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Mean Neighbor Ruth - a story by deviants x12348765, artwork by iddqdidkfa666

Here is a story from my friend x12348765, another deviant at deviantart. The artwork is by iddqdidkfa666. Do visit them both at deviantart and say hello from me. Thank you, my friends, for letting me publish your work. :)

Mean Neighbor Ruth
by x12348765

Ruth Alto stumbled drunk from her car and onto the ground of her driveway,shredding her skirt on the door on the way down.  Her expensive, designer briefcase fell as well, the contents spilling out onto the driveway, much like Ruth.  One large, flat, brown envelope goes spinning and cartwheeling away, down the side of the driveway and into the neighbor's yard...

Ruth picks herself up and manages to stumbles inside.  She falls asleep on the floor of her bedroom, still dressed in her business jacket and blouse along with her ripped skirt, stockings, high heels and (thanks to the rip) a very visible set of pink panties with a big purple heart on the seat.

Cut to:
She awakes with a groan and weary look on her face.

Cut to:
We see her in a bathrobe, drinking coffee by a kitchen sink.  Through the window, we see it is morning.

She begins to open her briefcase and sort through the mess.  After a while of sorting, she begins to grow frantic.  In her mind's eye, we see the large, flat, brown envelope spinning in air.  She tears through her house, madly searching for the envelope but in only vain.

Cut to:
Back in the kitchen, she's standing, an angry, puzzled look on her face and she contemplates the whereabouts of the envelope.

A tall, well dressed man walks into the room and glowers at her. "I see you decided to come home last night."

She looks down, and murmurs, "I had to work late."

"Work late?"

"Yes.  I had to take care of several clients for my boss."


She looks up and forces a smile.  "Why is that so interesting?"

"Because of all the plasters." he says calmly.

She frowns deeply.  "Plasters?  Band-aids? What are talking about?"

"All the plasters on the bathroom mirror, the one behind the door."

She stares blankly at him, then her eyes widen.  She gingerly reaches down to her bottom and suddenly winces.  She puts on another smile and looks right at him.

"I don't know what you're talking about."  She tries to sound smug.

"Whatever.  Did you bring home the envelope that Diana gave you?"

"Yes," she snapped, then paused, remembering that was what she had just been looking for.

He bought it.

"Good.  Go and put it in the safe.  If anything where to happen to that envelope..." He trails off, pausing, then shivering.  He comes back to his senses and he glowers at her "And I hold you personally responsible for that envelope now!  Don't screw it up!"

And with that, he grabs his own expensive, designer briefcase, jacket and umbrella, and he leaves.

She pauses, then shivers.

She starts looking around the room for the millionth time when her gaze crosses the kitchen window which looks out across the neighbor's yard. She see little Billy Jessup, her next door neighbor's youngest son, standing in his own yard, looking at a large, flat, brown envelope.  Her eyes widen and she flies, ZOOM, up to her room where she changes into a nice blouse and skirt, all dark, giving her a look of authority.  Then, ZOOM, she's down stairs, outside and by the fence, closest to little Billy.

"Young man!" She snaps.  "Young man!  That envelope belongs to me! Bring that right here, this instant!  Do you hear me, young man?"

Little Billy Jessup wasn't impressed.

"You want this envelope, Misses Alto?"

"Yes, bring it here, right now!"

"Sure thing, but first how about you give me back all my planes and balls that I lost over your fence?"  and he smiled.

If steam could have come out of her ears, it would have.  "Rrrrrrr!! Now you listen here, you little snot nosed ankle biter, if you don't give me that envelope, I will go straight next door to you mother!  And what do you think she's going to say?"

"I recall her saying something along the lines of, 'next time she catches you on our property, she going to pepper your big rear end with her shotgun'" And he smiles again.

"AAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!" but she remembers now and he's right.

He walks away from the fence, deeper into his own property and away from her. "I'll be waiting for all my planes and balls," he calls out cheerfully as he wanders off.  "And don't worry," he calls waving the envelope above his head, at which she cringes at his careless handling of it.  "I'll keep it safe!"

She wrings her hands, scowling and twisting with impotent rage, watching as he recedes into his garden, hesitant to follow for fear of being shot in the ass by his mother, whom she knew to be perfectly capable of carrying out her threat of painful seat peppering.

But if that envelope isn't in the safe when her husband opens her minds eye she see her husband screaming and waving his hands by the open safe. Then we see her, bare bottoms up, while he spanks her with a wicked looking long thin wooden paddle.

She can't decide....then she thinks about all the planes and balls that have come over the fence and she remembers laughing as she stuffed them all into bags and took them to the landfill herself (boy, she really IS mean!).

As she stands there, frozen in indecision, little Billy reappears, skipping by, holding the envelope by his side, dutifully.

"Billy!  Come here!"

He stops and wonders closer...but not too close!

"Please...give me the's the right thing to do, and you know it", she says this, trying to sound, firm and serious, but calm and cool.

"So would returning my planes and balls..."

"Why you little!" she erupts, waving her clenching and unclench fists erratically in the air.  "If you mother wasn't home I'd come over this fence and throttle you, you little shit!  If I ever catch you alone I'm going to..." and as if by some miracle, Ruth hears,

"Billy!  I'm going to the store.  I'll be back in a little while.  You mind yourself, okay?"

"Yes Ma!" Billy says, smiling, without a care in the world.

Ruth's eyes flash, and a large wicked grins steals across her face. "Ha ha!  That's it!  Now you're done for!  Give me the envelope, right now! I'm giving you one last chance!"

"Then I'm giving YOU one last chance to give me back my planes and balls" and he smiled.

Making claws of her hands she shrieked at Billy, "You're toast you little shit!  I'm going to eat you for breakfast!" and with that, she hops clumsily over the fence and stands before Billy.

Keeping her legs straight, she bends at the hips until she is almost his height, just above, and pokes her finger at the tip of his nose accusingly, "Your moms not here to protect you little Billy," she says and another evil grin washes over her face.  "Now who's going to stop me?"

"Um...that would be my dog, Rex?"

"What?  Your dog Re..." CHOMP!! "YYEEEEOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!" RRRRIIiiiiiippppppppppppppppppppp

Ruth straightens up reflexively as the searing pain of Rex's pointy teeth puncturing her jutting rear-end blossoms into her bottom cheeks.  With her standing suddenly, the seat of her skirt, shreds away in Rex's jaws, leaving her big, round, pantied bottom (yellow with purple polka-dots) 'hanging out' of the back of her tattered skirt.

Her lips form into the classic 'O shape and she reflexively moves her hands behind her to attempt to cover her exposed, pantied, bottom.

"Ha ha!" Billy laughs, seeing Ruth so embarrassingly exposed.  "Nice panties, Misses Alto"

"Why you little..." forgetting her "well vented" situation, she turns on little Billy with a look of murder in her eyes.

"Get her Rex!  Bite her tushy hard!" Billy screams, seeing her advance on him.

With renewed enthusiasm, Rex lunges after Ruth who runs screaming towards the nearest tree.

CHOMP! "AIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppppppppppp

"Well, so much for your nice panties," calls Billy.

Ruth's big bare rump bounced and wiggled as she climbed the branches of the nearest tree.  But not before Rex got in a few more snaps at her bum cheeks.

SNAP "Owwwwwww!"  "Get her boy!"
SNAP "Ooooooooo!" "Good doggie, bite the mean lady!"
SNAP "Noooooooo!" "hahahahahahahaha!

Finally she evaded Rex's reach and collapsed, exhausted in the crux of the main trunk.  She quickly realized her mistake, as now she was stuck, and bent over, with big bare bottom, sticking up in the air.  She looks over her shoulder, past her plump backside and down to the yard, but little Billy is gone.  She breaths a sigh of relief, knowing how vulnerable she is at the moment.

Just then....
Little Billy comes marching back wearing a soldier's helmet and carrying a pellet rifle.

He faces towards the tree she's in and salutes.  Then he gets down on one knee and sites down his rifle.  We see he is aiming at her big upturned bare rump.

PING! -- 'Yeow!'
PONG! -- 'Oh!'
PANG! -- 'NO!'

He pauses a moment, to her false sense of relief, and notices a hornet's nest, buzzing above her.  He shoots it three times and it cracks open, the hornets pouring out, buzzing with anger over the damage to their home.  Then they spy her upturned  cheeks.


Kicking and squirming, trying to free herself from the painful onslaught of hornet stings, she reveals more and more places to be stung by the hornets. Finally she kicks herself free and tumbles down the tree, catching her clothes along the way until she is stripped naked, except for her stocking and high heels.  The back of the garter-girdle catches the last branch nub, suspending her several feet above the ground from a stretching piece of fabric.

Billy pulls a cactus plant of his mother's under her.

"You damn little bastard!  Do you have any idea how sore and swollen my wasp stung ass is?"

"I'm doing it for the all the missing planes and balls out there" he saysand smiles.

"Ahhhh!!!! Will you stop with that!" she screams and kicks her legs. "I've had enough of planes and ba..."  Her garter-girdle splits and she drops, swollen ass first, down on the cactus below.

Her ass cheeks meet the cactus and are greeted by hundreds of barbed and poisoned spines.


She shoots to a standing position and does a kind of frenetic dance, holding the sides of her ass-cheeks, and howling, "Oh my bottom!  It's on fire!  Owwwww!....."

Billy is on the ground, rolling around and laughing at the site of his crabby neighbor, holding her bottom and dancing and crying about how much it stings.

After about five minutes she is able to focus and stand still.

She has a look of pure hatred on her face.  "That's it, " she says with a low growl, her eye twitching (and her ass twitching even more!) "I'm going to skin you alive for this," and she begins to advance slowly towards him, her hands outstretched, as if to choke him.

"What in tarnation is going on?"

Ruth looks up from her 'target' on the ground to see Billy's mother standing a few feet away, holding a shotgun.

"," Ruth stammers nervously "Your little...son...has something of mine."  She forces a smile.

Billy's mom looks her up and down (she's naked except for her drooping stockings and her high-heels).  "And you were going to seduce him to get it back?"

Ruth frowns and the looks at herself.  She comes to the embarrassing realization of her state of dress and acts accordingly.  Her knees bend and come together as one arm is draped across her exposed breasts and the other attempts to cover her will trimmed bush.  "No!  No!  Not at all!" She tries forcing a smile.  "I slipped and ripped my clothes.  Now please give me what's mine!"

Billy's mom takes the envelope from Billy and looks at it.

"State your name."

"What?  Oh.  Ruth.  Ruth Alto."

"The envelope says, Roger Alto."

"Yes, that's my husband.  But you can give it to m..."

"No, I think I'll give it to him instead.  I think that would be better."

"Now you listen here, you tarted up house Frau!" Ruth spits, losing her composure.

Billy's mom raises up the shotgun.  "I seem to recall offering to pepper that big behind of yours with buckshot the next time your trespassed."

"Now, now...let's not be hasty," she starts to nervously back away.

Billy's mom takes a few steps towards her and Ruth spins around, forsaking all modesty, and runs for the fence.

BLAM!  YYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Ruth leaps up, clutching at her freshly peppered backside.

BLAM!  OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Again, she leaps and clutches.

She scrambles over the fence (but not without snagging her stocking and stripping them completely off), and runs naked, her beet-red, hornet stung, needle punctured, buckshot peppered, swollen bottom bouncing as she dashes into her own house.

Cut to:
Roger Alto standing at Billy's front door while he and his mother hand him the envelope.

"We took good care of it, Mr. Alto.  That's why we wanted to give it to you personally and not your wife....who was acting kind of strangely".

"Yes, thank you, " he says sincerely as he accepts the envelope.  "I'm very grateful for your kindness. If there's anything I can do...."

"Well, " says Billy.  "Misses Alto WAS pretty mean to me...." Billy was hoping Mr. Alto would force her to apologize to him.

"Hmmmm, I see, " Mr Alto replies.  "Well, " he smiles, "I think I CAN do something that will make you feel better about that."

Cut to:
Roger Alto, sitting in his back garden on a straight back chair.  His wife (now dressed) standing besides him.  He lifts her skirt revealing her white panties with red hearts and pulls her over his lap, positioning her so that her big bottom is the highest point, and is facing towords the neighbors.

"Roger!  Do we have to do this here and now?  My ass is still so sore! And the neighbors can see!"

Roger applies a nasty wooden paddle across her pantied bottom.

SPLAT!  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh"

"That's really the point, my dear...."  He looks up and sees Billy standing at the fence, enjoying the site.  Billy gives Roger a thumbs-up.  Roger smiles and returns the gesture.  Then he hooks he hand into the waistband of Ruth's panties.

"NO! Not my bare bottom!  Not like this, not out here!"

ZZZZZUUUUFFFFF, down they come, exposing her big lobster red bottom.
Ruth's face flushes the same shade of red.

SPLAT! "OOOOOOOwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"
SPLAT! "NOOOOooooooooooooooooo!"
SPLAT! "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"


The End

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The misfortunes of Belinda Kruger

You make many nice friends on deviantart. I got to know a German girl who is very much into spanking. She is known as Gesperax on deviantart. Here are some pics created for her by a favourite artist of mine, JedLeech. Let's meet Gesperax's alter ego, Belinda Kruger.

Obviously, Belinda is very fond of apples. And forbidden fruit always tastes best...¨

The owner, Miss Harker, certainly don't want to share her precious apples with anybody.

Belinda got a taste of something completely different from apples...

Rock salt and bird shot pellets hurt quite a bit when embedded deep into her buttocks. Belinda had a long, painful walk back home.

It took a long time for her friend Sonja to pick all the pellets out of her bottom. Belinda couldn't sit for a week after the pellets had been removed.

Shortly after all the pellets had been removed and well before her wounds had healed, Belinda was in for it again. A seemingly endless and thorough spanking which had her lying face down for several nights. But that's another story. Some girls just seem to attract perils of various kinds... ;)

Monday, 10 November 2014

Tinaslut volunteers for the Slugfest competition and gets knocked out again and again...

Have you ever heard about anything as crazy as Slugfest? It's a competition where vicious women knock each other out. The knockouts are then rated by a jury and the points are determined from different angles, like how long the knocked-out woman is unconscious. When I learnt that sparring partners were wanted for this competition, I volunteered. Little did I know what it would mean in practice...

Even at only 50% force, the blows of the truncheons surely knocked us out cold for some time...

Two girls with a terrible headache, moaning with pain as they are coming to. And these were just the first two contestants...

Do visit D3D-Peril-Art and tell him if you appreciate this idea. While you're at it, why not ask him to do some commissions for you? He will be happy to make your dark fantasies come alive by his artwork...

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tinaslut clubbed hard and captured

I suppose the man who sneaked up behind me still was in pain after I kicked him in the groin so he surely had a lot to take out on me. Maybe that's why he hit me so hard in the first place. He swung his club with full force, my world exploded in a cascade of stars and then there was nothing but darkness.

Stripped and helpless I was securely tied to a wooden pole and carried unconscious through the jungle. The man who clubbed me had made sure I would not come to in a very long time. When this finally happened, I would be in their hands, securely at the village and unable to escape. My extreme headache would be the least of my perils. These guys meant business...

Please leave a comment. What would you like to happen to me next? If you would like to see your own fantasy come to life, I will be happy to put you in touch with the artist who made this mini series. Please mail me at tinaslut (at)

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Savage Ordeal - tinaslut captured in the jungle, by D3D Perilart, part 3

By now I started to realize what were on their mind...

Time to make a run for it...
Without GPS or a map, darkness was falling and on top of that, a thick mist was spreading over the jungle. As for darkness, I would soon be experiencing it in the most true sense of the word...

If you like this artwork, D3D Perilart will be happy to make your fantasies materialize for a very modest fee. Please mail me at tinaslut (at) if you would like to have your own artwork created according to your specifikations and I will put you in touch with D3D.

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Savage Ordeal - tinaslut captured in the jungle, by D3D Perilart, part 2

No comments sofar... still, I think D3D:s artwork is really good so I think I'll share a few more pics of this mini series with you. I must also add that I am a very good driver IRL so please spare me your nasty comments of "women behind the wheel" :)

What's a girl to do when she comes to in the middle of the jungle, with a broken-down jeep? All alone... or was I really?

Maybe I would rather have been alone? These two gentlemen who surfaced from nowhere weren't smiling.

I am sure you get a pretty good idea what this may lead to. What do you think about the artwork? Do you like it? Please leave a comment.

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Savage Ordeal - tinaslut captured in the jungle, by D3D Perilart

Have you ever checked out ? Here you can find a lot of interesting artwork. Yes, now you can even find me there. The artist, D3D Perilart, has surely made a wonderful job and he has even succeeded well in capturing much of my IRL features. But unfortunately, I am not as athletic and muscular IRL... will have to spend lots of more time in the gym for that ;)

Do check out his gallery at and tell him tinaslut sent you. By the way, I am sorry that it has taken such a long time to update my blog but thanks to all who have still visited now and then. Would you like to see more pics from this story?