Monday, 24 May 2010

The fantasy continues...

This is the woman I would be in this scene. My name is Acllacuna which is an old Incan name meaning 'chosen woman'. And indeed I have been chosen. Chosen by the cruel commander of this camp, 'el comandante'. He has chosen me to be his private mistress and in order to break me he has just given me an extra severe flogging with his heavy leather whip and the pain plus the heat (this is at noon) almost made me pass out. I have fallen to the ground, feeling like I can't take it any more. Meanwhile the American pair have been dragged into the camp. They are traveling around the country and have been arrested on false grounds for drug smuggling. This is actually a prison camp but it is run by El Comandante in his own very special way and as this man is heavily corrupted and protected by powerful forces he can do anything he please with the women sent to the camp for correction.

I am actually a descendant of the Inca people and by my nature I am very proud and stubborn. Therefore, El Comandante sees it as a special challenge to break me and make me submit to be his slave. But I refuse to surrender and I always tell him I would rather die than be his slave. He flogs me furiously and is enraged every time I refuse to submit. Right now I am dizzy and half unconscious while the deep scars from the whip in my flesh hurt enormously.

So what will happen? Will he succeed in breaking me or will he eventually lose his interest in me and go for some other woman? Maybe he will want to own the blonde instead? All women are repeatedly raped by the guards plus male convicts from a nearby prison who are taken to this camp at regular intervals as a bonus. Many of the women are later sold to brothels around the country or ends up as personal slaves of wealthy men.

How do you think the story should go on? This could be really exciting. What will my next punishment be? What will happen to the other women and the American couple? You who are already participating in the fantasy, how will you proceed? Please let me know... I'm very excited about this.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The sinful slut tina is dreaming and masturbating...

This picture excites me so much and it really fuels my imagination. I have been masturbating to it for hours... ;-) Which of the characters would you like to be and what would you like to do in the scene? Please tell me - and I'll tell you my fantasy.