Tuesday, 30 September 2008

How about discipline without sex?

I must confess that many times I prefer being disciplined rather than more sexual treatment. Long ago, as I was trying to find my identity, I was seeking contacts with men who would like to spank me and discipline me. I answered some contact ads and eventually I met a few men. Although it did not lead to any lasting relationship, there was a much older man whom I visited in order to let him punish me. There was never any question about having sex: he just wanted to spank me and treat me as his naughty girl. Believe me, when he finally sent me home, I was a very good girl... The excitement I experienced when he was punishing me was very intense but I had no desire whatsoever to have sex with him. But as I went home with a sore, burning bottom and my blood boiling with lust, I felt so relieved. So content. Yes, I would masturbate when I got back home and especially when admiring my swollen red bottom in the mirror. But it never ever crossed my mind that I would have sex with this man. Neither one of us had any need for that.

The punishment sessions got harder and harder and it was this man who really taught me how wonderful a good birching can be. He ordered me to pick fresh birch switches to bring with me as I came to his home. Unfortunately our meetings came to an abrupt end and for a very long time I had to rely on self-discipline although I was very positive about what it was that I was longing for. I am forever grateful to this man for making me a birching addict :-)

I can still feel the same way. Often I fantasize about what it would be like to be punished by an unknown man, maybe somebody I have met in the street. Just punished, strictly and severely, but without having sex. I simply have no need for having sex with anybody else than my Master. But I could well do it if it was part of a session involving him and others. Although I and Master spend long periods away from each other I never have any need for having sex with another man (or woman, for that matter). Neither would I ever let anybody else punish me without my Master's approval. But the thought is actually very exciting... visiting a very strict man and after a very intense and painful session going home with a very sore and velted bottom... mmmmm

What do you think, my friends? Anyone who gets a kick out of bdsm and punishment sessions without having sex in the end? Is it the orgasms and the penetration that is the ultimate goal or is the heat and excitement enough? Please tell me your thoughts on this.

Friday, 26 September 2008

This slut would like to get to know you

My dear friends, I have been thinking a lot of you lately. No matter if I don't post too often you still come here now and then. I have gotten to know a few of you through comments and mail and although we have not yet met I appreciate your friendship very much. But I keep wondering about all the others. What is it in my blog that attracts you? Do you have something interesting to tell? Please post a comment and tell me a little about yourself and about your attitude towards submission and punishments. Are you a painslut like me or are you perhaps a sadist? Maybe you have your own slavegirl which you use. Please tell me about it. If you have your own blog I will be happy to exchange links with you.

I am back at home now and as it is very quiet around here today, I have kept on trashing myself quite a bit. My bottom was very sore and swollen when I got back home and I must strike even harder to achieve the desired result as my skin gets rough from all the trashing. But now I seem to have got the right touch when striking as one welt after another splits open so that blood appears. This excites me very much and makes me want to strike even harder until blood runs down my thighs. I brought a few very sturdy, sharp switches with me home when I left the cabin and they are obviously perfect for the job - very flexible and almost impossible to break. After laying in a salt solution over night they really sting like fire... mmmmmmmmm

I keep on laying on the strokes as hard as I can but it seems that all the time I perfect my technique with every stroke and the results are vivid marks on my slut bottom. Now and then I have to take a rest for catching my breath and masturbate. Yes, I am soooo horny now! I am a painslut in heat who is obsessed with the stinging switches that burns so wonderfully as they bite deep into my flesh... oh, such a gorgeous feeling! I keep on whipping myself so hard that I get dizzy and almost feel like fainting but after a few minutes rest I am fit for fight again.

Please, my unknown visitor, leave a comment and tell me a little about yourself and what attracts you about this blog. I would very much like to know you.

Back to the whipping now... mmmmmmmmmmm

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tina gets it again... mmmmmmm

Yes, I am still around and I am so sorry that I have let you down. Believe me, it is a real encouragement to read your comments and it makes it worthwhile to keep on blogging. Please forgive me for neglecting my readers for such a long time but I can ensure you that this cheap slut will be punished severely for her sins. Yes, it will have to be by my own hand until Master gets back again. But I promise to do the very best that I can and I pray to some higher power to give me the strength to punish myself harder than ever before.

It has started very good. At the moment I am once again spending a few days in peace and tranquillity in a borrowed cabin in the countryside, together with my wonderful friend Ville. Yes, he seems to have recovered quite a bit and it is almost like he never had any troubles with his legs. Of course I realize that our time together is limited but and when the time comes I must accept the fact that I and my faithful friend will have to part. But at the moment we are both enjoying life and we have a great autumn weather with lots of sun. And, not to mention, not a neighbour within miles…

This day I have been trashing myself quite a bit with switches and birch rods. As before, I realize that a good birching is much more effective as the birches have a sting that makes me loose my breath. It is almost like tracks of paon burning deeper and deeper into my flesh and the wonderful heat is spreading through my entire body. I will keep on trashing myself during the afternoon, masturbating like crazy and then start all over again. I want to cover my buttocks with bleeding stripes and scars. Oh, this is so wonderful…. this slut is suffering for you at this very moment and with every stroke that sends waves of pain and pleasure through my body I get a reminder that I must never ever let my readers down like I have done and it is so right that I am being punished this way. Soon my buttocks will be covered with welts and scars but I will not stop it. I must continue. This whore must suffer… she needs it badly… oh, please, give me the strength to keep on trashing myself until my bottom is covered in blood… mmmmmmm soooo wonderful… love it… just can’t stop…

*hugs and kisses* tina

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Tina’s masochistic wet dreams

I simply cannot help it. When I see some artwork of women being punished, I immediately identify myself with the victim, taking her place. Yes, so strong is this feeling that I feel like I am actually experiencing it in real life. I really become the woman that is being punished! I often dream about scenes like this and they are perfect fantasies when I masturbate. Here are some great examples.

Harem punishment. I am strapped tightly with my bare bottom exposed, sobbing from the pain of the strokes I have already received. The room is filled with the sweet smell of incense and soft Oriental music can be heard. The reason for my punishment is my failure when I was ordered to dance for my Master, the sheik. He was not at all satisfied and by a gesture he ordered me to be punished. He seems very indifferent to my punishment, not taking any notice of me at all. The huge athletic eunuch has just made a pause but he will soon redouble his efforts and strike so hard with the sharp rod that blood flows down my thighs. Another slave girl is checking out that I am strapped as tightly as possible, knowing very well that she herself can be in my position tomorrow. Very soon my screams of pain and the sharp cracks of the rod biting into my defenceless flesh will echoe between the stone walls of the palace.

In the hands of the Inquisition. If I only knew what they want me to confess. I would gladly do it right away to stop the terrible whipping. They keep on asking me questions and every time I come up with the wrong answer another hard lash makes me scream out loud. Yes, the ferocious whip sure makes me dance It seems like this could go on forever. I have lost all points of reference and I have no idea if it is day or night. The merciless whipping continues and the monotonous questions keeps on coming. Will it never end? After today’s interrogation I will as usual be chained up in the dungeon to be raped by all the men witnessing my ordeal, including the torturer.

Whipped in a brothel. I am a prostitute at a high class brothel owned by a wealthy woman with several contacts among the upper classes. I am being punished because a customer has complained to the owner about my services. Two of the other girls hold me while a third, the overseer, whips me hard using a heavy leather whip. Soon she will step back to be able to swing the whip wiuth full force and hurt me even more. This should teach me a lesson: to never ever again say no when a customer orders me to do something. Naturally, I will have to apologize to the customer after the whipping which he oversees and as a compensation, he may use me for free for one whole day. I would never dare to protest again, no matter what he wants to do to me.

Prison whipping. I have been sent to prison because of false accusations by the woman to the right and her man pays the warden to have me punished regularly. They both come to the prison to oversee the punishments and as you can tell by the look of her face, she is really enjoying my suffering. Often she whispers harder… harder… and naturally, the man whipping me obliges. He slashes bloody streaks into my flesh and after a whipping I can neither sit or sleep for several days. Fresh rods are lying on the chair, awaiting to be used. Little does the noble lady know that her man regularly comes to my prison cell to take advantage of my defenceless body, forcing me to do everything his wife refuses to do.

Whipped in the prison yard. Oh God, this is one of the most wonderful images I have ever seen! Since I discovered it, I have been mesmerized by it and I simply cannot lay my eyes upon it without starting to masturbate. There are so many exciting elements within this picture. First, naturally, the overall scene: the huge athletic brute of a man wielding the whip. The whipping bench which holds my body in position for the cruel whipping of my bottom and thighs. The man at the extreme left is a wardour and his wife stands beside him. You can imagine that he will take advantage of me as much as he can when we are alone in my cell. Please also take note of the woman studying me through her lorgnette. She seems very interested in seeing in detail what effect the whipping will have on my poor flesh. The stern looking man standing with both hands on his walking stick right in front of me is the judge who has sentenced me and he regularly witness all my whippings to ensure that they are carried out with maximum severity. He will not be disappointed. Naturally, I will be abused by him and many other men in my cell when I come to after the extreme whipping.

A severe public flogging. I am embracing the whipping post and my desperate screams and pleas for mercy adds to the entertainment of the crowd in the town square. The man with the robe is counting out the lashes and also urges the torturer to whip me harder all the time. As you can se by the bulge on the trousers of the whipmaster he is very much looking forward to be alone with me when the punishment is over and I have been dragged back to my cell. I was lead by a chain barefoot through the streets from the prison to the town square, with a heavy iron collar around my neck. When I have finally received the 250 lashes from the whip and the 250 strokes of the birch rod, I am so weak that I am totally unable to walk and have to be half carried, half dragged back to the prison.

Do you know of other pics like these? Please let me know.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

This slut must suffer!

As Master is away again it is now up to me to take care of my daily punishments. Naturally, a good cropping is a good way to start the day. I stand barefoot on the floor and bend over a chair, smacking my buttocks with the riding crop as hard as I can. I have several different ones but I have found that this one stings especially good.

Whenever I get some time alone during the day I am anxious to punish myself. This cat I often use to whip myself on the back. To make the thongs sting better I usually wet them before I start whipping myself. Master often use it on my pussy to make me come. Below the cat is a horsewhip which is sort of a combination of crop and whip and very flexible and elastic, almost like a fresh birch rod. It bites very nasty and leave wonderful deep red stripes… mmmmmmmm

I have refined one of the implements I use a bit. Earlier this year I found a hard wooden paddle, or rather a bat, which is perfectly balanced for smacking myself very hard on the rump. But I was wondering if maybe I could improve it so it became even better. Finally, I fastened a coke cap on it as I thought that with each smack the sharp edges of the cap would be imbedded in my flesh and possibly even bite through the skin. So I tried it out. Yes, it hurt good and left a circular red mark on my bottom but obviously it did not stand out far enough from the wood to bite through my skin. So it was back to the drawing board.

Finally I added a piece of wood between the paddle/bat and the coke cap. To improve it even further I smeared the edges of the cap with tiger balm to make the sensation more intense. I took aim and after swinging the bat back and forth for a while I struck with all my might. To my surprise it felt almost as if the protruding part even eased the impact as I thought it was much more painful when I smacked myself with the bare bat. But in a few seconds I was thinking differently.

It felt like something was burning its way into my flesh and the pain was just growing all the time. When I looked at my bottom in the mirror, to my joy I could see a nice circular bleeding scar. Oh, how beautiful it looked… and how it hurt. So wonderful…

Master, you must use this innovation on me when you get back home. Please… do smack me real hard… mmmmmmm… love, tina

Monday, 1 September 2008

Her reward

Just found this fantasy story on the web and I really liked it:


Performance of pain

Yes, I admit it: I’m a sucker for great good ole porno smut. This one comes from Master’s collection and the text on the back page says it all:

“She was only barely aware of dozens of eyes focused upon her naked body. The bright lights blinded her, illuminating her tortured flesh. Only the swirling lash commanded her attention, filling her with terror. Tina screamed as the cruel whip cut into her soft flesh, again and again. There was no protection, no escape from the leather-clad man who knew no mercy and enjoyed her suffering”.

Hardly the sort of book that would win its author the Nobel Prize. But it surely arouses me. Just a pity that the artwork within the book were not made by the same author who made the cover illustration.