Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blonde bitch iron fucked, tit and pussy whipped!

If you like films where gorgeous women are whipped and punished, the site Whipped Women is for you. Just have a look at this gallery from the film Blonde Bitch (click the pics below for link):

The film features two stunning blondes and one of them smears the body of her friend with oil.before she is whipped.

She is also fucked with a steel rod.

Her friend is waiting for her turn to taste the whip while the whipmaster lays on the lash across the quivering body of his blonde victim. Lovely... ;)

Would you dare to use the scourge?

The biggest problem is finding somebody who will go all the way. Over the top. Does this picture inspire you? Would you like to do it IRL? So wonderful to wear those vivid marks of love after a good trashing with the scourge. But do you have the courage to do it? Do you trust your ability enough to use it? A scourge can easily be made from some leather straps, some sharp pieces of metal and spikes. Each lash will leave bloody wounds. Will that frighten you - or will it make you want to lay on the scourge again and again, even harder? Would you dare meeting a woman who is actually begging you to use the scourge on her because she craves it? Make love to her after you have seen to her wounds. Will you work yourself into a frenzy as you see new wounds appearing all the time until her buttocks are covered in blood? What if she kneels before you, presenting a scourge she has made herself, begging you to use it on her? Would you think she is insane - or would you actually go along with it? Many people whip themselves to blood in religious rites but what if a woman wants you do it to her for sexual pleasure? Would you enjoy it?

Think it over. You may meet her tomorrow...