Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Beat me harder, please…

I admit it… I’m not here in blogosphere as often as I should be. There are no excuses for this but maybe some explanations. Sometimes there are more urgent and exciting things in life. Yes, it is very rude of me to neglect you, dear readers. If it is of any consolation to you I am being severely punished for my neglections all the time.

Behind the closed bedroom door you can hear the sound of hard whacks mixed with my gasps, sobs and screams. I am pleading for mercy, yet I wish that this wonderful spanking will never end. I am lying over the knee, with a firm grip around my waist and my bare bottom exposed. The heavy wooden paddle has soon made my poor globes turn bright red and very swollen but still the heavy smacks keep on raining on my bottom, making me squirm and scream. Oh, it’s so wonderful… please spank me harder… make me suffer, Master.

The continous spankings keeps me aroused and assures that I am wet and eager when you want to have me. Besides, I always have the riding crop ready beside my bed, and my closet is full of other tools you may want to use for punishing me. Oh, please do. If you punish me hard enough, then maybe I will be a good girl and start blogging again.

Please, Master, beat me harder. Much harder... mmmmmm

Friday, 18 July 2008

The taming of a slut

Sometimes it happens that I do wonder if I am really normal. Though I know that my submissive character and my lust for pain is by no means unique. There must be millions of women like me in the world. But in some way it seems that I have passed some border which is not acceptable. Even others involved in this lifestyle have tried to explain to me that what I am longing for can be all right as fantasies but warns me not to go too far. At the same time, pain is for me a source of ecstatic pleasure that I could not get in any other way. Surely there are many nutcases around in the world and I am sure that you are only wishing me well by trying to warn me against living out my fantasies. But once you have finally found Him, where everything falls into place... when I have found Him who can play my body with His sensitive fingers like a musician plays his instrument... why would I ever want to go back? My one and only desire is to advance further into this wonderful world of pain and submission in order to experience new sensations.

A psychologist would probably explain my desires by some traumatic experiences in my childhood. I can honestly say that my childhood was one of happiness and harmony without any serious problems. But my secret desires have been with me for as long as I can remember. At first I discovered how much I enjoyed playing Indians and Cowboys with the boys, being captured, tied and "tortured". many times I would wish that they had gone further but they probably neither had the nerve nor the imagination. We were actually starting to unleash feelings that many would think would have been better off being suppressed. Our games gave us a perfect alibi. You can imagine that I was dreaming of our games many a night and how they could advance further. At the same time, I had to restrain myself not to go to far. Already then, I realized that I had to be very discreet and as I grew up, my obsession became a very secret part of myself. Dating boys I found just boring as nobody realized what I was longing for and I had no one to talk to about it. Sex in some way felt like a half measure without what I was dreaming of. In all secrecy, I started practising self discipline in my early teens and afterwards, everything felt just so much more meaningless and empty. It was not just a dream. It developed into a craving for pain and humiliation that I neither could or wanted to control. I realized that it had to surface some day. I read everything I could on the subject and when I found 'The Story of O' it was like a revelation to me. I also wrote down many of my secret dreams and desires and mostly I destroyed my notes so that nobody would see them. My entire teens were filled with casual sex contacts that left me cold and a constant feeling of emptiness.


I feel so utterly sinful as I sense the dew fresh grass under my bare feet with the soft morning breeze caressing my bare sex. The birds are greeting me with their happy chirping, greeting me for a new wonderful day. The mere sight of the huge, old birch tree and shrubs of switches and branches fills me with lust and anticipation and I am already wet. I have with me a pair of pruning shears and I collect switches and birch rods, from very slim ones to long and thick ones with sharp, elastic tips. My breathing becomes very heavy as I break one switch after another from the old weeping birch and in my mind I can visualize what is to come. My nipples are stiff and hard and protrudes through the fabric of my thin summer dress. I feel safe that nobody will disturb us.

Although I have collected loads of rods and switches, I know that it will be the birch rods from the weeping birch that will hurt the most. As usual you will start birching me with light strokes and long intervals between each stroke, letting the heat spread through my body before you slowly increase the intensity of the birching. The weeping birches have very slender but strong and sharp switches with lots of rock hard buds that have not yet burst into leafs. While the rods and wickers leave good, hard welts and cause a persistent pain, the fine switches of the weeping birch bite sharply into my skin and as you increase the strength and intensity with each stroke, they leave thin bloody streaks on my buttocks and thighs. And I am really burning with lust!

Your strokes ignite a fire passion within me and like an athlete high on endorphins, I feel so excited and lusty that I wish this could go on forever. I only want you to chastise me harder…
But you do feel when I have had enough. There comes a time when I am totally high from the pain and excitement and desperate with lust. Then you will want to own me. All of a sudden you enter me, your hard thick lance of flesh penetrating me, with the strength of a beast. You take me very hard and brutally. You drive me over the edge to climax again and again while sinking your teeth into my neck, conquering your female. I feel your huge tool pulsating and swelling within me as you are sucking my flesh into your mouth, biting, leaving vivid sucking marks on my neck. I lose all conscience of time and when you finally comes within me, we both collapse on the bed, totally exhausted. Now we only want to lay together, enjoying each others nearness, caressing each others bodies. We have all the time in the world. It is just us and we are happy. I feel purified and content.


- Tina, my naughty, naughty girl!

I put down all the switches and rods I have collected and get down on my knees before you. A firm grip of my hair and two swift, hard slaps on my cheeks. You are wearing your beautifully ornamented ring which I know will leave marks. You like putting marks on my body and I love you for it. How often am I not standing in front of the mirror, admiring your marks on my skin, longing desperately for you. When we are out on the town together I have to have my shoulders and neck exposed to show the marks of your teeth and lips. It must be shown that this slut has been used thoroughly. You generally will also give me some vivid stripes with a birch rod or a riding crop across my thighs before we go out. I must wear very short skirts to give the stripes and welts maximum exposure.

The tattoo on my left upper arm was actually there before, but all the other marks on my body have been made by you. When we are taking a bus ride, I must sit in the middle of the seat at the very back row with my legs far apart so that everybody can see my exposed sex. Panties and bras are strictly forbidden when we are out together. Even though most people quickly shy away their eyes there are some, especially older people, who cannot disguise their disgust. Sofar, nobody has said anything, though. There may even be those who find the sight exciting, as they lay their eyes upon my welts and marks.


Now I am in a state of ecstacy. I am standing on all fours, swaying my back and you are wearing out one switch after another from the beautiful weeping birch on my nude bottom and thighs. You whip me faster and harder all the time so that your arm soon looks totally blurred. I feel the switches biting through my skin, sobs, cries and beg you not to stop, to continue chastising me. When I finally feel your strong hands gripping my hips and your hard tool penetrating me, I can feel blood trickle down my thighs. You thrust into me hard and deep, like a piston. When your warm semen is spurting into me, I feel your teeth biting into my neck, as a final conquering gesture. When I lay on my stomach with your body upon me, I am totally exhausted by all the orgasms I have had and the enormous strain. My body is burning with pain and yet I am longing for a good taste of your birch again. I am yours and I beg you to use me as much as you want and can.

A thorough birching is the best way to teach a slut how to behave...

Thursday, 17 July 2008

English Spanking

There are actually quite a few good websites out there which I find very exciting. Not only do I enjoy being spanked and whipped myself but I also find it very exciting to watch pictures and films of other girls being punished. So I often shop around on the web and I will be reporting about my finds in the blog. Do stay tuned!

I just discovered English Spanking and as I found their site very interesting, I took the opportunity to ask Peter from ES a few questions. He has been involved in producing spanking video for around 25 years while English Spanking was started five years ago. The company employs people for shooting as needed, with two working full-time.

Is this then a work of love or just like running any business? “ It started purely as a work of love but is now a bit of both” says Peter. He also adds that like any other business the company has its ups and downs but thanks to the quality of the material, English Spanking is doing quite well. Apart from producing spanking videos, the team has also been producing material for several TV channels, including Playboy – not spanking material, though.

“The English Spankers audience is interested in the more mature ladies as well as the schoolgirl type, says Peter, so we do not feature just one style but do try to give a mix”.

Creating screenplays for videos would seem like a tall order but according to Peter “it just happens”. Obviously people don't want complex stories on the web, they seem to like just a short scene setting and then down to the action.

Quite a number of the models are real life bdsm practioneers. Mostly, the models do one to one appointments but there are also those who are doing this on a full time basis. On average, the models are paid £300 per session. New films are generally shot every week. Depending on the model and her popularity, some models may appear in many videos and there are models who have made ten or more films.

At present, most of the customers are British, followed by the USA. Germany is also a large market for English Spanking. The company has also recently started a website which includes sex and spanking on and are working on a new, school orientated site which will be at

It seems that finding new models is actually very easy. Generally, new models come in by word of mouth and Peter adds that many girls who have enjoyed the sessions and are comfortable with the team tend to tell their friends.

Thanks to Peter of English Spanking for taking the time. Now for some examples of what you will find at their site. Please click on the images to go to the video galleries.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Still alive, well and horny *blushes*

Forgive me all for having neglected the blog for so long. I know exactly how it feels: when you get used to reading something and one day it suddenly is not there, without explanation, of course you feel disappointed. Believe me, I have no intention of stopping blogging but I seem to have fallen into some bad inertia. Fortunately, Master knows how to cure that and he has plenty of reasons for punishing me right now…

Not that we really need any reasons for my punishment. As we both simply love it, it’s just so wonderful to do it whenever we want. I have strict orders to always have a riding crop ready by my bed and each morning I have to bend over to get a number of vicious, burning cuts from it. This always fires me and when we make love after the cropping I surely am a hot little slut and climax again and again. Yes, I guess “slut” would be the most appropriate word to characterize me. Sex is vital to me and when Master is not with me, I masturbate frequently, generally while dreaming of some hot fantasy.

Yes, I admit it, fantasies is something which turn me on very much but I don’t stop there. I have the urge also to live out my fantasies as much as possible and quite a number of them have materialized.

Very often my fantasies are sparked by images or writings. Like the wonderful artwork by the late great bdsm artist Robert Bishop. I would have linked to the site but according to Google, the site “could harm your computer”. Still, here are a couple of his drawings, which appeared in the book The Prisoner of Ismaul which is a very exciting story. Basically, the plot is about a suave, self-conscious secretary named Eve Trevor being abducted by order from a wealthy client of the company. She is tied, trained, whipped, tortured and brought to a foreign land, chained in a desert fortress, sold as a slave.

Mmmm… a scenario like that make my fantasies go completely wild and they are so intense and realistic that I am actually feeling like I am her. It is a marvellous feeling to be able to actually experience this, feel the punishment…

So wonderful… strapped to a whipping bench… with a cruel, muscular Mistress laying on the cane with full force. She is furious and whips me like mad… she wants the slut to suffer as much as possible… see to it that I cannot sit for at least a week and place a lot of permanent marks on my bottom… yes, I get what I deserve… this horny painslut must be caned extremely hard… I am a whore and I need to suffer… while my screams and sobs of pain mixes with the hiss and the sharp cracks of the cane against my flesh, I beg her to cane me harder… oh, please Mistress, slash bloody streaks into my whore bottom… give her what’s coming to her… I am so happy to be in the hands of the strongest and most cruel Mistress you can think of… when I am about to faint she pauses to catch her breath… wiping the blood off the cane… soon she will start all over again… mmmm you’re so fit and strong… please cane me harder, Mistress.. ooohhhhh… I need it desperately…

I am regularly flogged in public and it is my wonderful Mistress who carry out the punishment… near the whipping post is the man who has bought me, a wealthy sheik… after each flogging I am carried to his bedroom to be used by him… due to the severe whipping I am too weak to walk and my wounds will take a long time to heal… my Mistress always does a wonderful job with her heavy bullwhip… the lash always seem to hit wherever she wants it and I am completely lost in a crazy, wonderful dance of pain… mmmm whip me harder, please… make this cheap whore suffer like she deserves…

Rest assured that I am regularly punished IRL, too! But sometimes it's so wonderful to drift away into your fantasies, where anything can happen. Both I and Master find it very exciting to recreating fantasy scenes IRL and who knows what will happen tommorow. We both have the urge to break barriers, go over the top, on to new heights of ecstacy. Yes, it's a wonderful life... your slaveslut tina

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Belle de Jour whipping scene

Here is a clip from the film Belle de Jour, starring Catherine Deneuve, from 1967. The story is about a frustrated housewife who cannot be satisfied by her man. She has vivid masochistic fantasies (believe me, I know how it feels…) and one day she starts to work secretly in a brothel, using the name Belle de Jour. Very soon she meets a bad guy who has the power to make some of her hidden fantasies come alive and then… no, I really don’t want to spoil the fun for you. See the film yourself, you won’t regret it!