Saturday, 30 August 2008

How to punish a masochist slut?

Sometimes I go to some IRC chatrooms on the server and yesterday I became involved in a discussion regarding what is and what is not a punishment. Some subgirls insisted that if I enjoyed being whipped then whipping me would not be a punishment. So how did their Master punish them, then? By hugs, kisses and caresses? No, simply by ignoring them.

This sort of reminds me of the old story about the masochist woman who married a sadistic man and on their wedding night begged him to beat her. His answer? “NO!”

You might think that a relationship built upon ignoring your sub in order to punish her would be a tedious one. Personally, I feel that it is a wonderful thing to be able to arouse each other beyond comparison when playing together. Master loves to whip me and I love being whipped. The sessions do often get very hard. Naturally, it hurts. If somebody slash bloody streaks into your body, is it not a punishment?

Does a punishment have be a negative experience? We want to arouse each other and we have found how to do it. I don’t have to provoke Master to punish me, if I may use the word punishment even though I want it and I enjoy it. We don’t need any punishment book or reasons for my punishment. When we feel like playing we just do it. Of course it hurts. It hurts terribly. But at the same time I get more and more aroused from the endorphins bulding up within me and he always drives me over the top. Not to mention that the path leading to the session, arranging everything, building up the apprehension… all that adds a lot to the total experience.

I get a feeling that many s&m practioneers are trying to follow some established rules on how it should be just for the sake of it instead of focusing on what is right for themselves. It’s very simple, really. There are no definite rules. We create our own rules. As long as we act in a sensible way and care for each other, as long as we play safe, then we can do what we want. Sure, our way of doing things may not be accepted by all of the s&m/bdsm community. But I think I can live with that.

In the discussion one girl also insisted that it was physically impossible for anyone to take a hundred lashes and to prove her point she mentioned somebody she knew who had to have surgery after having received twenty lashes. So I was obviously instantly categorized as somebody who didn’t know anything about s&m and had to get some experience before having some opinions on the subject.

I never mentioned that I have taken much more than a hundred lashes, many times. Sure, one single lash may break your spine if administred by somebody who doesn’t know what he is doing. But somehow I feel that some people are too fast to jump to conclusions and have great difficulties in seeing other's points of view.

What do you think? I would very much like to have your comments on this. Does a punishment cease to be a punishment the minute the sub enjoys it? What is the point, really, of punishing a slut by ignoring her? Would you, as a sadist or a Dom, rather use the whip on your slaveslut than simply ignoring her in order to make her suffer? Please let me know what you think. And have a spanking great weekend all! By the way, if you haven't tried IRC (Internet Relay Chat), I can recommend it. Download the mIRC software and have a go! Maybe I'll see you at

Check out this gallery for some spanking fun:

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Mary Bryant - The Whipping Scene

The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant is a 2005 film loosely based on the life of Mary Bryant, an Irish English (Cornish) girl convicted of petty theft and is transported to the Australian Penal Colony on the First Fleet with other prisoners bound for Botany Bay. I hope you will enjoy this clip from the film.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

...and I shall have to pay more... very soon...

Just wanted to say good night to you. At least it's bedtime here in Sweden. As for my previous failure, I just received an understanding mail from the Dom who ordered me to do the "condom play". Despite the very harsh punishment I have already received, he feels that I should be punished in yet another way and he has given me specific instructions on how to do it. Both Master and I agree. I shall have to do it myself as I am very anxious to do it right this time. I am actually looking forward to it and I will let you know what happens...

Today I have been smacking myself very hard with a riding crop on my bare behind and I have produced the most gorgeous stripes on my buttocks which are very sore now. Tomorrow I will have plenty of beautiful, hard welts and I will have problems to sit. But I will still be in need of a further cropping tomorrow... just can't stop it...

I shall get back to my ordered self-punishment very soon. I won't let you down this time.


Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I have failed – but I also paid the price

A Dom, to whom I am very grateful, has mailed me suggestions of self-punishment and I am glad that he made me try out stinging nettles. It was a most arousing experience and I have written more about it in two posts: Part One and Part Two. When I recently received another mail from him I naturally wanted to try out the punishment. But it proved not to be easy.

The idea was to fill a condom with sperm and hang it from the ceiling so high that I had to tiptoe and stretch my body to reach it. Of course I was not allowed to use my hands. My task was to bite through the condom and take as much as I could of the content in my mouth.

Of course I wanted to try it. I was ordered to trip and Master cuffed my hands behind my back. The condom was hanging so high up that I could barely touch it when tiptoeing. But I had to bite through it to access the valuable content. To inspire me, Master used a riding crop on my breasts, belly and thighs and the strokes burnt wonderfully. But I could not seem to get a grip of the condom by my teeth.

So finally I made a jump and tried to catch it. I missed. I jumped again . Same result. Master struck me harder and faster with the riding crop to really get me going. Suddenly, something gave way within me. In my mind’s eye I could see myself playing with Ville when he was younger. He used to love jumping to catch different things and although he cannot do it anymore due to age and poor health, I all off a sudden remembered all our great times together and all the wonderful years we have had together, ever since he was a puppy. In this very moment the whole situation seemed absurd. I stopped trying and Master, who felt that something was wrong, dropped the riding crop. He unlocked my cuffs and we just stood under the condom for a long while, hugging and kissing. I explained my feelings and Master gently caressed my hair while he explained that he did not want me to do something which was against my nature. He certainly knows how much Ville means to me.

There was an alternative scenario ordered in the mail. I should fill a condom with sperm or even urine and then put it in the freezer until it was to be used. I could then do it when I was alone. But I could not think of doing this, either. Keeping sperm and urine in a place where I keep the food – no, it felt totally revolting. What’s the difference? you might ask yourself. Sure, I simply love it getting both sperm and urine in my mouth directly from the source, so to speak. But this felt totally wrong.

In the end, Master and I agreed to give the whole plan up. He does not want to force me to do something that doesn’t feel right, just as he would never force me to be involved in animalsex or kidsex. But we also agreed that I should be punished most severely for my failure.

The punishment took one whole day. I was repeatedly chained to the hook where the condom earlier had hung and Master whipped me savagely with a single tail whip until I was about to pass out. He let me rest for a while and then the whipping started again, all over my body. He concentrated especially on my back at first and really gave me a great cris-crossing. When he paused, he smeared tiger balm into my wounds and soon the whipping started again. Believe me, this time I almost got more than I bargained for. Normally it is me who keeps on begging for more, but this was almost more than I could bear. My poor behind got its fair share of canes and rods until blood was trickling down my thighs.

After this whipping I had to stay in bed for a few days and Master was taking care of me like a baby, nursing my wounds. Many of the marks will remain for a very long time and they will give me very pleasant memories of this day each time I pose in front of the mirror. Memories of the day I was punished for my failure.

Monday, 25 August 2008

I am a bad, bad girl

Yes, I am a really bad girl… and I deserve to be spanked. Not only that. I am so bad that I need to be flogged, caned and birched on a regular basis. No matter how many strokes I get I am in desperate need of thousands more. Despite all the marks that are already there, my flesh constantly craves more of the harshest punishments. It has been a long wonderful summer with many exciting days together with Master. Now the time has come for us to part for some time again but we will still be connected through the very special bonds that exist between us (not to mention the Internet, of course…)

Now I will be by myself again for a long time and it will be up to me to handle the practical punishments. I am really longing to start doing it again. Several new ideas for self-punishment are popping up in my head all the time and I also get many ideas from you, my beloved readers. Forgive me for neglecting you like I have done. I really am a bad girl and I need to be punished most strictly. Won’t you please come up with more suggestions on how you want me to suffer. Now I really feel in the mood to start blogging again – and trying out many new alternatives of self punishment.

I also want you to know that I recently failed in carrying out a punishment ordered by a reader. Yes, I failed. I will explain more about this later, not to mention how Master later punished me for my failure. Although he understood why I failed we both agreed that the most severe punishment was necessary to make this slut pay the price for her failure.

If you only knew how horny I am right now… as I imagine what I will be ordered to do to myself as we enter another dark season. Yes, darkness does something to me. It evokes a lust within me which I am unable to resist – and why should I? Also, I will be glad to hear from you and I love reading your comments. Please write a comment right away… if nothing else for telling me what a slut I am and how you think I should be punished.
your slaveslut tina

P.S. Anyone who happen to have any more pics from this series? I have no idea who the artist was. The girl was called Sheila and the artwork was sold as sets of cards by a mail order company from New Your in the 1970s (courtesy of Master).

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Strange preferences?

Luckily, we are all different and we have our individual tastes. In a relationship we may have to adjust ourselves to the other part to make it work. This can be especially challenging in a bdsm relationship. I realize that I am very lucky to have found a Master who is into the same sort of things that I am. Often we don’t have to speak at all – it just works like it should when we are playing, just because we know each other so well. The big difference is perhaps that he is a bit more sensible than I am… I do have a tendency to want to go too far sometimes.

What is so wonderful is that we also share the same limits, without even discussing it, without safewords. No, sometimes I wish I could use a no-safeword to make the action continue J It may seem strange but it has been there as long as we have known each other. Not that we are exactly reading each other’s minds but we just work in the same way.

So what are my actual limits? Well, first and foremost absolutely NO KIDSEX and NO ANIMALSEX. No scat, either. But on the other hand I enjoy golden showers very much and I love taking the yellow stream in my mouth, swallowing as much as I can. So what’s the difference, one may wonder. Well, I just work this way.

I get simply high on hard floggings and birchings but I also enjoy relatively mild otk spankings. Having my face slapped, hair pulled, ears pinched – yes, it all turns me on. But for some reason a fist in my face would not be as exciting as a slap with open hand. I see nothing exciting with losing a tooth or having my eyes swelled shut because of a blow. But I don’t mind bloody streaks and scars on my body, as long as they are the results of a severe whipping. When the cane bites deep into my flesh, splitting my skin so that blood oozes out from the welts, this and the pain shocks drives me over the top with lust. But just cutting my skin with razor blades or knives would never give me the same satisfaction.

Breaking bones, amputations, mutilation – no, that’s nothing for me. I see nothing sexy about ending up in a wheelchair after a session. Everything connected with hospitals I even find extremely unsexy. Maybe it’s because I have been working a lot in these environments. But a public flogging in the market square in front of thousands of spectators – or grim tortures in a medieval dungeon, YESSSS… both IRL and in my fantasies.

As for the medieval dungeon, being stretched on the rack is OK but not having my limbs dislocated. More or less permanent marks are not only OK but can be very arousing. Yes, I would let myself be put in an Iron Maiden, provided the spikes were rather short and didn’t cause any internal damages. But having your tongue cut off or your eyes stuck out would be definitely wrong, although it did happen in “those good old days”.

I realize I might not be too easy to understand. One problem was actually finding someone who was interested in playing but my biggest problem has always been that those punishing me have been to mild (or meek) and left me frustrated. That is, until I met my Master. Still, there is the security that I know he will never go too far with me, although he will definitely take me over the top.

I realize that I have earned quite a punishment for neglecting my blog and I will get back to that subject very soon. Take care,

Your slaveslut tina