Monday, 30 June 2008

Girls violently whipped in Ethiopia

Here is a videoclip which may spark your interest. Young girls are begging to be whipped and acts provoking in order to get the men to whip them. This is done as a part of the Bull Jumping Ceremony, a ceremony where a young man has to prove his adulthood by jumping over six bulls. The young women of the family have to prove the courage of the family by letting themselves be whipped very hard. The girls are whipped by switches so hard that they bleed and the whipping causes more or less permanent scars.

Here we see the whipped back of one local girl:

Take care all

Sunday, 29 June 2008

For the love of my Master

I am indeed a very happy woman. When I fell into your arms on Friday after such a long time apart, I experienced profound happiness. As I rubbed myself against you, feeling your strong, masterful manliness, I realized how much I had been missing you. But now we have a long, wonderful summer ahead of us.

I pressed my chest against you and the tacks and pins dug into my swollen breasts. You smiled at me and kissed my lips gently. My entire mind and body was uproar with lust but I knew I had to be calm. I wanted to fall on my bare knees before you, begging you to hurt me. I wanted to beg you for a good taste of your whip. But I knew better than trying. You can read me like no other and I know how you work. Your strategy is to make me wait, having me on the torture rack as long as possible before you finally let me experience what I crave. You and I know that it just increases my lust to a degree which is almost unbearable and I know I could never achieve it on my own.

Yes, I do a lot of self-punishments and I am very active when it comes to, well, sort of… flicking the bean, twiddling the knob… oh well, masturbating… *blushes* I do it several times a day and very often if I only have only a couple of minutes to spare by myself. It makes it so much more exciting. But it can never be the same as being owned and used by you, Master. The joy of submitting to your masterful manliness is what keeps me going.

You ordered me to go into a chatroom to tell about what was happening and when you grabbed my breasts from behind so hard that it felt like all pins were driven into my flesh at the same time, I cried out from pain. Your whisper in my ear that you thought I needed a good spanking made me so aroused and I had to finish the chat contact very quickly. You led me to the bedroom with a hard grip in my left ear and very soon I was lying over your knee. Oh Master, this is so wonderful.

During the day you punished me in various ways, gradually building up the excitement and the harshness of my punishments. I was only too happy to submit and when you used your heavy belt on my sore bottom I screamed so much from pain and ecstacy that you had to gag me before proceeding. You know exactly how to make me reach the wonderful world of subspace and we both know that plain vanilla sex just will never be the same.

At nine o’clock in the evening you took off my tacked bra and the pain when the pins and tacks were pulled out of my flesh was the most intense I had felt in a long time. More pins than I realized had penetrated my skin and my poor breasts, red and sore, were full of marks. You surely used both teeth and fingers in the most effective way to cause me moe pain, to put loving marks on my body.

Master, I love you and I am so glad to be with you again. May this go on forever.
your slaveslut tina

Friday, 27 June 2008

In the hands of The Whip Master

I have been wearing the tacked bra overnight and it was a new sensation. Just out from the stinging nettle punishment plus a good birching into this. But I love it! Actually, the pain of the tacks and pins is a bit different from many other tortures. After a while, the pain becomes quite dull, almost like when you have chafed feet and thus is actually more irritating than arousing. Still, the fact that I have been ordered by you, my dear blog readers, to do this makes it an exciting experience anyhow.

Some of the pins are sharper than the others and should easily penetrate my skin. It took a while to fall asleep last night and I was continuously masturbating until I did ;-) As I tossed and turned in my bed while sleeping, the pins dug into my breasts from new angles all the time and today my poor breasts are very sore. As the fabric of the bra is quite thick I cannot see any blood spots on the outside but it feels like quite a few pins have penetrated my skin. The pain is especially intense in my areolas and my nipples are stiff and erect all the time.

Later today you will be back with me, Master. I am really longing and while I am waiting for you, many fantasies cross my mind. As you know I get very aroused by pics and drawings of women being punished and today I have been looking at such pics a lot while playing with myself. Oh, your tina is such a naughty, horny slut… please punish her most strictly for her sins when you get home…

Drawings like this one really fire my imagination and make me hot. Many of my fantasies involves being whipped and tortured in a dungeon, by a cruel, merciless man. When I am not tortured I am lying chained spread-eagled and naked in my cell and the man who has whipped me can come in and rape me as often as he wants… mmmmmmm

Another thing is that the girl in this pic actually bears some resemblance to me, although I have smaller breasts :-( , but her hairstyle is very similar to mine. I am dreaming of being her… in the hands of The Whip Master… all the time desperately begging him to whip me harder… whipping me to shreds… mmmmmm

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Tina’s stinging nettle punishment, part 2

Yes, I did it last night… and believe me, it was one of my most wonderful experiences sofar!

I was a bit nervous as I was picking stinging nettles. The Dom who ordered me to do this had warned me that an “overdose” might cause allergic reactions and advised me to be careful. My first experience with the nettles had been a very arousing one but this time the punishment would be much more severe and prolonged.

Still I had no choice but obeying. Last night I arranged the boquets of stinging nettles neatly beside me, standing with my hands behind my head, eyes closed, visualizing what was to happen to me. After a long while of suspense, I put the first boquet of nettles on the hard wooden chair and sat down on them, rubbing my buttocks against them.

It took longer time than yesterday for the nettles to really start burning. But when they did, it felt like thousands of red hot nails were driven right into my flesh, with the fire and pain spreading from each one. The pain almost made me delirious and it took all the self-determination I could muster to stay seated. But I did, and as my entire body was on fire, suddenly I felt myself drifting into what you might call subspace, the pain being transformed into a state of ecstacy. Eventually the effect of the nettles was diminishing and I then turned the boquet around to have a taste of the other, fresh side. My buttocks were red, burning and covered with blisters, but still I wanted more. I needed it. I craved it.

I have no idea how long I was sitting on the burning, stinging nettles but eventually I got up and once again stood for a long while with my hands behind my head, sending thoughts of gratitude to the Dom who had ordered me to do this. Then it was time for the second boquet. This time the pain shocked me so much that I lost my breath. I thought that the pain would feel less the second time but it proved to be the other way around. But still this strange excitement was building up inside me and while I was suffering from the ever consuming fire, my juices started flowing. I was allowed to play with myself but not to come at this stage.

After a second pause of contemplation, sobbing from the extreme pain and fire in my buttocks, it was time for le grand finale. I took the third boquet, a somewhat smaller one, and placed it in the crack between my buttocks, while clenching my thighs. Then I drew the nettles forward, between my thighs and over my now very wet pussy.

Strangely enough, this did not hurt as much as I had expected. It transpired that I must do it very slowly to get maximum effect. When I did, it was so painful I had to cry out and tears were flowing down my face. Still, I carried on and the effect the nettles had on the sensitive flesh of my inner thighs was especially painful. I had expected it to be worse when the nettles touched my pussy but actually it felt good although it had the same burning effect there. I was now completely wild with lust and started rubbing myself with the nettles, masturbating with them and when I climaxed, my orgasms were so intense that I fell to the floor, spasmodically twitching.

As a bonus I was to give myself a birching, with fifty strokes on each buttock. I took position and swung the switch with full force. When it bit into my sore, burning buttock I gasped from pain. The effect was so much more intense from the nettle torture that I could not believe it. Still, I was determined to go through with my punishment and I did, although it took much longer time than usual. When I had administred the 100th stroke I had to lay down masturbating again and I climaxed repeatedly, with several orgasms in a row.

This was wonderful and I am very grateful to the Dom who ordered me to do this. Tomorrow is a great day, as you, my beloved Master, will be with me again. When I meet you, I will be wearing something very special. Yes, I just put this one on and it will stay on for two days, no matter what you and I do during this time. I have attached strings so it can be tightened at will.

Believe me, this slut loves to suffer for you… ;-)

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Time for part two of my punishment

Believe me, I really am excited now! I have picked a bag full of stinging nettles which I have arranged into three different boquets. I received very detailed – and strict – orders from the Dom who suggested this punishment and I am definitely going to carry them out to the point.

I have also picked two birch rods which I will use after my nettle punishment. Here you have all the components of my very cosy evening at home…

I will let you know what it was like tomorrow. Now I am just going to suffer and enjoy… letting myself be absorbed by the fire of pain, the fire of lust…

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Tina’s stinging nettle punishment, part 1

First of all, I wish to apologize for my silence the last days. I also want to thank you all for your kind words of support and I am happy to say that Ville is feeling better now. The medicine has obviously eased his pains and he is able to walk again, albeit slowly. But he is gaining more energy day by day and it’s so obvious that he wants to stay with me for a while longer. At times I think of the relatively short time we still have together and it often makes me cry, bur right now I am just so glad that he is feeling well.

Today I decided to carry out a punishment which I was ordered to do a long time ago. I was out this morning picking fresh stinging nettles and I decided to go for it after breakfast.

I used a pair of old shorts (actually a pair of old jeans with the legs cut off) which are very tight and filled them with nettles so that all of my buttocks would be covered, according to the orders I had been given. I fastened the nettles by adhesive tape so they would stay in place. All these preparations for what was to come surely made me very excited and I was watching the dark green nettles in awe and with anticipation.

I started by standing on the floor, totally naked, with my hands behind my head, visualizing what was going to happen. Finally I put the shorts on. I actually succeeded drawing them up my legs without the nettles burning them. In my instructions it had been specified that the nettles should be restricted to burn only my bottom.

As I had buttoned up the shorts, I could feel the stinging nettles burning into my buttocks in every spot at once. Still, the pain was not so intense as I had expected. But it would become worse. With the tight, nettle-filled shorts on, I sat down on a wooden chair, pressing my buttocks against the hard surface.

Awww, what a pain shock! It felt like thousands of needles were pressed into my poor bottom simultaneously. I gasped from the pain and it took all the self-control I could muster to remain seated. At the same time, I felt the all too well-known tingling in my pussy and I started rubbing my buttocks against the chair to increase the burning sensation. I also pressed my hands hard against my bottom higher up on my buttocks so the nettles would burn into my flesh more effectively.

I sat for more than five minutes, enjoying the fiery pain, the very erotic fire that was biting into my flesh like napalm and it kept on increasing in strength all the time. This is what was so wonderful about the sensation: instead of me becoming numb from pain after a while, the burning pain kept on alternating and increasing all the time. Yes, I was surely high on pain and becoming very aroused. According to my orders I was not allowed to come but I did not even have to touch my pussy to become extremely aroused.

Finally I got up and took off the shorts. My buttocks were covered with small white blisters that were burning like open wounds and at the same time I experienced a very special sensation, just like thousands of ants creeping within the flesh of my buttocks. The fire is still there with full power as I am writing this and I am surely longing for tomorrow, when I will carry out part two of this marvellous punishment. Every time I sit down the fire becomes almost too much and I the thousands of ants in my buttocks really starts moving… mmmmmmmmmmmm

Thank you so much to one reader of my blog for ordering me to do this. It was a wonderful experience and the burning pain has left me high with lust.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Whipping scene from the Viking Queen

As I explained in my previous post I will have to take some time off from self-punishments, mainly because I don’t really feel for it right now. Ville has had a good night’s rest and he already looks stronger although he still has problems with his hind legs. But he has the spirit of a fighter and he really wants to come back.

I will also come back, as soon as I see that I can once again enjoy my self-punishments. Meanwhile, I will post some other things which you might like. How about this whipping scene, for instance? The film is the Viking Queen from 1967 and strangely enough, the film is about Romans in old England. Not a Viking in sight…

Sometimes enjoyment has low priority

I know that there are many of you out there who are waiting for news about me using the thumb tack-bra as self-punishment, which you voted for in my poll. However, I have been forced to postpone this a bit as something just happened which makes me realize there are more important things in life than playing erotic games.

This afternoon I was suddenly missing Ville, my faithful dog. He usually lies resting outside my door, guarding. However, all of a sudden he was gone. After searching for a long time I found him sitting behind some bushes, panting and obviously in great pain . Soon I realized that his hind legs would not bear him and I had to help him stand up.

I had feared for a long time that something like this would happen. Big dogs like Ville often get problems with their joints as they grow old and he is now over 11 years old. Naturally, I had to take him to the nearest emergency animal hospital to get him some help. They took an X-ray and as they explained it to me, I realized this was serious. At the same tame, the female veterinarian asked me discretely if I had thought about the option of putting him to rest before the pain became too much.

It may sound strange but at this very time Ville turned his head at me and looked straight into my eyes. His eyes said it all. Please, don't! I will come back. I will tell you when the time has come for us to part. It was an extremely strong moment and with tears trickling down my face I told the friendly doctor that I would like to try to help him come back. She understood and I got a prescription for some strong pain killers which would help him. I had to support him as we went back to the car but the injection he had got at the hospital seem to make him stronger.

At the moment my only concern is Ville and I want to help him t get well as much as I can. I will have to concentrate on this so I hope you will bear with me for a while. The self-punishment will be carried out but I hope you understand that my thoughts are now elsewhere. All of a sudden I was pulled back to reality from the world of excitement where I have been dwelling for a long time.

Talk to you as soon as I can.


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Woman and the Whip

Very exciting minutes right now... half an hour to go to midnight and two alternatives in my self-punishment poll have the same number of votes: caning by 30 strokes daily for two weeks and wearing a bra filled with thumb tacks for two days nonstop. Wonder what it will be... mmm

While we are waiting I would like to share this wonderful pic with you, with permission from Paul Zollo. Do visit his great photo collection at and in case you want to contact him, his email is Thank you so much for letting me use this picture, Paul.

Update: it's midnight here in Sweden now and the alternative of wearing a bra filled with thumb thacks for two days have won. I will carry out the punishment starting Friday. Thank you so much all for voting. *hugs* tina

Monday, 16 June 2008

Thank you for voting… but what is the outcome?

When I finally got into town to check out the results of my blog poll, I found out that both the caning and the thumb tack bra alternative have attracted an equal amount of votes. How do we solve this? I have decided to prolong the time for voting until Wednesday, June 18 by which time hopefully we will have a clear number one. So please keep those votes coming.

Whatever alternative it will be, I will be using many other forms of self-punishment, too. And in a week Master will be back with me for a while before travelling on. But we will surely have a wonderful time together and I expect to have a lot of great experiences to tell you about in my blog later this summer. Sofar it has been a wonderful summer here in Sweden and I am very excited about what I will experience later in summertime. I am going back home today and I will start carrying out the self-punishment decided by you after the new deadline: midnight CET on June 18 (22.00 UTC).

I have gained a lot of experience when it comes to using different types of switches, birches, rods and branches on my bare buttocks this week. Obviously the birch is the most effective alternative but you also have to find very elastic switches that will not break easily. Also, they are only effective for a few hours after picking, then they start to dry up. Another thing is that my skin gets very rough from the continous birchings so in the end my skin is like rawhide and very difficult for the birches to cut through. The first days I succeeded to slash many bleeding scars into my sinful globes but the last days I have not succeeded to do that although each birching still hurts and burns wonderfully.

Thank you again for voting and please come back soon. I have a lot of exciting things to tell you about and I must confess that knowing that you are reading what I write and so many of my secret thoughts and fantasies makes me very horny… *blushes*

Sunday, 15 June 2008

So anxious about the outcome of my self-punishment poll…

I can’t hardly wait until midnight (CET = 22.00 UTC) to see what self-punishment I shall carry out this week. If the alternative with the most votes should bed a severe trashing on my bottom, like the caning alternative, it is perhaps not the best timing as I have been trashing myself with birch rods for hours each and every day the past week. Yes, I have succeeded in trashing myself so hard that I drew blood and that only makes me redouble my efforts. My buttocks are covered with welts, bruises, marks and scars so my bottom really could use a rest. But is you who decides and if you want it to be trashed even more, so it shall be.

On the other hand my breasts have been left untouched most of the time. I just have been pinching my nipples, digging my sharp nails as deep into them as hard as I can and rolling the nipple between my nails while writing. It makes me so hot and horny and my nipples so erect and hard that they feel like bursting. But apart from that my breasts have been left intact. So I guess the option of breast torture would give my poor bottom a chance to heal and enable myself to sit properly. But, like I said, you are the one who decides. Gee, am I longing to see your verdict tonight…

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Tomorrow is "D" day...

My self-punishment poll ends at midnight on Sunday. At the moment the leading alternative is wearing a bra filled with thumb tacks for two days but just one vote below is 30 hard strokes of the cane daily for two weeks. Have you voted yet?

I will start carrying out the self-punishment you have decided by your votes next week.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday the 13th

I don’t really know if it has shaped my life in some way but I was born on Friday the 13th. But I really don’t think I have been very unlucky, apart from some relationships which I later realized I would have been better off without. But I had a happy childhood and the relationship I am in right now is absolutely perfect. I have a wonderful Master but neither of us would like to live in a 24/7 relationship. This was the very first thing we agreed on. We both love counting the days until we meet again, until we make love, we are yearning for punishment sessions never seeming to end… Yes, every day together is like a holiday.

Master travels a lot in his work and we are in touch each and every day by mail or phone. I am so glad that you are proud of your slaveslut and that you enjoy my suffering although the punishments must be by my own hand. But very soon you will be with me again. At the end of June we shall be together… making love and playing as much as want.

I am counting the days, hours… just can’t wait to be with you again. I desperately need to give myself to you completely… surrender to your masterful power… suffer under your cruel lash… the marks on my body will remain long after you have left.

I love you Master. I love you more than I ever realized I could love a man. There was a reason for us two finding each other. Please stay with me forever.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Captive in the jungle

I have had very limited access to the web the last days and yesterday I had to use an Internet café as my normal broadband connection was out of order. Although I was sitting among other people, I simply had to go into a chatroom as I was very much in the mood for talking dirty and I sometimes do find some interesting contacts there. The chat is on and it is in Swedish. If you would like to try it you will have to register but it’s free.

Anyway. I realize that at times I can be very far out as far as sex talk and fantasies are concerned. All of a sudden one guy (or whatever it was) simply told me: Idiot! Well, I agree that I don’t really hold back when I’m getting aroused but still I do see myself as a quite stabile and intelligent person. It is just that at times my fantasies seem to run away with me. For instance, here is one fantasy I really love to use when I am lying in bed at night, masturbating frantically. It always brings me such wonderful climaxes. Yes, maybe a shrink would regard this as a proof of some mental disorder on my part. As for me, I just love it!

The setting is somewhere deep in the African jungle. I have been captured by savages and taken to their village. I am being kept in the hut of a huge, brutal warrior and he can use my body as much as he want (and believe me, he does!). As I am lying on the ground, totally exhausted after being raped and abused for several hours, I suddenly see my chance. I decide to make a run for it and while I cuddle up pretending to sleep, I plan my attack very thoroughly. I am going to hit his weakest spot. As he gets near me, all of a sudden I kick him in the balls with all my might and it hits perfectly. Even a huge, muscular brute like this has very sensitive testicles and he doubles up, moaning and crying like a baby, unable to move. I immediately jump up and run in panic out from the hut, into the jungle. I have no idea about where I am going, I just know that I must get away from the village and find somebody who will save me. I don’t for a moment think about risks like wild animals, snakes, killer bees or whatever hazards may be in store for me out in the jungle. I am just desperate to get away and leave the village as far as possible behind me.

I run like mad and my heart is pounding so hard I think it will break. Although I can hardly breathe I force myself to keep on running and the thin dress which is all I have on is cut to shreads by thorns, as is my skin. The soles of my bare feet are cut by sharp rocks but I force myself to continue running as fast as I can despite the pain. Finally, I can take it no longer and I realize I must take a break. I collapse beneath a big tree and although my heart is pounding like a sledgehammer I try to listen for any sound of manhunters following me. Is it possible that I have really gotten away from them? My pulse slows down a bit and for one moment I really believe that I have succeeded. I keep on listening, totally unaware of the pain from numerous bleeding wounds on my body and in the soles of my feet. Then, suddenly I hear a weak crack just behind me and I jump up, desperate and in panic. I only catch a glimpse of the huge, muscular savage swinging a heavy club over his head and the very next second my world explodes in a cascade of stars and flashes and I fall into the deepest darkness, far away from pain and suffering.
The man who has hit me on the head with his club is the very same man whose balls I have kicked so cruelly about an hour ago and in his rage he strikes far too hard. He realizes, however, that I am still breathing and soon other men join him. They tie my ankles and wrists to a long pole and then carry me away hanging from the pole over their shoulders. The man who has clubbed me into unconsciousness is walking in the front, brandishing his heavy club. A hunter carrying his quarry back to the village.

After more than thirteen hours I eventually wake up with an excruciating headache, feeling dizzy and ready to throw up. My sight is very dim and I can hardly focus and I am lying naked on the ground, spread-eagled with my hands and feet tied to poles in the ground. The brutal savage who has knocked me out is standing before me with a sadistic grin on his face and his huge member with its bright red head pointing right out. God, how huge he is! There is no question about what he wants to do and now I am totally defenceless, unable to protect myself.

He rapes me like mad, fucking me in the most brutal ways for hours and in the middle of my suffering I can’t help but wondering about his speedy recovery after my assault. When the sun finally rises over the village I am so weak I feel like fainting and my poor pussy hurts so much it even overwhelms the pain in my head. I have a huge lump on my head as a memory of his club and there is a bloody crush mark where the skin has broken from the impact of the vicious blow. I lie on the ground, moaning with pain, feeling miserable. Little do I realize that my suffering has not even begun yet.

Soon he releases my bonds and drags me over his shoulder, like a sack of potatoes. I am so weak I cannot offer any resistance. He carries me out into an open spot in the middle of the village and I am tied to a huge pole, lying on my back. All the natives of the village, men, women and children, are present and their eyes are focusing upon my nude body. Most of them are cheering and laughing and their message is very clear. The white, blonde whore must suffer!

Two men lift me up, stretching my legs wide apart so I am utterly exposed. The chief of the village comes forward and he talks for a several minutes in a guttural language… although I do not understand the words of his announcement, the message is crystal clear. When he has finished speaking, he opens up his robe and exposes a huge dick which is even bigger than that of the man who has raped me all night. The other men hold me firmly in position and as the chief drives his huge, erect pole deep into my tortured pussy, I scream out from pain. He fucks me like mad and when he has shot his huge load into me and withdraws, the audience cheers and applaudes.

Then comes the most cruel part of my punishment. I am dragged to my feet and turned around, my hands are tied to the pole high above my head so I have to tiptoe. There is no question about what is in store for tinaslut, the Swedish blonde slut. The man who has captured me is the one who will handle the punishment and I am to be whipped by a ferocious looking tool, the kourbash. This is a very sharp, flexible rod, which is impossible to break and easily cuts through the skin and digs deep into the flesh of the poor victim. I do not know it yet but before the day is over I will have received five hundred very hard lashes. Several different pieces of this monstrous tool of punishment are lying ready for use in a barrel of salt water, to make the pain even more unbearable.

My captor starts whipping me and the audience is urging him to whip me harder, they want to see blood. And this will be a reality very soon. Totally ignoring my desperate screams and pleas for mercy, he whips me so hard that blood splatters around the pole. Soon I have lost my voice from all the screaming and moans of pain are all that come over my lips. Several times I faint from the extreme pain but I am brought back to life by the medicine man who holds a jar of some smelly substance under my nose. He also oversees the punishment and regularly gives the warrior the go-ahead to continue. Naturally, they want the slut to survive so they can torture her as much as possible. Their cruelty in punishing me knows no limits.

The flogging takes several hours and when the 500th stroke has been administred, I am hanging limp in my shackles. For the rest of the day they let me hang from the pole and anyone can come forward and do what they want to me. Laughing children throw small sharp rocks at my tortured body, women bring buckets of urine which they pour over me, making the bleeding wounds on my body hurt like fire, men pinch my nipples and pubic lips, dig their nails into my clitoris, slaps my face… there is no end to my ordeals.

Finally, my bonds are released and I am so weak from the tortures that I cannot stand up. I am carried back to the hut of the warrior who has whipped me and he is now going to have the fuck feast of his life all through the night. Whipping me to shreads has aroused him to the extent that he simply cannot stop. Never in my entire life have I been so brutally ravaged.

I knew I had it coming and soon I feel his huge, brutal hands gripping my hips while his monstrous tool starts thrusting at my tight puckered anus. No, please, don’t... it’s too big… you’re going to kill me… But he is very determined and suddenly, with one powerful thrust, his huge dick splits up my tight orifice and plows deep into me. The pain is so extreme that I faint and his huge pole is covered by my blood.

From now on, each day I am tied to the pole in the centre of the village all day long so that anybody can use my body. The men are fucking me like mad and many women love to urinate on my body. Some even love urinating in my face, forcing me to swallow. Sometimes there is a long line of women wanting to humiliate me this way. The little children keep throwing rocks at me and whipping me with switches or burning me with glowing branches from the fire. Each Saturday I am again tied to the pole and flogged into unconsciousness with five hundred lashes of the kourbash. Every time it’s the savage who used his heavy club to catch me who handles the flogging. As a reward he is the one who may use my body after the flogging and I am carried to his hut after having received my five hundred lashes.

When I am lying on the ground in his hut, my body covered with welts and bloody streaks, I flash a smile of gratitude at him and I expose my orifices as provocatively as possible. Yes, my love, please take me now. I am yours and I never want this to end. May I never be rescued!

What do you say – do you think I’m crazy? Or am I just an extraordinary horny slut?

Please vote in my poll for what alternative of self-punishment you want me to use on my slut body. I will carry out the punishment which gets the most votes after June 15.


Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Self-punishment update

This week I have been staying in a friend’s cabin and I still have some days to go. It has been a most wonderful time especially for satisfying my masochistic urges. Each morning I go out barefoot in the cold dew to pick switches and birch rods which I then use on my bare bottom. The absolute minimum per session is one hundred strokes but I often keep on trashing myself a bit more as I get so horny and excited that I simply cannot stop. After each session I lay down masturbating frantically for a long time, driving myself to the most fantastic orgasms, fuelled by the burning fire in my buttocks.

I punish myself with 100 strokes several times a day and each night before I go to bed I give myself an extra hard trashing which keeps me desperately hot until I finally fall asleep after more orgasms than I can count. Last night I actually succeeded to draw blood by using a birch rod with several smaller branches. Just above my buttocks where the skin is more sensitive but believe me, it was a gorgeous feeling to see the bloody streak on my skin. All these trashings have made the skin on my rump rough and harder to break but I am working on it. Maybe it’s a good thing that I will soon be home again as my poor bottom will have to rest and I simply cannot stop whipping myself when I’m out here.

I hope you are having a wonderful time, wherever you are. If you like my blog, please subscribe to it by an RSS-feed so you don’t miss anything. Hugs and kisses from your horny slaveslut tina.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Lovely biting lashes on my slut body

I have kept on whipping my swollen behind, each time one hundred hard lashes by switches and birches with a short pause after each set of ten. I did it around midnight and in the morning I simply had to feel the biting lashes again. This is so wonderful and I simply cannot get enough. Fortunately I still have a few days left of my mini-vacation and I will certainly get several hundred lashes every day. I want to make myself bleed and I am determined to achieve that... lovely bloody streaks on my tortured bottom… before I leave.

The following is an excerpt from my ebook The Love of the Lash which I thought you might enjoy. If you like hard, brutal stories I am sure you will enjoy reading the entire book. You can get it from Here we go:

“This is Tina and she’s one of the horniest sluts we have!”

I actually blushed at Katja’s words although I was already exposed in the most humiliating position that you could imagine. My arms and legs were stretched out as much as possible to the side, cuffed and fastened to heavy ringbolts in the wall behind me, just about an inch from each other. It was a very uncomfortable position and it left me exposed wide open. On the floor under me was a mirror that showed every detail of my sex and a very strong spotlight was beamed at me, focusing on my wide open pussy. My bare sex was glistening with juices and I felt an ever increasing tingle of excitement rushing through my body. The beautiful Katja had rubbed aromatic oils into my skin all over my body after we had been making love this morning. Lovely Katja, you beautiful strong woman… how you drove me crazy with your hands, tongue and lips… I gazed at her body with a lust and longing in my mind and as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes I knew that she could not wait until next time, either. She wanted me just as much I wanted her. The pictures of ourselves making love with the intensity of two crazy wildcats in heat flashed through my mind. Just the sight of this beautiful woman made my juices starting to flow and my clitoris was stiff and erect, almost feeling like it was going to burst from the pressure.

“Tina is a natural masochist”, Katja said as she handed over a long, whippy rod to the man beside her. He took the rod in his hand and was drooling over my exposed body. My bare skin was glistening from oil and sweat under the strong spotlight.

“Just whip her pussy and she will come for you again and again. This rod is made of fibre glass and is perfect for pussy whipping. Don’t hold back, she loves it…”

I could not move but the expression on my face told him everything there was to know. He could not possibly have had a more tempting target before his eyes as I was chained wide open, ready to be used. The man was tall, with thin hair and probably in his late 50s. His eyes were really glowing with lust as he tucked up his sleeves and raised the rod over his head.
“Yes please, do it… just do it to me now…” My entire mind was focused on the rod as it whistled through the air and as it struck my inner thigh close to my sex I gasped from painful lust. My moans and cries became louder while my body was shivering from pleasure and pain. Katja smiled at me discretely as the man became more skilful in aiming and the sharp rod bit into my pussy, licking my swollen lips and clitoris with a tongue of fire.

“OOOOHH AAAAHHHGGHHHH YESSSS…” I simply could not hold back any longer. As my body was shaking from one violent climax after another he got into a frenzy and whipped my poor pussy like mad – which just drove me to new orgasms. As he finally stopped whipping me I felt weak and dizzy, floating around on waves of pleasure.

“What do you think?” Katja asked.

“She’s hot, alright. I want her.”

Katja loosened my cuffs and fastened a thin chain to my leather collar. She massaged my legs and arms gently and it took a while before I could stand up as my legs had fallen asleep during the time I was chained to the wall. My hands were cuffed behind my back and as she led me by the chain towards the Chambre Séparée, the man followed behind gazing at my nude body. I walked with my eyes lowered but could not help looking furtively at Katja’s fit, muscular body. I knew she would want me to share her bed when I returned from the session with this man. Katja always loved to make love to me as I had just been whipped and I realized that this man was not going to show me any mercy. She unlocked my cuffs and I was standing still, awaiting orders. While he selected a black single tail whip from the collection on the wall, Katja made me kneel before him and grabbed my hair, pulling my head backwards .

“Well, Tina, what do you have to say to your guest?”

I swallowed and look straight into his eyes:

“I am your slave, Sir. Please give me the whip… I need it….”

As Katja silently closed the door behind her, he laid on the first lash right across my back with full force and I knew that my screams would just increase his lust, making him whip me even harder.

Monday, 9 June 2008

More pain for Tina

I woke up a bit later than usual this morning. As usual, after hugging and kissing my faithful friend Ville, I was getting aroused by the very existence of all the birches and switches around the cabin. It is so wonderful… any time I want to I just go out and pick a switch to use on my bare behind. I need plenty of practice so I will continue whipping myself every day. Probably it will be several times a day…

I just had to go out and break a fresh, whippy switch. Very soon I was bending over and lashing my bare buttocks with the switch as hard as I could. Like yesterday, I gave myself one hundred lashes, ten at a timed with pauses in between to enjoy the fiery pain. This time, the switch broke a couple of times but still there was enough left to carry out the punishment.

I am doing the writing in the cabin and during the day I make a trip into town to upload my blog posts, check email etc. By the way, if you would like to email me, I would be very glad to hear from you. Please tell me how you think a naughty slut like myself should suffer. I am always eager to learn about new ways of self-punishment and I love torturing myself according to instructions from unknown men or women. The more it hurts, the more horny I get and I keep on masturbating for hours every day.

While I am writing I now and then dig my sharp nails into my nipples and the harder I pinch myself, the more stiff and hard they get. I am totally obsessed by this wonderful, burning pain. I also dig my nails very hard into my clit, pinching, pulling and rolling it between my nails and this gorgeous pain gives me such wonderful orgasms… mmmmmmmmmmm

I simply must have another hundred lashes so I will now go out and pick a fresh switch and lay it on my swollen buttocks as hard as I can. It is so wonderful being by myself and feeling safe because Ville is outside guarding the cabin and he will alert me by barking if anybody should come near the house. So I can safely keep on trashing myself as much as I want. My goal is to make myself bleed and I will eventually succeed. But it is surely going to take a lot of hard work.

God, am I horny now… mmmmmmmmm

PS: Just completed the whipping and I am getting better and better at it… I now have many vivid marks of the switch on my glowing buttocks… actually, some of the stripes and marks are so bright red that I thought for a while I was actually bleeding. But I have plenty of time to achieve that and there is an unlimited access to fresh, whippy switches… ;-) Now I must lay down and masturbate for a while before going into town to upload this post… see you soon and please mail me at if you wish…

Sunday, 8 June 2008

A beautiful day and a sore behind…

The last week has been great here in Sweden. Lots of sun and high temperatures every day. Not only does this give me a beautiful tan, it also makes me really hot. Yes, well, horny… *blushes* I get aroused by the hot weather and can’t help but thinking naughty thoughts.

I have plenty of time for myself at the moment and I have borrowed a cabin from a friend. One great thing about this cabin is that there are no neighbours within a radius of several miles. So I can do pretty much what I want… walk around naked if I want to (and I do!)… practise self-punishments, write, masturbate *blushes again*… in short, life is wonderful.

I woke up early in the morning today and I just had to go out to greet a new, beautiful day, to experience how nature is coming alive to meet the new day. You could say that I am a very sensitive woman and I love experiencing sensations, using all my senses. I love walking barefoot and this is just what I did this morning. Through the woods, over dew-covered fields, on gravel roads. I simply love feeling sharp tiny stones of various sizes and shapes under the soles of my feet. On a field I found a multitude of long, slender switches… perfect for what I had in mind right now.

I picked one and removed the leaves. A long, slender, very flexible switch. The length is important to get a good whiplash effect and maximum impact when it bites into my flesh. When my Master whips me with switches and rods he often strikes so hard that I scream out loud from pain and the switches bites through my skin, leaving bloody streaks. I have very seldom succeeded to do this by myself as I simply cannot strike hard enough when whipping myself. However, I was determined to try.

It was so wonderful going into one of the rooms which I seldom used, closing the door behind me. My faithful dog Ville was outside keeping watch as usual. I stood naked in the centre of the room and the cold hardwood floor felt so good against the soles of my bare feet. For a long time I was visualizing the switches biting deep into my flesh and cutting my skin, then I took aim and went to work.

Already from the start I tried to strike as hard as I could and when the switch bit into my already swollen and sure buttocks for the first time, I gasped from the pain shock. I was really very sore after having smacked myself with the heavy paddle the day before. I kept on whipping myself and after ten strokes I made a pause to let the pain sink in, breathing heavily, my heart pounding from the excitement and suspense. All the time the fire kept on spreading through my body from my welted buttocks and eventually I started slashing myself again.

I kept on laying on ten strokes in a row, all the time desperately trying to strike harder and harder and I was sobbing from pain and disappointment that I could not strike hard enough to make the switch bite through my skin and make me bleed. But I surely laid it on as hard as I could.

When I had given myself ten sets of ten strokes each I was delirious with pain and in a state of frenzy and lust. I quickly went into the bedroom and when I saw my whipped behind in the mirror I was glad to see what vivid marks and stripes I had created. However, so far there were no bleeding wounds. I picked up the heavy wooden paddle and bent forward, then started to whack away at my tortured bottom like mad, masturbating all the time. Finally I fell to the floor, my body shaking with one violent orgasm after another.

I will go into town to upload this today and I will definitely keep on punishing myself. Not only that: I am determined to whip myself so hard that I bleed before the day is over. Without using thorns this time… Also, I will spend lots of time sunbathing and swimming in the river nearby. The hot weather and the sun make me extremely hot and I now feel a desperate need to suffer and to put vivid marks on my slut body…

Saturday, 7 June 2008

A great tool for self-punishment

I have found a truly great tool for self-punishment! It’s a hard wooden paddle, length 47 cm. The paddle is heavy and very well balanced and it lies perfectly in my hand. Since I found it yesterday I have been using it very actively on my bare bottom and the burning pain it produces with every smack is something absolutely wonderful. The fire spreads from my bottom, orgasm to my sex and I’m not ashamed to confess that I am horny as a bitch in heat after a session with the paddle. Last night I was smacking my rump as hard as I could while masturbating and the ever consuming fire drew me to one marvellous orgasm after another.

This wonderful tool enables me to strike hard at exactly the spot I want to which can be hard when using whips, rods and switches. When I spank myself with the paddle I am overwhelmed by a strange fever, an obsession with continuing, to smack myself as hard as I possibly can to make the burning pain keep growing. Even if I smack myself very hard, the sound is muffled and discreet so the paddle is perfect when I am by myself for a short while and simply must have a good spanking right on the spot. Right now I have given myself a really hard trashing, smacking myself for a very long time and my poor globes are two glowing red balls of pure pain. I am sitting with my tortured swollen bottom on a wooden chair and the cold, hard surface feels so soothing and nice against my red hot rump.

When the fire eventually fades away, a deep, numb pain remains and the slightest touch is a very painful experience. At the slightest movement I am reminded of my thoroughly spanked bottom. I expect to be really black and blue the next days but it’s so good… mmmmmmm

I have been thinking about how to optimize the effect of this wonderful tool of correction. Maybe I should drill some holes through the paddle or carve some marks into the wood so that they are reproduced on my buttocks after each whack. Another possibility would be gluing some metal object to the paddle, with a structure sticking out. Then the metal would be embedded deep into my flesh as I whack myself and leave perfect impressions, just like a stamp. This would be the closest I could get to being branded with a red hot branding iron, something which I have yet to experience. But I am certainly dreaming about it and I am yearning for the day it shall become reality…