Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Tina in the dungeon


Hello there, just went out for a while... ;-)

Yes, I know: my posting have been highly irregular for a while. Of course I could keep on posting, ranting about what I do from day to day, but I suspect that you are here for a special reason, right? There hasn't really been much exciting happening lately but I'm sure it will be very soon...
I was really glad to see you popping in, Amanda. Actually, this is a girl who has no interest in this lifestyle whatsoever but still she seem to have found something in my blog. It's true, Amanda, you can really seem like any ordinary woman and yet live this secret life without anyone of your near and dear ones (or neighbours) knowing. That is also the reason why I prefer to keep a low profile as to my identity, sharing photos and so on. Unfortunately, I have seen examples of how subs have been displayed on the web against their will and although my Master would never do such a thing, at the moment this is the way it will be. But the thought of at least displaying my marks excites me and we will surely find a solution soon.

I have linked to you, Amanda, and I really like your blog, it's very cool. But keep in mind when visiting her that she is not at all into the things I am. Besides, her blog is in Swedish, although she writes very good English. Also, anonymous, yes, my Master allows me to "play with matches" and also cigarettes and even cigars, if they are used for the right purpose. Need I say that I am a non-smoker? ;-)Forgive me for escaping into my fantasy world for a while again but I just can't resist it. Will you come with me? Take care, until next time (very soon...)




Amanda said...

Tack vad söt du är =) Det gick ganska bra faktiskt tror jag. Detsamma!

Ååååh vad söt du är Tina som skrev om mig, tack! Du verkar som en väldigt trevlig och snäll person måste jag säga. Gillar din blogg med, men det vet du ju redan ;)
Jag har lagt till din blogg bland mina länkar nu, så du vet.
Ha det bra, kram på dig!

tinaslut said...

kram på dig också, Amanda :-)

Please excuse us for talking Swedish, we happen to come from Sweden both of us.

Anonymous said...

The room is cold, starkly modern, almost clinical. The light is low, casting shadows across the angular planes of the furnishings.

He sits in a chair, the shadows hide his upper torso but his hands are visible resting on the arms of the chair. Even in repose the hands betray their power, the hands of a surgeon perhaps or the hands of a man who knows how to play the human body like the instrument it is...

tinaslut said...

anonymous: That's a real great beginning for an exciting scenario... mmmmm

Anonymous said...

…Tina is in agony. From the time her Master put her on the plane until this moment she has felt unease. She is no longer in her comfortable fantasy world where harsh Masters are really under her control but gone into a strange world thousands of miles away from the safety of Stockholm and she has no control at all.

She has been motionless for hours. She had been fed a light lunch with a large glass of something called ice tea when she arrived at the compound and then her clothing had been taken and she had been placed in a brightly lit room and left sitting on her heels, knees pressed into the unyielding wooden floor, hands folded in her lap, head bowed. Hours passed, it became evident there had been a mild laxative in her glass of ice tea, her urge to urinate and the urgency in her bowel causing her to sweat in the coldness of the room.

The ache in her knees makes her eyes well with tears of not only pain but anger. She had supposed by this time she would be dangling from a meat hook, her skin in tatters and sweet release coursing through her soul but this petty humiliation was not what she had expected from fearsome Anonymous. Her emotions were raging; she began to shake with cold, discomfort and pain.

She had not yet met the man…

amanda said...

Tack så mycket =) Detsamma!
Du varsågod, det var så lite så. Kram!

goooooood girl said...
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