Thursday, 18 December 2014

The misfortunes of Belinda Kruger

You make many nice friends on deviantart. I got to know a German girl who is very much into spanking. She is known as Gesperax on deviantart. Here are some pics created for her by a favourite artist of mine, JedLeech. Let's meet Gesperax's alter ego, Belinda Kruger.

Obviously, Belinda is very fond of apples. And forbidden fruit always tastes best...¨

The owner, Miss Harker, certainly don't want to share her precious apples with anybody.

Belinda got a taste of something completely different from apples...

Rock salt and bird shot pellets hurt quite a bit when embedded deep into her buttocks. Belinda had a long, painful walk back home.

It took a long time for her friend Sonja to pick all the pellets out of her bottom. Belinda couldn't sit for a week after the pellets had been removed.

Shortly after all the pellets had been removed and well before her wounds had healed, Belinda was in for it again. A seemingly endless and thorough spanking which had her lying face down for several nights. But that's another story. Some girls just seem to attract perils of various kinds... ;)

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