Wednesday, 30 September 2009

What’s the point of punishing a masochist?

Something which is always up for discussion is how a d/s relationship should be. Some of us are relying on written slave contracts which of course may add some extra excitement to the relationship. Others just go along more freely and develop their relationship as they go along. But is it really necessary that a ‘punishment’ should be a negative experience for the sub/slave? If I get a kick out of being whipped, would a proper punishment be just to deprive me of the kiss of the whip? I get the distinct feeling that many are trying to live up to what a relationship between slave and Master should be, based on various books and writings. Just like somebody into religion will try to find the truth in the Bible or in the Koran instead of going into themselves and see what works for them personally. I mean, we all have God/the Power/the Energy or whatever you call it within us, haven’t we?

In our relationship both me and my Master get a kick out of playing and living out our fantasies and it adds such immense enjoyment to our sex life that I can hardly describe it. True, it happens that Master gives me explicit orders not to come for a long time. The strategy is to keep me in a constant state of arousal without being allowed to climax. But the effect of this will be that I will get even more aroused in the process and when I am finally allowed to unleash all the passions and lust which have been building up with in me, my orgasms will be so much more intense and I can keep on climaxing again and again until I feel I’m about to pass out. Master’s strategy of denying me to climax is a means to an end and not actually a pounsihment for making me suffer. The same goes for hard whippings and canings. Yes, it hurts like hell. But in the process an uncontrollable heat will build up within me as my endorphine level is rising, a heat which takes over my body and my mind. It simply gives me an enormous kick, new energy and happiness. Many of you have been there, my friends. You know perfectly well what subspace is all about, when you drift onto the higher level and feel so good you can hardly understand it. I suppose the same thing can be achieved by drugs (it must - why would otherwise so many use them and burn their brains out in the process?).

For me and Master our relationship, our playing and our fantasies is a source of energy and happiness. It’s like opening the door to the other side, to a new wonderful world. In contrast to drugs this has no negative side effects as long as you do play it safe – and that’s where I realize that it could go wrong for many. I cannot stress enough how important it is to read each other, to learn how to feel your partner and her/his reactions.What do you think? What is bdsm and d/s to you? Is it a roleplay according to some determined rules or doy you live it the way me and Master do? Must a punishment be a negative experience for the slave? It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on this. Take care and play safe, tina

Monday, 28 September 2009

Smile - and the world smiles with you!

It's a great sunny day here in Stockholm and I really feel inspired. How about you? Sure we have all have work and other things hanging over us. Yet everything feels so much easier when you have your dreams and fantasies with you all the time and are looking forward to something nice. Something exciting. Yes, you can fill every day with exciting moments and the most tedious of tasks will all of a sudden become a piece of cake. Everything gets easier if you look upon it with a positive attitude. Yes, my sinful lusty dreams will take me smiling through what would otherwise have been a very boring day.

I hope your day will be a good one, too. Just think of something nice. As you have come here I can well imagine what you'd like to dream about :-) Do it! If your dreams are really vivid and accompanied by a burning desire they will become reality. Who will you meet today? Smile at him/her. Give fate a chance. Your love may be just a smile away.

hugs, tina

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Some thoughts on d/s relationships

One of my Facebook friends, the lovely Miss Kelsie of San Francisco, California has been kind enough to share her thoughts on d/s relationships. Thank you, Miss Kelsie. And naturally all your comments on this are welcome. The following text is by Miss Kelsie.

I am a Domme, but have been a sub in the past. I know what is like to choose to submit to another woman, as well as what it is like to provide another woman with the discipline and direction she desires.

Domination and submission provide exciting play for many of us. But what sometimes get lost in the play are the ideas that should guide the interactions between the Domme and her sub.

To the sub, the discipline required by her Domme should be a source of comfort, confidence, and strength. You may have had a bad day at work. Perhaps others are not being nice to you. But a sub can always point to the tasks she has carried out for her Domme with pride. “Today was horrible at work, but at least I was able to succeed in serving my Mistress.” By carrying out her mistresses orders (no matter how demeaning those orders might sound to others), a sub is building her confidence that she really can do something right.

Some subs are powerful executives who choose to submit as a stress relief and because they feel the calling. Other subs wander as they look to make their way in life. By choosing to submit and giving the Domme control over part of her life, a sub is freeing herself up to do better job in the rest of her world with her school, work, and friends. Her need for solidity, discipline, and achievement will be met by successfully carrying out her Dom’s instructions. Given this solidity, the subs will be better able to deal with the uncertainties and difficulties she will face in the rest of their lives.

Some think of the Domme as being mean to the sub. That is far from the truth. The best Dommes care for their subs and want them to be happy and lead successful lives. Dommes provide their subs with discipline and order. It is true that many of the demands Dommes make upon their sub will be embarrassing, humiliating, or painful. But the point is not that the Domme is doing mean things to the sub. The point is that the sub is choosing to submit to someone she respects and who she thinks can provide her with the guidance and discipline that will make the rest of her life better.

I believe domination and submission works better in the electronic world than in the physical world. In the physical world nothing is ever perfect. Like watching a movie made from a book you loved, physical domination doesn’t turn out to be exactly what you had pictured it being in your mind.

Online, your Domme and your sub are exactly what you want them to be. The play becomes ideal. If you are the Domme you imagine your instructions being followed in the manner which gives you the most pleasure. If you are a sub you imagine the perfect Domme guiding your actions. No real world Domme or subs could ever live up the ideals in people’s minds.

For this reason, I do not confuse the physical and online worlds. I do no physical meets, no webcams, and no phone calls. Doing these confuses the purity available online with the less perfect reality of the physical world.

Also, the Domme should remain a mystery to her subs. Familiarity breeds contempt. Both the Domme role and the sub role should be valued and respected, but they are different. It is perfectly reasonable for the Domme to demand intimate details of the sub’s life. The Domme requires this knowledge to fine tune her orders to her sub. But it is highly inappropriate for the sub to request the same of her Dom. If she does so she will begin to see the Domme as her pal, rather than as someone who rightly can and should provide the sub with the discipline she craves in her life.

The relationship between a sub and her Domme is a private one. There will be no sharing with others on facebook or elsewhere what happens between the two. This intimate relationship is for their pleasure, not the world’s entertainment.
Miss Kelsey

Golden showers

One of my faithful blog followers and friends just asked me about golden showers. Well, Scipio, I have written about this before: just check out I will surely get back to the matter soon. love, tina

Friday, 25 September 2009

Punishment or pleasure?

Isn't it marvellous how an instrument which is intended for correction and that acts destined to punish us miserable sinners can be such enormous sources of profound happiness and joy? Every time after a severe trashing or a good otk spanking I am simply crazy with lust and it's like floating on waves of pleasure. I experienced smething similar one time when I was given morphine when in the hospital. It was a feeling such as I wanted to embrace the whole world, I was constantly smiling and enjoying life and felt only positive vibrations. Well, you don't need morphine or other addictive substances to experience that. A paddle, cane or a birch will do the trick nicely.

This is going to be a great day. Do enjoy it to the fullest. I certainly will.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Give me a strong, muscular, athletic woman

Since I first laid my eyes on the photos of a new friend on Facebook I simply cannot think about anything else but how wonderful it would be to be her slaveslut, being whipped and punished for her enjoyment… an extremely powerful woman which will not tolerate any signs of disobedience from me. God how I crave to be under her cruel lash! She is extremely muscular, fit and simply gorgeous, a professional Dominatrix and a former champion in various sports. Also, she is a bodybuilder.

Yes, being in the hands of this woman would be a happiness such as I can hardly describe. Naturally, I have told my Master about my fantasies and he appreciates the fact that it makes me so extremely horny and lusty ;-) I would like to show you some pics of this gorgeous woman but since she has not yet approved I cannot do so. Meanwhile, hope you like this pic. Sadly I never got to meet a woman like my Facebook friend when I was a teenage girl but I am just as ready for her now. I am sure that Master will love to see me punished by a strong woman and the thought is etched in my mind. I have been masturbating like crazy the past days, constantly dreaming about her and her heavy bullwhip. Yes, she occupies my mind to such a degree that it may well be an affirmation and who knows what will happen then?

Take care and do leave a comment while you are here. I am very anxious to know what you like to read about. True, a blog is a form of diary but if I wanted to write just for myself there would be no point in publishing my thoughts this way? So please let me know. *hugs* tina

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Please whip me real hard!!!

God, I feel so hot now! Yes, I'm horny and wet and I just can't stop visualizing. Please note that I don't say fantasizing but visualizing. That's a big difference! Many of us have fantasies but when it's just about mental pictures without really feeling it, experiencing it, desiring it... then it'll stop at just that. A fantasy, just like watching a film or reading a book and then it's back to reality. But what starts as a dream or a fantasy and is fuelled by an ever increasing desire and lust will become reality in the long run! You don't believe me? Well, try it for yourself. There are many books about affirmations around and basically they all tell the same thing: visualize something, desire it - and it will become reality. That goes for masochistic sex dreams as well as more tangible assets like money or whatever you may want.

I have realized that all the time. It's just that for a time I lost my focus. But now everything feels great and I feel the lust and desire building up within me more and more every second... mmm I will have to experience real life pain now before I go insane. And I will experience it!

Somebody might have wondered what happened to the story 'Tina in Saudi Arabia'. Well, I will continue writing on it now. Blame it on procrastination - something which I have just abolished from my mind. Do the story mean that I really want to experience it all in detail as described? Have I booked a ticket for Riyadh and packed down my hooker outfit? Well, the truth is that so many of my fantasies have already become reality and they have all taken me to heights I could never have imagined. Yes, I enjoy pain and humiliation and it fuels my lust as nothing else. As long as it's a lustful experience and does no serious harm it's positive, I think. What do you think? And what are you visaulizing right now? Do you want your dream to come true? As for Saudi Arabia we'll see what happens...

The Facebook Hypocracy

I just learnt that my old Facebook account 'Tinaslut Sweden' is still there although deactivated which means I cannot log in but all my friends can see the content. But I can't add or remove postings, comments or add new friends.

As this account contained a lot of pics in the style you find in my blog I suppose that it was the hardcore material that made Facebook deactivate my account. But if they do find my material so offensive why on earth don't they remove it all instead of leaving all my dirty pics there for everybody to see? Shall I tell you why?

Advertising money! They realize fully well that this sort of material will attract visitors and so they allow access to it also after I as the owner of the account has been blocked. Visitors will keep on viewing my material and clicking on ad banners long after I'm gone. It should be noted that I was allowed to keep on uploading 'offensive' pics and texts for a long while before I was thrown out. Why is that, do you think? It's pretty obvious: to build up a big library of offensive material for the visitors to drool over. This way they will keep coming back and my pics will keep on help giving exposure to Facebook ads. This is one of the worst hypocracies I have ever seen.

Of course you don't need Facebook to view my pics and texts. You can go directly to my blog. You can be sure that in the future I will not give them any free content in order to later have my account deactivated.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I hereby declare the law of procrastination obsolete

As you may have noticed procrastination is one of my biggest problems. Correction: it was. But now I find it easier and easier to start writing in my blog. Maybe the fact that my past Facebook account was closed was something positive as it made me take up my blogging again. After all, if my thoughts, interests, pics and film clips don’t suit Facebook why should I waste time producing free content for them so they can make more money through my effort? The least they could do is cooperate, don’t you think? But now all this is a thing of the past.

Please leave a comment while you’re here. Do you think that there is too much hardcore content in my blog? I suppose that you may have some interest in it as you have found your way here. But I would very much like to know more about what turns you on.

Something which really turns me on is feeling the taste of a warm, shivering cock in my mouth, licking, slurping, letting my tongue slide over its shiny head, licking it nice and clean, feeling it pulsating in me, taking it so deep into me I can… as it starts moving slowly back and forth I get more and more excited and I’m longing like crazy for the moment when it will explode in my mouth, start spasming and shooting load after load of its salt tasty nectar deep down my throat… I want to swallow every single drop, I milk it all out and licjk it clean afterwards… sperm is like vitamins for a true slut… taking it in my face surely is humiliating but nothing can match the joy of swallowing it all… mmmmmmmm I just want to do it again and again… love, tina

Monday, 21 September 2009

The Power Of the Crop

It's so wonderful when I feel my entire body being filled with energy... the power running through every nerve, making me stronger... each time I feel the stinging riding crop smacking real hard into my flesh I gasp from lust and pain and beg for another one, harder please... and then another... the pain spreads like a wonderful heat through my body and make me healed, content... and, yes, horny... ;-) please don't stop...

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Erica in the hands of The Inquisition

Here's to you, Erica. I hope you will enjoy it.

It could have been just because she needed a rest from the sunny hot weather outside that Erica ended up in the museum. Actually she had never been there before. Yet she soon realized that she had come there for a purpose. Yes, she was destined to discover that very special painting which was displayed in one of the smaller rooms dedicated to more obscure artists.It was a huge colour painting done in a style which reminded Erica of the wellknown Dutch masters like Rembrandt and others. Not only were every detail extremely realistic but ther was a certain luster over the painting which created a very special athmosphere. The name of the artist meant nothing to her but she was mesmerized by the scene depicted. It was the interior of a torture chamber with many sinister looking devices and several men dressed in brown robes, brandishing whips. Another man was sitting behind a desk, taking notes. Everybody seemed to be waiting for something. Suddenly Erica realized what was missing in the painting. The victim of the Inquisition. Everything was ready to go but for some reason the artist had chosen to let the spectators’ fantasy visualize what would later happen as their helpless victim would be dragged into this chamber of horror to be made to confess anything the cruel men wanted to. Erica was so attracted by the scene that she didn’t realize how time was flying away and when suddenly a male voice alerted her that it was closing time she knew she couldn’t leave. She slowly walked towards the exit with the sound of her high heels echoing between the stone walls. As the guard disappeared around the corner into another room she opened the entrance door and then shut it loudly, then swiftly took off her shoes and went tiptoeing back towards the room with that very special painting. She looked for a place to hide and as luck would have it she found an open door to a small stockroom. Erica quickly slid in and hid behind a big cupboard. She waited in awe hardly daring to breathe. Suddenly the door slammed tight and a key turned in the lock.

Fortunately the door could be opened from inside which Erica had noticed when she jumped into her hiding place.She waited for what seemed like hours and then slowly walked out of the stockroom. Before doing anything else she lit a cigarette and hope that there would be no smoke detectors around. She blowed puffs of smoke in various directions and the purpose of this was to detect any infra red light rays which might be connected to an alarm. She discovered two such rays but her passage to the exit from the room with the special painting was safe. Erica started walking slowly towards the painting and feeling of the cold stone floor under her bare feet made her shiver with excitement. Soon she was standing in the dark before the painting and she could feel a sense of lust and excitement building up within her. She realized that the victim would soon be in place, that the door to the other side had been opened for her and that there would be no turning back. She closed her eyes, concentrating, visualizing, praying.

All of a sudden she felt a chilling wind caressing her bare skin and she realized that she was kneeling on the stone floor, totally naked. Her long silky blonde hair was held in a firm grip so that her head was pushed back. She dared not raise her eyes at the man who spoke to her.- Are you at this time prepared to confess the sin of blasphemy, the dark voice thundered. As she did not answer, the next thing she knew was a searing pain shock that made her lose her breath. She felt like thousands of red hot needles had been pressed into her back and her screams were silenced by several hard slaps across her face. She could feel blood trickling down her back and she caught a brief glimpse of the heavy scourge that was being used on her. Each lash had hundreds of small spikes imbedded and this ferocious torture instrument would leave several deep bleeding wounds on impact. It could easily cut her flesh to shreds. The question was asked again without an answer. The whip again. Erica thought she could take it no more. If this was a dream it was certainly the most realistic dream she had ever experienced. The scourge bit into her back, buttocks and thighs again and again opening up many new bleeding wounds and the pain was simply excrutiating. Yet she realized that she would not confess. It was important that she did not confess no matter if they whipped the life out of her.

Suddenly the torturers decided to try something else. A man walked slowly towards her holding two heavy metal, egg-formed objects. They were obviously very hot as he shifted them from hand to hand all the time. The eggs were pressed into the poor girl’s armpits and then her arms were strapped tightly to her body. Erica’s desperate screams of pain drowned every other sound and the pain as the hot metal burnt into her flesh was simply too much. Erica passed out.

As she came to she was bent over a bench, tightly chained to it in a position which left her wide open from assaults from behind. One of her tortures put a metal device into her mouth, something known as a torture pear. When turning a screw the object expanded within her mouth until her jaws were on the brink of being dislocated. She felt a hard grip on her hips and next an unknown man was furiously battering away at her tight anus in order to sodomize her. Finally he succeeded to break through the tight puckered passage between her lacerated buttocks and he did it so hard that Erica split up and started to bleed. The pain was so intense that she almost passed out again as his masterful manhood pumped so deep into her that his heavy balls smacked against her buttocks. As he roared from savage lust and shot load after load of his gism into her ravaged hole, Erica could feel another man taking his place and starting to use her now wide open passage. Her ordeal never seemed to end, as if there was a long line of men standing and waiting for their turn to use her. Everybody wanted to use her anally and Erica was certain that her rectum would be damaged forever.

As the torture pear was removed it was now time for Erica to use her mouth to satisfy her torturers in the best way she could. She had no doubt that they were capable of anything so she simply didn’t dare to disobey. Erica was made kneeling on the floor as she took one huge erected cock after another in her mouth and every time they shot their load into her they held her head tight to ensure that she swallowed it all. When everybody had used her for what felt like hours, a huge brute of a man held her arms behind her and by the grip of her hair forced her head backwards so that her breasts stuck out. Sofar they had been saved from torture but that was now to change. The man in front of her was brandishing a long, whippy bamboo cane and he struck it hard against a hardwood table so the cane split. Then he dipped the splintered cane into a bucket of salt solution and raised the now dangerous weapon over his head. Splintered bamboo cuts very deep and his target was Erica’s tender breasts. Already after three strokes both her breasts were totally covered in blood and the poor girl passed out again.

When Erica woke up she was lying in her bed, spread-eagled, masturbating. Yes, she had obviously been masturbating in her sleep and kept on coming again again. But the fantastic thing about this dream was that she could actually feel the pain. Her entire body was on fire and she was so week that she could hardly move. Her armpits hurt excrutiatingly and to her horror she could see vivid red branding marks from the hot iron eggs. She managed to get up and into the bathroom. She gasped from the shock when she saw all scars on her body from the scourge. Her back, buttocks and thighs were covered by scars and wounds, as were her breasts. Especially her breasts had very deep, painful scars although they had stopped bleeding. Her anus felt like a red hot iron bar had been showed into her.Erica fell to the floor, totally unable to understand what had happened to her – or if it had really happened at all. But the pain and the marks on her body were as good proof as any and sweet Erica knew that she had to be back at the museum again very soon.

A figging masturbating session and my Facebook adventures

Yes, I have joined Facebook. As if it wasn’t enough neglecting my blog and you, my dear blog friends, I have now another plight hanging over me. But isn’t it after all a question about procrastination? I often think about things I would like to tell you but somehow something comes in between and day after day go by without a sign of life from me. Anyway, I must say that Facebook is an interesting possibility of creating new contacts and I have made many new friends there. One of these very special friends is an Aussie girl by the name of Erica and somehow we seem to have struck the right chord with each other. Something which lead us to a mutual masturbating session as we were chatting with each other on the Facebook chat.

I have told you earlier about the painful joy I experienced when using a piece of ginger root inserted into my anus when masturbating. This is a most special feeling and it simply drives me crazy with lust. It burns deeper and deeper, it’s like having glowing coal pressed into your rectum and the burning sensation just keep on growing all the time. My new friend sweet Erica had never tried it before so I suggested she put a peeled ginger root into her tight orifice as we were talking. Fortunately she found the needed spice in the kitchen and very soon we were talking dirty to each other while masturbating and having the ginger burn itself into our behinds.
I had told Erica that for maximum effect she should make some cuts with a knife in the ginger root which she did. All of a sudden we were taken to a different world and although our contact was made via the keyboard it was a very near and intimate experience. Just like she had actually been close to me… I could sense her soft skin, her silky blonde hair, feel the taste of her ripe swollen lips. Yes, you can get very excited by this form of communication. It’s like listening to the radio which makes you create your own mental pictures as you go along. Photos and webcams leaves very little to the imagination and personally I feel that can be a turn-off at times.I think you had a good time, too, sweet Erica. Believe me, I came again and again and it never seemed to stop. The ginger in my anus burnt terribly and I thought I could stand it no longer while at the same time I wanted it to burn deeper… letting me be totally consumed by this wonderful cruel fire which made my orgasms so much more intense. I lost all sense of time and for a long while it was just me and Erica riding high on the waves of passionate, pure lust, with the fire caused by the ginger root inside our secret passages becoming stronger all the time

Believe me, this was a very special experience together with a very special girl. If you do masturbation sessions through web chats, try ginger root sometimes. You won’t regret it :-) Oh, by the way I promised to write a fantasy story for Erica and publish it in my blog. This will be my next posting and it will be up soon. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for everything… deep French kisses from a sultry and sinful tina, longing for the next time…

Update: My Facebook account was just deleted! I have created a new one under the name of Tina Larsson, previously Tinaslut Sweden. I realize it will take some time to rebuild my network of friends which was close to 900 names when the account was deleted. I suspect this was because I have published some exciting pics on my Facebook page. Anyway, I will be glad to add you as my friend but in the future I will not publish any pics on FB which will give these hypocrites any reason to delete my account (if they do need a reason at all). I see no point in working on a page which is so easily deleted at the whims of the operators and therefore I shall concentrate on my blog instead. Here there are no restrictions. If Blogger should ever start behaving like FB I have my own domain already registred so believe me, I’m here to stay!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Back and proud and with fresh whipmarks on my bottom... mmmmmm

Hello my wonderful friends and my apologies for neglecting this blog for so long :-) Seems like you need to make blogging into a daily routine if it is to be done at all. But now I'm back and I'm proud. I' m hot and I feel sinful like never before ;-) I have realized that Second Life perhaps isn't my cup of tea after all. Sure it is exciting but I have realized how time consuming it really is, especially if you don't have a very fast computer. Besides, there's nothing wrong with the First Life, better known as IRL..

The other day when I went out to lunch I suddenly got the immediate urge for pain! You know, like when you're desperate for a cigarette or some sweets and must have it right away. So instead of having a meal I jumped into my car and drove as fast as I could out of town and before I knew it I was walking on a path into the woods. I knew I had to be back at work in around 45 minutes and I also knew I had to experience pain before I did. So I cut myself a bunch of whippy long switches and went deeper into the woods where I hid behind a big rock. The risk that somebody would see me was minimal but anyway I don't think I would have cared. I took of my jeans and panties and bent forward, sticking my bottom out and started whipping myself with the switches as hard a I could. Oh, what a glorious feeling! I lashed away like obsessed, striking with three switches at the same time. In my minds eye I could see the switches biting through my skin, deep into my quivering buttocks. After arount twenty lashes I realized it would be more effective using just one of the switches and I started whipping myself savagely with the longest one, striking as hard as I could and the strokes fell faster and faster while I stuck my bottom out to meet each stinging lash. Tears were flowing down my face and I was catapulted into subslut heaven.

I reached my goal of a hundred lashes on my bare bottom and when I caressed my sore welted buttocks I could see blood on my fingers. I simply could not wait to get in front of a mirror to see what I had accompished. And, naturally, sitting down was out of the question for the rest of the day. It really was an ordeal to drive my car back to work and I put some paper tissues in my panties to absorb the red driplets. God was this wonderful!

Back at work a colleague asked me where I had been as she didn't see me at lunch. 'No, I just took a walk in the woods instead' I answered with a smile.

Take care and have a great weekend whatever you do. love and kisses from tina.