My writings

Yes, I very much enjoy writing although maybe you wouldn't think so in view of the long periods between my blog updates :-) In our fantasies anything can happen and it is we who decide what's to happen. Writing can have a big therapeutical effect but it is also enrichening in many other ways. Not least to fuel your imagination. I find it very exciting to write down my fantasies and then actually seeing them come alive. Yes, it happens very often and fantasies are the true life-blood of a quality life.

As you will know most of my fantasies are about pain and submission. In my writings I see myself as the heroine. Sofar I have had one e-book published, entitled The Love Of the Lash. I was surprised to see it sell at all, being my first endeavour in writing. If you would like to purchase it please mail me at and I will get back to you instantly with further details.

I have been working on a second book and it is supposed to see the light of day very soon (yes, I know: you have heard that one before!) Honestly, I can't understand why I am getting these writer's blocks all the time as it is indeed something which I enjoy doing. But it's never too late to take up writing again and I feel the time has come now.

Would you like me to write a personalized fantasy story for you? If you just give me some outline of your fantasy I will build a story around it and write it especially for you. Would you find it arousing to have a personalized story written from the pen (or rather keyboard) of your slaveslut? Yes, I really want to be just that. In the world of fantasy anything can happen and in the story you may use me as you want as long as my limits are respected: no kidsex, animal sex or scat. But there are so many other things you can do to me. If you have read my blog you will realize that I am not really squeamish... ;-)

Just mail me at  and tell me a little about the fantasy you would like me to build a story around. There is one thing reading bdsm and spanking stories but having it written according to your personal preferences is something different. I would also prefer to make a short interview with you beforehand to get some basic facts in order to make the setting of the scene as accurate as possible. Naturally, I will ask for a fee, just like an artist would like to get compensation for the time and work invested in painting a portrait for you. This portrait will be painted in words and believe me, it will be very personal and exciting...