Sunday, 28 December 2008

How to survive the financial crisis through caning - great film from Mood Pictures

Another source of great films if you are into harder canings, whipping and so on is Mood Pictures. They incidentally offer a discount for the remaining days of 2008 so do check their site out. In times of financial crisis it's always valuable to try getting good deals and saving money, even when buying bdsm videos! Speaking of financial crisis, their latest offering is a film called "Crisis" which shows what a girl may endure just to keep her job. If you like real hard stuff this is for you! As for me, I just love it...

Naturally, our heroine wants to keep her job so she decides to go along with the whims of her boss.

Maybe she is coming to other thoughts after all. Was this really such a great idea?

The office maid is very skilful in using the cane and she always fulfils her mission to the highest standard.

She lays on each stroke with full force and very soon the poor girl is screaming out loud, begging for mercy

"Was it really worth it?" she thinks as her sore bottom is covered with Scars and Stripes.

Is she going to keep her job? Will her boss want to cane her again in order to keep her? What other horrors may be in store for this poor girl? Get the video from Mood Pictures and see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Tina!

As a real hardcore BDSM woman, what are your favorite equipment and where do you buy it? What would you recommend?

Also, have your preferences evolved through time and what was that like? Did you e.g. start out with handcuffs and ended up with caning? Was it more like spanking -> spanking with a belt -> caning & flogging?

What is the most hardcore you have ever done?

Finally, I would like to add that I like your website very much. It is one of the few blogs I visit regularly. You're my idol.

suzu said...