Sunday, 28 December 2008

How to survive the financial crisis through caning - great film from Mood Pictures

Another source of great films if you are into harder canings, whipping and so on is Mood Pictures. They incidentally offer a discount for the remaining days of 2008 so do check their site out. In times of financial crisis it's always valuable to try getting good deals and saving money, even when buying bdsm videos! Speaking of financial crisis, their latest offering is a film called "Crisis" which shows what a girl may endure just to keep her job. If you like real hard stuff this is for you! As for me, I just love it...

Naturally, our heroine wants to keep her job so she decides to go along with the whims of her boss.

Maybe she is coming to other thoughts after all. Was this really such a great idea?

The office maid is very skilful in using the cane and she always fulfils her mission to the highest standard.

She lays on each stroke with full force and very soon the poor girl is screaming out loud, begging for mercy

"Was it really worth it?" she thinks as her sore bottom is covered with Scars and Stripes.

Is she going to keep her job? Will her boss want to cane her again in order to keep her? What other horrors may be in store for this poor girl? Get the video from Mood Pictures and see for yourself.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Caned by my Master

I knew I had it coming. For several days I have masturbated like crazy while watching the video in my previous post where a cute blonde girl is caned severely by two very strict Mistresses. Oh, how I love this video and what dreams and urges it has evoked within me. Yesterday, Master spanked me very hard and I came again and again when lying over His knee, the stinging paddle and the heavy hairbrush making my poor globes sore, swollen and bright red. But it was going to get worse. To get me in the mood before posting the video Master trashed me severely with His heavy leather belt on my already sore bottom and my thighs so I had to stand up while writing my post. He whipped me savagely with the belt for about twenty minutes and after the trashing my poor bottom felt like it was double its normal size.

But He didn’t stop there…

Master was just as excited about this video as me and we knew we wanted to do it ourselves. He was going to cane me to stop me from talking back. Only I had no intention of stopping – the pain would just increase my obstinate behaviour.

We arranged it all like in the video. Like this girl I walked towards a chair and bent over, my palms resting on the seat. After a long spanking session plus hundreds of vicious slashes of the belt my bottom was really sore and the slightest touch of my bruised and welted buttocks was a painful experience. Yet I was going to be caned. I wondered whether I already had gotten too much and would not be able to feel the pain anymore. Also, would it really be sensible to go on?

This is one thing I refuse to understand. It is my body and if I get a kick out of being beaten and whipped, what’s the point of denying it? It doesn’t hurt anybody else. My Master is the most loving and caring person you can imagine but at the same time He knows what fires me and He wants to drive me over the top again and again. Maybe this is because we are thinking so much along the same lines. Not only do we share many fantasies but we also tend to identify with each others roles, understanding the feelings of the other part. Some would definitely say that we do go too far but I can assure you that this is a source of wonderful excitement for both of us.

Anyway. I bent over the chair and my glowing, swollen buttocks were exposed in their full pride. I heard the swishing of the cane through the air and the deep, comforting voice of my Master.

- Well, Tina, are you going to stop talking back?

- Never! I’m an independent free woman and I say what I want to say. There is freedom of speech, you know.

- You do realize that this attitude is going to get you a very sore bottom?

- I already have that. You can’t stop me from saying what I want.

- We’ll see about that. I will give you twelwe strokes and then perhaps you will think differently. If you don’t, we have the whole night…

I stood stubbornly silent, bent over the chair, sticking my swollen behind out provocatively. Once again I was lost in subspace, masospace or whatever you call it. This is a state which is so difficult to explain to anyone who has never experienced it. The closest I can get is comparing it to the state you’re in when you have had a morphine injection. A totally happy world, you feel safe and full of positive vibrations, seeing no problems whatsoever. You feel utterly relaxed and even if you do experience severe pain it just adds to your enjoyment. I knew that despite the spanking and trashing I had already got I needed more. Which is why I never had any intention of giving up my freedom of speech…

The hiss reached my ears as the cane struck and the sharp crack was drowned by my gasp of pain. In no way had the previous beatings deprived me of the ability of experiencing pain. Oh, how hard He struck! I really love that man because He beats me so hard… I was surprised that the strokes were delivered in a very rapid succession instead of letting the pain grow before striking again. But right now I wanted it, I was craving it! I stuck my bottom out even more and felt the sharp cane biting deep into the flesh of my swollen, tortured buttocks. After the twelfth stroke I was sobbing hysterically and when asked if I was going to stop talking back I just answered:

- Thank you Master for punishing me so hard. I need it and I deserve it. But I will not stop making my point…

- Tina, you are making this so difficult for yourself. Another twelwe to go!

The strokes of the biting cane were raining across my bottom, putting me in a world of an insane fire which was consuming my entire being, while at the same time I was craving more of this wonderful pain. When the caning ended and I could finally speak, I sobbed:

- I won’t stop talking back! Not even if you keep on caning me all night!!!

My tortured bottom was beckoning for the sting of the cane. I was wondering if I would ever be able to sit again, while at the same time I was obsessed by a strange fever, a longing for more and even harder strokes. I wanted to cry out desperately and beg Master to hurt me as much as He possibly could but I knew I didn’t have to. He knows the way I work perfectly well and would just go on caning me harder and faster. When he announced that he would now deliver 24 strokes in a row - and harder strokes at that – I felt like the happiest girl in the world.

As the strokes fell harder and harder, I rapidly stuck my bottom out to meet the stroke and let it sink home to the fullest, the cane being buried deep in my tortured flesh with each stroke. Our movements were perfectly synchronized and as Master struck harder and faster I also increased the speed of my movements to meet each stroke. After each caning he asked me the very same question and I naturally refused. He let me regain my breath but made sure all breaks were as short as possible.

He delivered the strokes in series of 24 each and very soon the welts of my bottom started to split up so I was bleeding. Oh, how wonderful to be caned so hard! I felt blood trickling down my thighs while the intense fire within me was growing all the time. After one session he let me kiss the now blood-stained cane and I did so, profoundly and with love. Love for my Master and for the wonderful cane which was cutting deep into my flesh, causing me a pain which was so extreme that I did hardly realize how I would survive it. At the same time I was floating around in subspace heaven, more comforted than ever.

I have no idea how many strokes I had got or how long the punishment had been going on but suddenly he didn’t ask whether I would stop talking back, nor did he announce any new session of 24 strokes. I knew we had reached the breaking point now. He was going to take me over the top. All of a sudden a fiery rain of vicious cuts of the cane started biting deep into my bleeding buttocks and I knew that he wouldn’t stop until he had conquered me completely. I lost all sense of reality, only being aware of the evil cane biting deep into my flesh while my juices were flowing down my thighs. I started frigging myself with one hand and suddenly I felt a hard grip around my hips while sharp teeth were biting into my ears and my neck, lips were sucking my flesh hard to ensure vivid marks. The blood-stained cane fell to the floor and I felt Him entering me from behind, thrusting hard and driving his hard pole as deep into me as possible. I screamed out loud from lust and I came again and again… totally madness, I felt like it would never stop. When He finally came within me we both fell to the floor in one mutual climax of extasy and for a long time we just lay there, totally drained of all energy.

I am lying face down while writing this, for obvious reasons. Master is rubbing my tortured bottom with soothing oils and nodding approvingly at what I am writing. The girl in the video got 180 strokes of the cane. I must have gotten several hundreds, in addition to the otk spankings plus the trashing of His heavy leather belt. But believe me, this was my most exciting experience for a very long time. I now realize to the fullest what a difference it is to suffer by my Masters’s hand, rather than punishing myself. When I had come to after the extreme climax, I begged Master to cane my pussy until I came. This he gladly did. I laid down spread-eagled with a couple of pillows under my bloody, swollen buttocks and this time he used a thinner, whippy cane – but oh, how wonderful it bit. He made me come again and again and I am so happy that He will be with me for some time now. Each minute is very precious to us and we are surely going to enjoy life to the fullest together.

*Hugs from a sore, naughty and horny tinaslut*

Here is a video which is very fitting for this time of the year. PainGate has loads of hard videos of girls being whipped, caned and punished severely in any way you can imagine. In this film it is Eve who is suspended, severely bullwhipped and punished by melting wax. Enjoy!

Friday, 26 December 2008

How about a real hard caning for Xmas?

Hello my friends - sorry to keep you waiting :-) Anyway, soon a New Year is here and it is always a good starting point for something new. I am very excited about 2009 which I sense will bring lots of exciting experiences and positive vibrations. Not to mention that I will get back to writing like I should have been doing all the time. Promise!

How about a good caning for Xmas? I recently discovered the site Daily Motion and there are some interesting films to be found there. Perhaps some of you knows of similar video sharing sites? I am grateful for any tips. In this video we will see a cute blonde girl getting caned in order to stop her talking back. But each time she insists in her rights for freedom of speech which results in even more and harder strokes on her already velted and sore bottom. There is not much of a plot but still I find the film very exciting and I can very well picture myself bending over the chair, with two stern cruel Mistresses walking around me, brandishing their sharp canes, like vultures circulating over their victim. Master is back home now and just before I started writing this he gave me a really hard trashing with his heavy leather belt so I have to stand up while writing. I think he is out looking for the canes at the moment...

Have a great holiday all and let us make 2009 into one of the greatest years sofar. *hugs* tina

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Spanked At Home

It is amazing how time flies away. Almost two months since I wrote something in my blog. Why is that? Honestly, I see no point in trying to explain why and finding excuses for my absence, although the dull weather could be one excuse. I tend to get a bit depressed at this time of the year and would rather go to sleep until springtime is here again. No, I think I will just start writing again and make sure to keep it going this time. Rest assured that my interests and passions for certain special things have not changed. But I have been very much alone – and I am sorry to say that there has been very little, if any, self-punishments made. My fantasies and dreams are with me all the time but somehow it seems that I am lacking the real enthusiasm at the moment. How wonderful to lay otk right now…

Still, I am glad that you keep on coming here although I have been absent for so long. I feel guilty for letting you down and I can only promise you that I will become a good girl again and start posting regularly. By the way, I wonder how many girls are getting spanked at home right now? Maybe here in my neighbourhood. Somehow I think that this is more common than you would expect. Once you have experienced the wonderful heat after each smack I think you will get the message. I always find a good spanking really arousing and a perfect starter for a session.I think that the site Spanked At Home captures this excitement quite well. Actually, their films and images is as close as you will get to looking into private bedrooms, seeing naughty girls getting punished. Do check it out. And please forgive me for keeping you waiting so long. I shall be back soon.