¨

“She is well marked” he said to himself. He turned to Charlotte. “Seems like these were made a long time ago.”

“Yes, she was once serving in a torture brothel in the Far East and she was publically flogged to within an inch of her life in Saudi-Arabia.”

“Very nice. And this?” He touched the brand on my left breast.

“It’s the mark of her owner, who also ran the brothel. He was killed in a plane-crash.”

Not that neither the wreck of the plane or any bodies were ever found, I thought. There was an electrical atmosphere building up in the room and the stranger pinched my breasts hard making me moan, then he started kissing my lips passionately, his tongue pressing into my mouth and he bit my lips until I could feel the taste of blood. The cool air from the open window caressed my bare skin and I could hear the sounds of the street from behind the thick curtain. I knew that Istedgade was coming alive like it did every evening, attracting thousands of men searching for sin. The strip bars, porno shops and hookers out in the street were among the most popular tourist attractions of Copenhagen. Many common tourists came here just to have a look while others were focused on getting something special. This man definitely was.

“Gag her! No need to disturb our neighbours.”

Charlotte smiled, turning up the volume of the radio and then pressed a ball gag into my mouth, pulling the strap tightly around my head. It aroused me very much to see all that was happening in the mirror. The big red ball in my mouth in addition to my glowing cheeks and overdone makeup was the perfect image of a cheap whore about to be used. I could feel the process had started. The train was rolling along, taking me deeper and deeper into the wonderful world of submission which I had not really ever left.

“I have some equipment for you” Charlotte said. She started arranging a wide assortment of whips, canes, clamps and many other goodies on the bed. A few days back we had been out doing some shopping in the porno shops of Copenhagen, and obviously we were among their best customers. But we had loads of money after I had been selling my body out in the streets the week before. I must have given blowjobs to hundreds of men in parks and alleys.

Each day Charlotte sent me out after breakfast, after she had helped me to lay on the most slutty make-up you could ever imagine. Short tight leather skirt, a red top that exposed my bare waist and a short fur jacket, red knee high boots completed the image of a cheap prostitute. There was no question about what I was and that I was available. All the time when I was leaning against the walls of Istedgade or walking the streets with swaying hips, sending out signals to sex-hungry men, I was constantly aroused and desperate with lust. Charlotte had strictly forbidden me to wear panties and as often as I could I would let men see a glimpse of my wet, lusty beaver.

When I got back late in the evening, my body was sore from being used all day and I still had the sticky taste of cum in my mouth. I wondered just have many calories sperm contained. I always experienced the greatest joy when a huge dick exploded in my mouth, shooting its load spurt by spurt deep down my throat. I would eagerly swallow it all and then lick him clean. Sure, I took a risk. I always asked my customers if they had been tested for HIV but what if they deceived me? Still, sucking them off and swallowing their cum gave me such immense pleasure that I wasn’t perhaps totally rational all the time.

I would hand over bundles of cash to Charlotte – everything I had taken in during the day – and before we went out for a short meal, I was rewarded with a good over-the-knee spanking. Oh, how I loved to lie over Charlotte’s knee, feel her tight grip around my waist and the ever stinging leather paddle smacking onto my bottom, making my globes sore and fiery red. At the restaurant she was constantly fingering me under the table without ever allowing me to come.

When we got back to our hotel room I was finally allowed to release all the tension that had been building up within me during the day. Charlotte was a very sadistic and brutal lover and when we finally fell asleep in the morning hours, I had plenty of marks from her whip, sucking lips and teeth. She loved to bite into my flesh, harder and harder, often drawing blood. Also, I constantly had plenty of sucking marks on my neck and throat, which naturally served as a great marketing tool when I was out hustling for customers.

“This will do nicely.”The unknown man picked up a rather heavy but very flexible cane and gestured at Charlotte who made me kneel beside the bed. She held me by the leash and smiled at our guest, inviting him to go ahead. I stuck my bottom out, my legs parted and I was longing for what was about to happen. He tapped the cane a few times over my bottom, then stepped back and aimed. He swung his arm with full force, I could hear the cane whistling through the air and then I felt the chock – a pain so severe I lost my breath, as it dug deep into my flesh with a loud crack. It hit perfectly over my globes where I was the most round and soft, and also where I had been branded. Oooh, this wonderful, searing pain… it felt so good…. I was happy to be in the hands of this cruel man who knew no mercy, with my beloved Mistress witnessing my ordeal.

He kept on caning me, each stroke falling harder and harder, digging deep into my flesh, making welts spring up across my globes. Soon my skin broke so I started to bleed and that made him redouble his efforts. All the time, Charlotte was standing by, holding my leash, smiling approvingly at him and obviously enjoying the scene. I realized that next day I would have to stand up while having breakfast.
At last he dropped the cane and mounted me brutally from behind. He stayed with us for hours and used me to the fullest. He had me kneeling in the bathtub while he was urinating in my mouth and I gladly swallowed as much as I could. He sodomized me brutally, like a wild beast. Then he started whipping me savagely with a single tail whip so hard that I almost passed out. Whipping me made him hard in no time and he ravaged my sore anus again with such a brutality that he made me bleed.

Finally he took up a cigar from his pocket and asked if he could burn my tits. When Charlotte explained that he could but that it would cost him extra, he handed over a bundle of dollar bills and I was tied to a chair with my hands behind me. He lit the cigar and I could see his eyes glowing with sadistic lust. I have no idea how long he kept on burning my sensitive tit flesh with the cigar but through my tears I could see that he was truly enjoying himself. After each time he pressed an ice cube to the burn. Hot and cold. Yin and yang.

When he finally left us the sun was rising over Copenhagen and I was totally exhausted, my well marked body aching all over. I was so weak that I hardly reacted when Charlotte sat on my face but my eager tongue started working as on autopilot and soon she climaxed while my face was glistening with her flowing juices. Finally we fell asleep in each others arms. A well tortured whore with her pimp Mistress.In just a couple of hours I would be out in the street again, yearning to be used.

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Force Fiend said...

Sweet story, tinacunt.

I am, however, somewhat distracted by the story's setting. Copenhagen?

How am I to believe that Copenhagen would be any better than Amsterdam? Amsterdam was a disappointment. Restraints sized for bulky men and paddles that were less firm than al dente spaghetti!

As someone who has made some of his own tools, purchased from dedicated amateurs and professionals I do not take my tools lightly and despair of finding anything of quality outside of the US.