Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Freedom of speech? Not on Facebook!

Just to let you know that the Facebook group I started, 'Masochistic Women', was just removed by Facebook. Why? It definitely contained no offensive images - I checked it out daily to see that no photos of the sort had been added in order not to give Facebook an excuse to remove the group. But obvióusly they don't need any rational reasons as they removed it anyway. I can just assume that it was the name of the group that Facebook didn't approve. Obviously the very description 'masochistic women' is something obscene in some people's minds. What if for instance the gay community was treated this way? Dare we mention freedom of speech?

Will this sort of censorship happen also to the blogging community? I don't think so. There are too many resources which will help you getting your message through if one fails. The trouble with Facebook is that they think they have a divine right to decide what you and I should think and write about. This is censorship in its most disgusting form and with the huge fanbase that Facebook has today they are acting like they have a monopoly of network building resources. You may have built a network of thousands of friends just to have your account blocked at the whim of somebody who just wants to use his power. Yes, somehow I doubt there is any women behind this nonsense.

Anyway, tomorrow some entrepreneur out there will have created a better alternative to this community and Facebook will be history...

Friday, 15 January 2010

Masochistic Women’s Group

Thanks to my friend Mo Tard who took this great pic with Seffana at the Castle of Abadie. More about her on http://www.seffana.net

Here I am again! I hope you are all well and that this is going to be our greatest year sofar. Yes, let’s make it great! ^

I have been using Facebook for a while and although my activities there have been spasmodic it is a forum which has a big potential for creating contacts and it is good for interacting with others. Facebook does have its negative sides, though, especially if you are into our very special interests.

Anyway, I recently started a Facebook group, Masochistic Women. If you are a member of Facebook you are welcome to join. Any member can upload photos, videoclips and so on and discussions are especially welcome. Do check it out. And please accept my apologies for my long absence. Another good reason to have me punished… kisses, tina.