Thursday, 12 June 2008

Captive in the jungle

I have had very limited access to the web the last days and yesterday I had to use an Internet café as my normal broadband connection was out of order. Although I was sitting among other people, I simply had to go into a chatroom as I was very much in the mood for talking dirty and I sometimes do find some interesting contacts there. The chat is on and it is in Swedish. If you would like to try it you will have to register but it’s free.

Anyway. I realize that at times I can be very far out as far as sex talk and fantasies are concerned. All of a sudden one guy (or whatever it was) simply told me: Idiot! Well, I agree that I don’t really hold back when I’m getting aroused but still I do see myself as a quite stabile and intelligent person. It is just that at times my fantasies seem to run away with me. For instance, here is one fantasy I really love to use when I am lying in bed at night, masturbating frantically. It always brings me such wonderful climaxes. Yes, maybe a shrink would regard this as a proof of some mental disorder on my part. As for me, I just love it!

The setting is somewhere deep in the African jungle. I have been captured by savages and taken to their village. I am being kept in the hut of a huge, brutal warrior and he can use my body as much as he want (and believe me, he does!). As I am lying on the ground, totally exhausted after being raped and abused for several hours, I suddenly see my chance. I decide to make a run for it and while I cuddle up pretending to sleep, I plan my attack very thoroughly. I am going to hit his weakest spot. As he gets near me, all of a sudden I kick him in the balls with all my might and it hits perfectly. Even a huge, muscular brute like this has very sensitive testicles and he doubles up, moaning and crying like a baby, unable to move. I immediately jump up and run in panic out from the hut, into the jungle. I have no idea about where I am going, I just know that I must get away from the village and find somebody who will save me. I don’t for a moment think about risks like wild animals, snakes, killer bees or whatever hazards may be in store for me out in the jungle. I am just desperate to get away and leave the village as far as possible behind me.

I run like mad and my heart is pounding so hard I think it will break. Although I can hardly breathe I force myself to keep on running and the thin dress which is all I have on is cut to shreads by thorns, as is my skin. The soles of my bare feet are cut by sharp rocks but I force myself to continue running as fast as I can despite the pain. Finally, I can take it no longer and I realize I must take a break. I collapse beneath a big tree and although my heart is pounding like a sledgehammer I try to listen for any sound of manhunters following me. Is it possible that I have really gotten away from them? My pulse slows down a bit and for one moment I really believe that I have succeeded. I keep on listening, totally unaware of the pain from numerous bleeding wounds on my body and in the soles of my feet. Then, suddenly I hear a weak crack just behind me and I jump up, desperate and in panic. I only catch a glimpse of the huge, muscular savage swinging a heavy club over his head and the very next second my world explodes in a cascade of stars and flashes and I fall into the deepest darkness, far away from pain and suffering.
The man who has hit me on the head with his club is the very same man whose balls I have kicked so cruelly about an hour ago and in his rage he strikes far too hard. He realizes, however, that I am still breathing and soon other men join him. They tie my ankles and wrists to a long pole and then carry me away hanging from the pole over their shoulders. The man who has clubbed me into unconsciousness is walking in the front, brandishing his heavy club. A hunter carrying his quarry back to the village.

After more than thirteen hours I eventually wake up with an excruciating headache, feeling dizzy and ready to throw up. My sight is very dim and I can hardly focus and I am lying naked on the ground, spread-eagled with my hands and feet tied to poles in the ground. The brutal savage who has knocked me out is standing before me with a sadistic grin on his face and his huge member with its bright red head pointing right out. God, how huge he is! There is no question about what he wants to do and now I am totally defenceless, unable to protect myself.

He rapes me like mad, fucking me in the most brutal ways for hours and in the middle of my suffering I can’t help but wondering about his speedy recovery after my assault. When the sun finally rises over the village I am so weak I feel like fainting and my poor pussy hurts so much it even overwhelms the pain in my head. I have a huge lump on my head as a memory of his club and there is a bloody crush mark where the skin has broken from the impact of the vicious blow. I lie on the ground, moaning with pain, feeling miserable. Little do I realize that my suffering has not even begun yet.

Soon he releases my bonds and drags me over his shoulder, like a sack of potatoes. I am so weak I cannot offer any resistance. He carries me out into an open spot in the middle of the village and I am tied to a huge pole, lying on my back. All the natives of the village, men, women and children, are present and their eyes are focusing upon my nude body. Most of them are cheering and laughing and their message is very clear. The white, blonde whore must suffer!

Two men lift me up, stretching my legs wide apart so I am utterly exposed. The chief of the village comes forward and he talks for a several minutes in a guttural language… although I do not understand the words of his announcement, the message is crystal clear. When he has finished speaking, he opens up his robe and exposes a huge dick which is even bigger than that of the man who has raped me all night. The other men hold me firmly in position and as the chief drives his huge, erect pole deep into my tortured pussy, I scream out from pain. He fucks me like mad and when he has shot his huge load into me and withdraws, the audience cheers and applaudes.

Then comes the most cruel part of my punishment. I am dragged to my feet and turned around, my hands are tied to the pole high above my head so I have to tiptoe. There is no question about what is in store for tinaslut, the Swedish blonde slut. The man who has captured me is the one who will handle the punishment and I am to be whipped by a ferocious looking tool, the kourbash. This is a very sharp, flexible rod, which is impossible to break and easily cuts through the skin and digs deep into the flesh of the poor victim. I do not know it yet but before the day is over I will have received five hundred very hard lashes. Several different pieces of this monstrous tool of punishment are lying ready for use in a barrel of salt water, to make the pain even more unbearable.

My captor starts whipping me and the audience is urging him to whip me harder, they want to see blood. And this will be a reality very soon. Totally ignoring my desperate screams and pleas for mercy, he whips me so hard that blood splatters around the pole. Soon I have lost my voice from all the screaming and moans of pain are all that come over my lips. Several times I faint from the extreme pain but I am brought back to life by the medicine man who holds a jar of some smelly substance under my nose. He also oversees the punishment and regularly gives the warrior the go-ahead to continue. Naturally, they want the slut to survive so they can torture her as much as possible. Their cruelty in punishing me knows no limits.

The flogging takes several hours and when the 500th stroke has been administred, I am hanging limp in my shackles. For the rest of the day they let me hang from the pole and anyone can come forward and do what they want to me. Laughing children throw small sharp rocks at my tortured body, women bring buckets of urine which they pour over me, making the bleeding wounds on my body hurt like fire, men pinch my nipples and pubic lips, dig their nails into my clitoris, slaps my face… there is no end to my ordeals.

Finally, my bonds are released and I am so weak from the tortures that I cannot stand up. I am carried back to the hut of the warrior who has whipped me and he is now going to have the fuck feast of his life all through the night. Whipping me to shreads has aroused him to the extent that he simply cannot stop. Never in my entire life have I been so brutally ravaged.

I knew I had it coming and soon I feel his huge, brutal hands gripping my hips while his monstrous tool starts thrusting at my tight puckered anus. No, please, don’t... it’s too big… you’re going to kill me… But he is very determined and suddenly, with one powerful thrust, his huge dick splits up my tight orifice and plows deep into me. The pain is so extreme that I faint and his huge pole is covered by my blood.

From now on, each day I am tied to the pole in the centre of the village all day long so that anybody can use my body. The men are fucking me like mad and many women love to urinate on my body. Some even love urinating in my face, forcing me to swallow. Sometimes there is a long line of women wanting to humiliate me this way. The little children keep throwing rocks at me and whipping me with switches or burning me with glowing branches from the fire. Each Saturday I am again tied to the pole and flogged into unconsciousness with five hundred lashes of the kourbash. Every time it’s the savage who used his heavy club to catch me who handles the flogging. As a reward he is the one who may use my body after the flogging and I am carried to his hut after having received my five hundred lashes.

When I am lying on the ground in his hut, my body covered with welts and bloody streaks, I flash a smile of gratitude at him and I expose my orifices as provocatively as possible. Yes, my love, please take me now. I am yours and I never want this to end. May I never be rescued!

What do you say – do you think I’m crazy? Or am I just an extraordinary horny slut?

Please vote in my poll for what alternative of self-punishment you want me to use on my slut body. I will carry out the punishment which gets the most votes after June 15.


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Qarl said...


Your fantasies are disturbing, and yet arousing too. While I would never want that to happen to anyone in real life, it's precious that you share your private, secret, embarrassing desires.

Your descriptions are vivid, colorful, multi-sensory, and erotic.

Thanks for sharing your embarrassing personal thoughts.