Sunday, 19 September 2010

Submissive masochist girl looking for a new Master

I was very glad to hear from my Facebook friend Erica the other day. For a very long time she had been absent and I had been wondering what had become of her. She told me she had been in a relationship with a Master who had after a year thrown her away and decided to substitute her with another girl, younger – and, as Erica says – prettier than herself. That surely must be a girl out of this world… I mean, if you have somebody like Erica who is totally devoted to you, why on earth would you want to change?

Anyway, Erica is now searching for a new Master. Somebody who want a long term relationship and will still be there in 20 years. She still wear permanent marks that the Master who abandoned her put on her body and she says that this has caused some to see her as ‘damaged goods’. The relationship was one including many severe punishments and Erica tells me that she was whipped with 12-50 lashes about three times a week, with whips, dog chains, knotted ropes, bamboo canes and so on. Often she begged to be punished but sometimes it happened that he went too far. Even as a true masochist, Erica has her limits. Before being thrown out she had to kneel before his new slave and Erica’s former Master told what the younger girl could expect, what his former slave could take and he showed her the marks on Erica’s body.

This is by no means a dating agency but if you are seriously interested in getting in touch with Erica and think that you share her ideas of a perfect relationship, please mail me at and I will forward your mail so she can get back to you. I sincerely hope that very soon I will be able to tell you that she has found her match.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Tina's punishments: The coke cap paddle is used again...

My dear friends, thank you so much for your input and the exciting things you want me to do in order to punish myself. I will certainly carry out your instructions and report about it here.

Michael in California gave me this order:
I saw that club of yours with the bottle cap on the end and I don't know if you know this or not but the bottom of the feet is one place that can cause a lot of long lasting pain so I was thinking you could take that club of yours and give yourself some good hard hits across the heels of your feet like the little pain slut that you are. Make sure you hit them hard enough to send the pain shooting straight up into your entire body. Go for 10 hard hits on each heel and 5 hits on your arches.

I did carry the punishment out and I did my best to smack as hard as I could with the paddle each time. However, although it hurt just after each smack it caused no lasting pain, neither did the edges of the cap penetrate my skin. This may have to do with the fact that the soles of my feet have been hardened because I love walking barefoot, especially on gravel roads and hot cobblestones :-) So although I did my best out of this it didn't work out the way it was intended. Maybe I just couldn't muster enough energy when smacking myself or the paddle is simply not suitable for this special sort of "bastinado". I can assure you that it worked wonders on my bare behind when I smacked myself with it mmmmmmmm. But this session wasn't exactly anything which will keep me away from the dance floor...

Thank you anyway for suggesting this, Michael. I am sure you will come up woth something that hurts even more soon... Take care.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I am now registred at The Slave Register

PS this slut is now registred at The Slave Register and you can see my profile at

If you go there you will see that I and my Master have a very special wish... do you want to join in?


Tina's punishments: Branded...

Yes, I have done it now. I am branded by my own hand. Believe me, this is nothing I recommend you to do if you are not very certain about it. There are certainly risks involved, one of them being the risk for infections. To minimize these risk I wore a mask over my face and rubbed the place where I would apply the brand with alcohol.

I branded myself on my right buttock when I was 18 years old which is some time ago... At the time I used a stiff piece of steel wire which I formed into a circular loop with a handle and heated it over a gas flame. I kneeled and stuck my bottom out and when the circle was glowing bright red I immediately pressed the "branding iron" as hard as I could into my flesh and held it there for several seconds. I still remember the sizzling and the smell of burnt flesh. I was surprised that it didn't hurt more than it did but I have later learnt that this may have to do with damaging the nerves in that area. This mark has faded over the years and is now history - the whim of a silly teenage girl. However, what I did this time was a bit different.

I was to brand my left breast with a heated fork, a few centimetres over my nipple, with the tines pointing towards my nipple. As I had no gas burner this time I heated the fork in the oven at 275 degrees and when I thought it was hot enough I pulled it out, holding it with a thick cloth and immediately applied it to my breast so it should keep the heat. This hurt a lot more than branding my rump when I was a teenage girl and the pain shock made me jerk back and the fork got out of position. But it did make a good contact with my skin first... I first applied the base of the fork and quickly pressed the tines into my flesh like you do when mashing potatoes. The brand never penetrated the skin and you could then maybe say it's not exactly "for real". But it surely hurt for a very long time and the area swelled up to be bright red. I was constantly watching it for infections, cleaning it with alcohol and keeping it in open air. Now, a couple of days later, the brand is darker and I never experienced any blisters, nor any infections.

What it did to me was to increase my sexual lust to a degree that I felt like going out of my mind. Yes, I could not stop masturbating and I hardly slept at all during the night. The pain from the burn in my breast would keep on increasing my arousal all the time and I am not ashamed to say I haven't been so horny since I don't know when... I did this with the approval of my Master who is at the moment abroad but we keep in touch on a daily basis so I can report about new self punishments and marks in my flesh.

That's it for now but I think you can expect me to be a lot more active blogging than I have been for a long time. My lust is growing continuously and I am longing for pain... will keep you updated. Hugs and deep passionate kisses from tina in Stockholm.

A very useful tool for many purposes, not only eating... mmmmmmmmmm

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Today I shall be branded - tina is longing!

Hello and forgive me for being so silent for a while. Let's just say that I apologize and have no good explanations for my abscence - it's just that with each day you don't write anything it becames harder and harder. However, my writing is fuelled by lust - and this is rapidly increasing. In less than two hours I shall be branded and I am so excited about it that I can hardly control myself. It will happen at 15.00 (3PM) Swedish time/Central European Time.

Those of you who have been following my blog have no doubt read about my experiences with self-punishments and some devices I have made. You may recall the very special paddle which makes a somewhat unusual use of a coke cap and believe me, it hurts and give vivid marks. Also, the very special bra I made is very painful to use.

Do you have some ideas for other implements that I can use to punish myself? Please mail me your ideas at, preferably with a pic. All contributors will be rewarded with a copy of my book The Love of the Lash. And, yes, book number two is coming up. I have been too undisciplined about my writing lately (the last year or so...) but now I intend to make a change. By the way, if you are on Facebook you are welcome to add me to your friend's list - just go to my profile.

In one hour and a half I shall be branded... mmmmmmmm how wonderful... The brand will be applied to my left breast. Maybe this was what was needed to get me back again... love and deep eager kisses, tina xxxxx