Thursday, 17 July 2008

English Spanking

There are actually quite a few good websites out there which I find very exciting. Not only do I enjoy being spanked and whipped myself but I also find it very exciting to watch pictures and films of other girls being punished. So I often shop around on the web and I will be reporting about my finds in the blog. Do stay tuned!

I just discovered English Spanking and as I found their site very interesting, I took the opportunity to ask Peter from ES a few questions. He has been involved in producing spanking video for around 25 years while English Spanking was started five years ago. The company employs people for shooting as needed, with two working full-time.

Is this then a work of love or just like running any business? “ It started purely as a work of love but is now a bit of both” says Peter. He also adds that like any other business the company has its ups and downs but thanks to the quality of the material, English Spanking is doing quite well. Apart from producing spanking videos, the team has also been producing material for several TV channels, including Playboy – not spanking material, though.

“The English Spankers audience is interested in the more mature ladies as well as the schoolgirl type, says Peter, so we do not feature just one style but do try to give a mix”.

Creating screenplays for videos would seem like a tall order but according to Peter “it just happens”. Obviously people don't want complex stories on the web, they seem to like just a short scene setting and then down to the action.

Quite a number of the models are real life bdsm practioneers. Mostly, the models do one to one appointments but there are also those who are doing this on a full time basis. On average, the models are paid £300 per session. New films are generally shot every week. Depending on the model and her popularity, some models may appear in many videos and there are models who have made ten or more films.

At present, most of the customers are British, followed by the USA. Germany is also a large market for English Spanking. The company has also recently started a website which includes sex and spanking on and are working on a new, school orientated site which will be at

It seems that finding new models is actually very easy. Generally, new models come in by word of mouth and Peter adds that many girls who have enjoyed the sessions and are comfortable with the team tend to tell their friends.

Thanks to Peter of English Spanking for taking the time. Now for some examples of what you will find at their site. Please click on the images to go to the video galleries.

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