Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Beat me harder, please…

I admit it… I’m not here in blogosphere as often as I should be. There are no excuses for this but maybe some explanations. Sometimes there are more urgent and exciting things in life. Yes, it is very rude of me to neglect you, dear readers. If it is of any consolation to you I am being severely punished for my neglections all the time.

Behind the closed bedroom door you can hear the sound of hard whacks mixed with my gasps, sobs and screams. I am pleading for mercy, yet I wish that this wonderful spanking will never end. I am lying over the knee, with a firm grip around my waist and my bare bottom exposed. The heavy wooden paddle has soon made my poor globes turn bright red and very swollen but still the heavy smacks keep on raining on my bottom, making me squirm and scream. Oh, it’s so wonderful… please spank me harder… make me suffer, Master.

The continous spankings keeps me aroused and assures that I am wet and eager when you want to have me. Besides, I always have the riding crop ready beside my bed, and my closet is full of other tools you may want to use for punishing me. Oh, please do. If you punish me hard enough, then maybe I will be a good girl and start blogging again.

Please, Master, beat me harder. Much harder... mmmmmm


Anonymous said...

For some reason, I can hear The Beatles, singing:

"Please, Please me, like I please you..."

(oh, you are SO right! Sometimes, there are more important things to do.)

Take care,

Carry on!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmm...delicious. My compliments to you.