Friday, 9 April 2010

Behind closed doors

Please come to me. I am yearning for your touch, reaching out my hand to caress your soft hair. My pouting lips are yearning for the touch of yours. Your sweet ripe swelling lips. Please come close to me. We hug and for a while I bury my face in your soft golden hair, totally filled by the sweet scent of you. Gently my lips touch the soft skin of your cheek, advancing kiss by kiss towards your sweet kissable lips. Our hands are slowly sliding down each others bodies and as I feel your hands cupping my bottom globes I rub myself slightly at you, first cautious, then more determined. Our breasts are pressed together and I can feel your stiff hard nipples pressing into my flesh. My gorgeous friend, if you only knew the power you have over me by just being you. I am attracted to you by a magnetism that hold me captured forever and I could never break away even if I wanted to.

We have all the time in the world. Our kisses get more and more intense, passionate, lustful, yearning, demanding. We are exploring each other with all our senses and our tongues and fingers seem to find spots that we were unaware of ourselves. I keep coming back to your lips, mesmerized by their firmness and beauty, pressing the tip of my tongue in between them, feeling you opening yourself up to greet me. Our tongues playing with each other, we are sucking, biting, first gently, then more demanding and I can feel a streak of viciousness from you as you sink your teeth into my lips… mmmm you have conquered me and you know it… your pretty love bites on my neck, biting my years, suddenly your teeth are all over me, our kissing becoming more aggressive, our caresses turning into pinching, slapping, our nails sinking in to flesh, leaving marks on soft skin… you clearly are the dominant part now… before I know it I lie on my back spread wide open, so utterly exposed for you… mmm you gorgeous wonderful powerful female, you have conquered me and I know that this is just a beginning of what’s to come… and I am in heaven, totally swept away by an immense wave of passions and lusts so intense they fill my entire being, my mind, my soul, every nerve of my body… please let this never end… mmmmmmm xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Pliers - the tools of lust

I am standing in front of the bathroom mirror, making myself ready for an important meeting. For a while I was considering the lipstick which I call ‘whorish red’ but I realize it wouldn’t be appropriate. All of a sudden I am overwhelmed by lust. It can happen anytime and often when I am in a hurry, like now. I am expected at the meeting in less than 30 minutes and should be rushing out. But what do I do? I become itchy and sultry and realize that I must ease the pressure in one way ore another. My nipples are stiff and erect,protruding through the fabric of my top. Right away I realize what I must do. Like in a trance I walk away to a cupboard and come out with a pair of flat jaw pliers. I stand in front of the mirror and take off the top to expose my b cups with its hard nipples. I close the jaws slowly around my left nipple and gradually apply more pressure, twisting and pulling. All the time I am looking into my eyes, focusing on them. Just as if somebody else was guiding my hand my grip of the handles hardens and as my nipple is crushed between the jaws I feel the pain building up to an extent that it becomes too much. But I still press the jaws together, flattening my nipple. Tears are flowing down my face as I crush my nipple harder and harder between the jaws of the pliers. For a while I ease the grip just to press the handles together again, harder this time.

When I go over to my right nipple my left one is hurting like an open wound and the excrutiating pain spreads through my body. I want to make my right nipple hurt even more and press the handles together so hard I feel my wrist starting to shake. I have to bite my lips to endure the pain and my eyes are blinded by tears.

When I finally rush out my nipples are hurting extremely and every move I make is very painful as my crushed swollen nipples presses against the fabric of my top. I am lucky to immediately catch a bus and I will be arriving at the meeting just in time. I chose a seat in the back of the bus and I have my briefcase over my lap. Nobody can see what I am doing and I just must rub myself. Can I get an orgasm before I get off the bus? I simply must relieve all the tension that has built up within me. Surely the people at the meeting will feel the scent and realize what I have done? But do I care? I simply cannot resist. I have to bite my lip hard to prevent me from crying out as I come and my panties are wet. Surely it must be obvious to everybody?

I put the pair of pliers in my bathroom cupboard for further use whenever I feel needy. Naturally I am longing for you to use them on my nipples and other parts of my body. Not to mention that I am just dying to feel your teeth closing around my hard erect nipples, sinking into them, making me scream from pain-filled lust... mmmmm please bite me real hard...

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I'm such a horny sinful slut!

Yes, I confess that I am a horny slut. Every night when I go to sleep my mind is filled with dark fantasies and I always masturbate before I drift away into dreamland. Often I wake up in the middle of the night, maybe just after a very exciting erotic dream and I simply must masturbate again. As it is right now Master is away for long periods so what’s a girl to do? ;-)

Sex, fantasies and erotic dreams form a big part of my life. In the morning I always wake up early so I can enjoy lying in bed to masturbate even more and keep on dreaming… many vivid fantasies come to me. I always have a riding crop by my bed as Master will often want to use it on me very hard. Believe me, he does not allow any pardon when he lays on the crop with full force. When I am alone I smack myself on my bottom and thighs with the riding crop every morning the first thing when I get out of bed. When I am sore and red – and hot – I simply must bring myself to orgasm again. I try to keep from coming as long as I can to enjoy the agony of lust.

At work I often have to sneak into the ladies room to masturbate, simply ruled by lust and by my dark fantasies. Maybe I’m not always as focused as I should be on my work because of my wicked dreams. The most difficult part is when Master has explicitly forbidden me to masturbate. This is almost more than I can bear. Yes, I have failed now and then and I suppose it will happen again. Fortunately, Master will know and he will give me orders about the most severe self punishments. Until he is back with me physically so he can attend to my education into a good slaveslut himself.

Just thinking about what will happen to me when he gets back makes me crazy with lust and I’m so horny now… please excuse me, I must masturbate instantly… love and thousands of wet passionate kisses from this lustful slut xxxxxxxxxxx tina

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Whoring - my new career?

Have you noticed that the spring is advancing now? At least here in Stockholm it is and as always this time of the year you get lusty and eager. At least I do. I can't help thinking on my way to work thay maybe I should have chosen another career. What if I was now on my way for a day's work in a brothel instead? I'm positive I would make a great prostitute. A whore. Surely enough many women have ended up in this trade unvoluntarily and it's just a shame that so many are forced to do it against their will. But what if I made it for kicks and could earn some extra money in the process? After all, isn't working for somebody else really a form of prostitution? Would I enjoy it?

Yes, I think so. I am more or less constantly horny and wherever I am and whatever I do my thoughts seem to drift away in a certain direction. Sex and submission occupy a great deal of my thoughts. Many other women have secret fantasies about rape and I'm sure many also about selling their bodies. But what if it was real? How do you start? My mental image of it is not being a high class escort but rather a cheap whore whom men would just use to get their instant satisfaction. Yes, I think that would suit me fine. The brothel I would go to each day would preferably be in the outskirts of town, a shabby place where you can get sex really cheap. In most trades I suppose you establish a relationship with your customers but I would rather see them as faceless individuals who just want my sexual services and leave me just as soon as they have shot their load into me. Just as personal a contact as if I was being fucked by a fucking machine and naturally I would offer all my bodily orifices for use.

I'm not seriously thinking about giving up my present job (yet) but these are thoughts that do come to me on beautiful sunny spring days like this. What if Master allowed me to work in a brothel in daytime? Would it make sex a tedious subject for me, like my present job can be at times? I don't think so. On the contrary, I think it would make me even more aroused. You may have read my book The Love Of the Lash and although it's pure fiction there is a lot of myself in the heroine. Also, I know I am really good in bed. Maybe prostitution really is my trade? I really have to talk to Master about this... ;-)

Take care all and enjoy life to the fullest. I certainly do. xxxxx tina

Sunday, 4 April 2010

I surrender

I just can’t take it anymore! My lusts have taken complete control of my mind and I can’t think straight. How long will you make me wait? I have been walking around like a caged animal all day long, barefoot and with just a short skirt and a top on. Nothing else. Wide open and available for your pleasure. I have been yearning so much it has driven me to desperation. You have explicitly forbidden me to masturbate as you want me as aroused as possible when you come to claim your property. But when are you coming to me? Oh, this is the worst of tortures I have ever experienced and I would rather be suffering on the rack than going through this ordeal.

As you close the door behind you I am drawn into your arms by a magnetism I cannot resist. Please hold me tighter. Your gentle kisses evokes a lust within me which just keeps on growing, making every fibre of my body yearning for love. I know that your soft kisses will turn more and more demanding, that soon you will want to place sweet sucking marks on my neck. Soon your teeth will sink into my flesh leaving marks of love. Please conquer me. I surrender to you completely.

I wrap one leg around you, rubbing myself against you like a shameless slut. My entire being is uproar with the ever consuming fire of lust and passion that rules my body and my mind. Yes, I am yours now. Only yours. Please use me as you wish. I love you passionately and eternally. This is happiness.