Friday, 13 July 2012

Ett litet experiment...

Du som chattat med mig eller hittat detta inlägg av en händelse... hur vill du använda mig? Kom med några kreativa idéer nu! Du kanske får inspiration av bilden i sidhuvudet? Snälla, skriv en kommentar i bloggen NU! Tipsa gärna ngn du känner som kanske vill vara med i diskussionen. Tack ;-) Bokmärk denna blogg och när du än känner för det så är det bara att gå in och skriva hur du vill använda mig och hur jag bör lida för dig. Jag älskar det!!! Här får du skriva vad du vill - släpp fantasin loss... Jag är en syndig sköka som måste straffas riktigt hårt!!!

mmm snälla fortsätt och skriv... ni gör mig alldeles rusig av åtrå och kättja... lägg till min blogg i favoriter så att du hittar tillbaka ;-) låt oss fortsätta att bygga på det som skrivits och gå vidare... skriv vad du vill göra med mig... fredagen den 13:e blev en riktigt härlig dag ;-)

I have been a bad bad girl...

Yes, I know... I have been a very bad girl. Shame on me for neglecting you, my faithful blog friends for so long. Why haven’t I done something about my procrastination even though I have seen that you check into my blog now and then to see if there are any news? I can well imagine your frustration about my negligence and the more impressed I am by the fact that you haven’t forgotten me. You keep coming here although there has been nothing new for ages. I can see by the statistics that the vistor’s number is about the same each week. This is impressive and I am very grateful to you for keeping up with me.

I have been a very bad girl and I need to be punished. Severely.

I wish you could all punish me the way you would like to. As I visualize myself on all fours, my posterior beckoning for the kiss of the whip, the cane and the riding crop, longing for the savage strokes to bite into my flesh, sending waves of agony through every nerve in my body… a wonderful pain that catapults me into painspace heaven… as I beg for you to whip me harder, my entire being is focused on the energy of pain which drives me over the top… makes me desperate with lust. It may be a punishment but it is also something I can’t live without. Pain arouses me. It makes me soo ho—y *blushing* Yes, this is very addictive and I can assure you that I don’t want to be cured. On the contrary, I only want to continue exploring this wonderful world and go even further. Luckily, Master is now back but I must stress that it’s not Him who has ordered me to start blogging. No, this sort of came to me very suddenly and I realized I have been misusing your loyalty. Yes, my dear friends, I feel a great sense of guilt for neglecting you. I can only promise to do better in the future. Obviously quite a few of you have enjoyed my blog posts(at least some of them) and if I should ever drift back into procrastination, please don’t hesitate to remind me and put me on the right track again.

How do you think I should be punished? How would YOU like to punish me? Please write a comment and tell me – and other blog visitors. It will definitely fuel my fantasy and make me… you know… *blushing again* and I am sure that other readers would enjoy reading about your thoughts on this. So please leave your comments and rest assured I am back again. And don’t forget to check out Breanne Erickson’s latest book – review coming up soon.

Love and kisses from tina in Stockholm.