Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I hereby declare the law of procrastination obsolete

As you may have noticed procrastination is one of my biggest problems. Correction: it was. But now I find it easier and easier to start writing in my blog. Maybe the fact that my past Facebook account was closed was something positive as it made me take up my blogging again. After all, if my thoughts, interests, pics and film clips don’t suit Facebook why should I waste time producing free content for them so they can make more money through my effort? The least they could do is cooperate, don’t you think? But now all this is a thing of the past.

Please leave a comment while you’re here. Do you think that there is too much hardcore content in my blog? I suppose that you may have some interest in it as you have found your way here. But I would very much like to know more about what turns you on.

Something which really turns me on is feeling the taste of a warm, shivering cock in my mouth, licking, slurping, letting my tongue slide over its shiny head, licking it nice and clean, feeling it pulsating in me, taking it so deep into me I can… as it starts moving slowly back and forth I get more and more excited and I’m longing like crazy for the moment when it will explode in my mouth, start spasming and shooting load after load of its salt tasty nectar deep down my throat… I want to swallow every single drop, I milk it all out and licjk it clean afterwards… sperm is like vitamins for a true slut… taking it in my face surely is humiliating but nothing can match the joy of swallowing it all… mmmmmmmm I just want to do it again and again… love, tina


kensspankingstories said...

What really turns me on about your blog is the stories particularly the ones such as Tina in Saudi Arabia because they are so vivid and powerful. The pictures that you post are wonderful as well.

tinaslut said...

Thanks, that's great to hear :-) And there is more to come...