Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Facebook Hypocracy

I just learnt that my old Facebook account 'Tinaslut Sweden' is still there although deactivated which means I cannot log in but all my friends can see the content. But I can't add or remove postings, comments or add new friends.

As this account contained a lot of pics in the style you find in my blog I suppose that it was the hardcore material that made Facebook deactivate my account. But if they do find my material so offensive why on earth don't they remove it all instead of leaving all my dirty pics there for everybody to see? Shall I tell you why?

Advertising money! They realize fully well that this sort of material will attract visitors and so they allow access to it also after I as the owner of the account has been blocked. Visitors will keep on viewing my material and clicking on ad banners long after I'm gone. It should be noted that I was allowed to keep on uploading 'offensive' pics and texts for a long while before I was thrown out. Why is that, do you think? It's pretty obvious: to build up a big library of offensive material for the visitors to drool over. This way they will keep coming back and my pics will keep on help giving exposure to Facebook ads. This is one of the worst hypocracies I have ever seen.

Of course you don't need Facebook to view my pics and texts. You can go directly to my blog. You can be sure that in the future I will not give them any free content in order to later have my account deactivated.

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Anonymous said...

Someone I know actually deleted their Facebook account. Only to have their friends search for them a few weeks later to discover it had been taken over by squatters! A teenage lad (with a blatantly male name) had suddenly become a busty blonde twenty something with a career as a porn star. Whose friends were all also blonde twenty something busty porn stars. Very odd. Facebook is full of craziness