Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tina in Saudi Arabia, part 3

I was about to receive my first fifty lashes in two weeks. Naturally I was very frightened about this but still I felt a strange kind of anticipation. When my tormentor was whipping me with his heavy belt I was climaxing continuously and yearning for more although I realized I had had far too much already…. but being whipped with a sharp bamboo cane, until hanging bloody and limb in my shackles in front of thousands of spectators…. that was something else. At the same time, however, I could see what happened to my body as I was beaten. I experienced a frenzy and an ecstasy which was beyond comprehension. The more the belt cracked against my bare flesh, the more lust I felt. I was obsessed by the stinging leather. My entire body was boiling from endorphins and I was horny beyond description… I felt like I could do anything and just wanted to be brutally ravaged and whipped even harder. Would I experience the same ecstasy when I was flogged in public… and if I did, would it show how excited I really was? I was looking forward to what was to come with a mixture of horror and anticipation.

A fantasy which has been within my mind for as long as I can remember is that of a cruel, brutal caveman knocking me senseless with his heavy club and dragging me by the hair to his cave. I might have seen it in some comics magazine. Wasn’t that exactly was had happened to me in reality? Even if the man did not drag me by the hair after knocking me out, he had in effect clubbed me – and so hard that I had been out for more than twelve hours. Every time the man who had swung his club came into my cell to use me, I was staring like bewitched on the long shiny wooden blackjack (or the club) that was hanging from his belt. He always put the blackjack aside on my bunk before he started working me over. To start with I had been feeling scared but I was now longing for him to visit me in my cell and naturally, he could not help but noticing the way I reacted. We could not talk to one another verbally but the way my body reacted told me everything he needed to know. Now and then he let other men come into my cell to use me, quite often, really. I could not help but thinking how it had all started… in effect, I was doing the same thing now as when I was whoring around Riyadh, the main difference being that I was being paid very well at the time and now I was locked up in a cell and being ravaged in the most brutal ways imagineable. However, my lust and excitement was as big as ever and the pain…. oh, the lovely pain… to be raped, whipped and beaten turned me on more than I could ever have imagined. To me, this was a prison of lust and I spent most of my time masturbating when I was not being raped… frigging myself into countless orgasms… my moanings, screams and cries of lust was heard from my cell all days long and I am sure that many men around could just not resist the temptation to go in and work me over because of the lustful sounds coming from my cell all the time. Obviously I was being used by wardens and convicts alike.

On the night before my first public whipping I was blindfolded and chained, then taken out to a waiting car. I was naked apart from my chains and cuffs. After a trip of around half an hour I was led into a house and I could feel the cold stone of marble floor and stairs under my bare feet. The blindfold was on all the time and I could see nothing but I could understand from the sounds echoing through the walls that I was in a very big room, probably a palace or something similar. Strong hands gripped me and forced me over a padded bench and I felt cool leather against my bare skin. My wrists and ankles were chained to the bench and another heavy iron cuff was fastened around my neck.. I have no idea of how many men were around me but all of a sudden they were all over me… hard pricks penetrating all my orifices and I felt totally filled up, being brutally ravaged from all directions… the men were taking turns in pinching and biting my flesh and fucking me…. as soon as one man had come in me, there was immediately another hard erect pole there to take his place… I was losing all awareness of time and room… all I was aware of was the hard dicks pumping in and out of me… filling me with warm wonderful semen… I swallowed all I could but still a lot of come was flowing down my face… I was licking, sucking, slurping and really feasting on all this lovely warm, salt come….. I couldn’t get enough…. strong fingers were pinching my flesh, my nipples, my clit and my pubic lips… I felt teeth and nails penetrating my skin, lips sucking in my flesh until it hurt… in my lust-crazed mind I thought that my body would be full of sucking marks tomorrow as I would be flogged in public…. there on my body for everybody to see… I felt ashamed… teeth biting so hard into my nipples and breasts that I felt tears flowing down my face…. I could not scream out loud as my mouth was filled by an enormous swelling cock and I was longing for itto explode, spurting its costly load down my throat…

I was raped for hours and then taken back to the prison. Well back in my cell, I immediately fell asleep, totally exhausted and with come dripping out of all my orifices.

In a matter of hours I would be taken out to the city square for being publically flogged.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Tina in Saudi Arabia part 2

When I first was brought back to my cell after receiving my sentence, it was obvious that the man who had been using me for several months wanted to celebrate. He led me into the cell, forced me down on my knees on the cold stone floor and attached the chain from my iron collar to a big iron ring on the wall. I realized that he would see to it that we would not be disturbed now. I was really his now… his own personal toy to enjoy and subject to his perverted desires… The fantastic thing, however, was that I was so incredibly horny… so horny I could die! I could feel my juices flowing down my thighs and I was sticking my behind out, opening myself up for him… offering myself like a she-cat in heat. Now we both realized that he could do anything he wanted to me, and that whatever he did, I would enjoy it… and just beg him for more. Of course he saw how desperately hot I was… the sweet smell of my steaming pussy filled the cell and he had locked the door thoroughly from inside. He started to pull his heavy leather belt out of his trousers and folded it. Now I knew I was in for a real good trashing! Surely I had been beaten earlier by him and others, but then it had mostly been the odd smack of my face or some relatively light strokes by a cane or a stick… mostly threats on what could happen in order to make me talk, but nothing serious, really.

Now I was really in for it…. I stuck my bare bottom out for all I was worth and held my breath, anticipating…. The first smack of the heavy leather belt made me cry out at the top of my lungs from pain… there was no use in pretending to be stoical. I can assure you that I did not make any attempt to avoid the stinging leather. No, I stuck my behind out all I could to meet the savage lashes of his belt and my globes shivered and rolled with each slash as he continued to lay his belt on with full force. How long is he going to beat me? My God, I am coming soon… please hurt me… beat me harder…. Pleeease… Without even realizing it myself I was screaming out loud: “OOOH YESSSS, GOD, WHIP ME HARDER….. WHIP ME TO SHREDS… HURT ME… PLEASE, MORE… OOOHH HURT ME, PLEEEASE!!! Even though he may not have understood the words, the message was as clear as could be. I was squirming, sticking my bottom out at an even faster pace in perfect rhytm with his slashes, to meet each smack, desperately pulling my chains. He kept on beating me with his heavy belt until my round globes were swollen and covered with welts…. I could not possibly sit after this but I thought it was marvellous… I felt like I was on some happy drug. The sharp cracks of the leather against my naked flesh echoed between the stone walls and I could imagine that everybody else in the prison heard what was going on… all the wardens and convicts realized that the Swedish whore was getting what she deserved right now…. And he had most definitely made sure that we would not be disturbed. The muscles of his strong arm played as he kept on beating me…. making sure that the big brass buckle was buried in my flesh with each stroke, the metal studs of the belt leaving a dotted pattern on my bruised flesh. He was a very athletic man, unusually tall for an Arab, and he surely did not handle the matter with kid gloves as he kept on beating me. With a dogged determination and sweat flowing down his face, he continued to whip me in a completely frenzy. At last the inevitable happened. The strokes fell at such a furious pace that the belt and his muscular arm looked like hazy…. and suddenly it happened…. all the excitement that had been built up in my body must come out… I could not fight it and did not want to…. my body was shaking with a countless number of orgasms that came one after another… I fell to the floor with my thighs pressed together, spasmodically twitching and shaking all over my body…. I climaxed again and again and he intensified the beating, whipping me in a rage…. just as if he wanted to beat the life out of me…. and I am not sure I would have minded that, either. Oh God, I could not remember when I last time had been so incredibly horny…

At last, he dropped his well used belt on my bunk. It felt like my glowing ass globes were at least twice their normal size after the incredible trashing I had just received. I was completely dizzy and drained of energy as he took my hips in a firm grip by his big strong hands, pulling me up in order to sodomize me, I could not resist… I had no power left and just let it happen… I had screamed so much I almost had lost my voice. When he brutally thrusted at my secret passage and finally forced his huge member through my anus, all I could utter was a long moan of pain and lust. Despite the fact that he had been fucking me in the anus several times and often had been using his huge blackjack for sodomizing my tight puckered hole, I always split up and started to bleed from this invasion, maybe because I never had time to heal properly between the occasions when he or somebody else were sodomizing me. At some times there was a long line of men standing in line outside my cell, waiting to fuck me in the ass. I realized that I was being used by wardens and convicts alike.

My tormentor kept on thrusting brutally and furiously into me and when he screamed out his lust and his huge member exploded deep within me, I fell in a heap on the floor, half unconscious and totally unable to move… but experiencing a feeling of profound happiness. I felt to sleep from sheer exhaustion and did never hear him leaving me and locking the door to my cell, after he had cleaned himself and adjusted his clothes. Normally, it would hav been my duty to lick him clean from my blood and his sperm, but this time he let me lie left on the floor. He realized what he had done to me…. and, as me, he realized that there were no limits whatsoever for how far I could go in my obsession with pain, lust and humiliation. My last thought as I drifted away was that I was really a happy girl… a very happy bad girl…

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The need for anonymity

Many who visited my chat have asked me why there are no pics of myself in the blog. Well, this is a delicate question. Believe me, being exposed in this way would surely add to my own thrills. However, it would also mean a big risk as you never know for what purpose some people would use the pics or the knowledge of who I am. It gives me a security being totally anonymous and obviously I am not the only one thing along these lines.

There is a very popular Swedish author of erotic short stories writing under the pseudonyme of Clara Jansson. Those of you who don’t speak Swedish may never have heard of her. Anyway, she is currently releasing her third collection of short stories focusing on sexuality from the perspective of women. But her texts are not really the mainstream type of erotic stories as she covers most areas of sex, writing about the dirty, the wet, the perverted. She say she is a wellknown Swedish author normally active in quite another niche. The anonymity, she maintains, is necessary for her to be free to write about anything she wants. The very fact that nobody knows who she really is gives her the freedom to write about the most unusual and perverted sexual activities. If people knew who I am, she says, they would say either that “aha, you’re a lesbian, then you can’t write about heterosexual love” or “as a heterosexual woman, what do you know about the feelings of a lesbian?” She describes herself as a sexual cameleont, a two-sexed observer who could just as well be a man for all we know. Also, we know nothing about her age.

I fully well understand the way she feels. As for myself being anonymous gives me a feeling of security and I may write about fantasies, self punishments and things that you normally don’t talk about. Besides, I realize that many of those following my blog has created a mental picture of who I am and would perhaps not like to have that image disrupted. Others get irritated because they can’t pinpoint exactly who or what I am and wants to have all personal details, detailed pictures and preferably also talk to me on the phone to really get convinced that I am what I claim to be. But the thing is that my passions is something very private and nobody around me in everyday life has got a clue about my secret desires. At the moment I feel that this is the best way – and I think Clara (whoever she really is) agrees. After all, you can get a very accurate image of a person by studying the way she writes. It would be interesting to hear what mental images you have created of me sofar. Please leave a comment while you are here. And yes, the Saudi story will continue. Very soon...

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A bad girl gets imprisoned and flogged: Tina in Saudi Arabia, part one

Mmmm this girl is sooo horny now... fantasizing, masturbating, longing for rough brutal sex and severe punishments. I dream about it all the time but it seems like it gets even worse as spring is approaching. Yes, I am a bad bad girl and I really need to be punished. It's about time I get back to my self punishment sessions very soon as my entire being is craving it, my mind is focused on pain and humiliation and I am longing to wear those vivid marks on my body. Here is one of my favourite fantasies which I often use as I bring myself to climax again and again. I hope you will enjoy it, too.

It is really my own fault that I am in this situation at the present time… I am sentenced to eight years imprisonment in a Saudi prison plus five thousand lashes. I went from Sweden to Saudi Arabia to work as a nurse and I soon learnt that I could earn an enormous amount of money as a prostitute. Often I picked up my customers in public places, parks and so on. The dress code of the country did not expect women to dress in a sexy way, but I took the risk and could often be seen walking around in a short miniskirt in the parks of Riyadh and all the time I was bare-foot. The desperate lust. I needed to have sex all the time and my customers really did appreciate the blond, horny European whore who put all her soul and body into the act. There was no question that I was enjoying it. Many men of an high position learnt about me and often picked me up regularly in the parks of Riyadh.

It was as I was serving a Saudi prince by my mouth (I later learned he was a prince) that I was caught red-handed by the police in a park. They told the prince to disappear quickly not to be involved in a scandal, and so he did, without even having the time to arrange his clothes. A big limousine was waiting for him nearby the park.

Now I was going to be arrested by the vice squad of Riyadh. At the time I had also had some alcohol which the prince had given me, and I struggled and kicked with all my might as three policemen grabbed me. Two others were coming to assist their colleagues as I suddenly succeded to grab the revolver from one of the cops. They immediately let me go and I backed from them, having them at gunpoint. Everything happened so quickly that I could not think. I backed further away from the group of policemen, pointing the gun at them, but I did not see the big athletic policeman that silently slipped behind me. He was not taking any risks and was determined to neutralize me as effectively as possible. One of the other men cried out at me; I turned my head and at that very moment the man behind me struck hard with his heavy blackjack. My world exploded in a cascade of stars as the blow hit my head and everything went black. I was deeply unconscious when I hit the ground as a ripe fruit before their feet. In his excitement he had struck far too hard, but they could see I was still breathing and I was carried away to a waiting car.

More than twelve hours later I woke up at a prison hospital in Riyadh. I had an excrutiating headache and a big lump plus a bloody wound on my head where the blackjack had hit me. Eventually, as I was considered fit, I was transferred to a cell. The interrogation started and in Saudi prisons you can be held in custody for a very long time before going to trial. Some means of trying to make me confess what I was charged with were rape, humiliation and abuse. The policeman who had swung his blackjack with full force was a very cruel, brutal and muscular man. He realized that he now had every possibility to use me as he wanted and he spent several hours in my cell to force me into confessing. He used his blackjack in a quite different way now: he raped me by the huge club, thrusting it in and out of my pussy with full force, so hard and deep that it hit my cervix. Nor did he spare my tight puckered anus and the first time he pressed his blackjack into my rear, I started to bleed. My God, how it hurt! This orifice was going to be expanded considerably over time, as I learnt that these men loved using a woman in this way. Especially a Nordic blonde slut like me.

I was forced to suck him off, as well as many other men who came to me in my cell to use me and rape me. I have no idea if they were policemen or not. Every day I was sodomized in the most brutal way and when I finally got over the initial shock of pain, it became a real endorphin high for me. I climaxed again and again, never seeming to be able to stop. When I was left alone in my cell I was constantly masturbating and I was longing to be used again. I also got beaten regularly and enjoyed it. After several months I was sent to trial and after long hours of hearing, I was made to sign a paper in Arabic, which I did not understand. When I finally had it translated, I realized that I had been sentenced to five thousand lashes to be administred by fifty lashes a week plus eight years imprisonment and being branded with a red hot iron. In the verdict it was stated that the lashes should be hard ones, as opposed to normally when a woman is flogged, when the flogger holds the Koran under the same arm wielding the cane, in order to lessen the impacts of each blow. I was the first woman ever in the country to be sentenced to branding in addition to public flogging and imprisonment. This was to make an example for other prostitutes trying to threathen the moral of the nation.

I cried helplessly when I had had the verdict translated. How could I possibly survive such an extreme punishment. And yet… why was it that my pussy was tingling with lust and my juices flowing at the same time as my body was shaking with sobs? I was brought back to my cell, my hands and feet chained by heavy iron cuffs and a heavy iron collar around my neck. The man who had knocked me out with his heavy blackjack was leading me by a chain attached to my neck collar. I was already mad with anticipation of what was expecting me in my cell….

Do you like this type of stories? This is something I just wrote in about 30 min’s about a fantasy dream I had a night a long time ago. If you want to talk to me we can set up a time in my chatroom (see link "Enter my chatroom" in the right hand menu.)

Please tell me what you think and if you want to see more along this line. Gosh, now I'm so horny that I simply have to masturbate... mmm I'm such a cheap dirty whore... a real slut... a painslut... be with you again soon. If you want to I'll continue the story, please leave a comment.

Love and deep French kisses,