Friday, 26 December 2008

How about a real hard caning for Xmas?

Hello my friends - sorry to keep you waiting :-) Anyway, soon a New Year is here and it is always a good starting point for something new. I am very excited about 2009 which I sense will bring lots of exciting experiences and positive vibrations. Not to mention that I will get back to writing like I should have been doing all the time. Promise!

How about a good caning for Xmas? I recently discovered the site Daily Motion and there are some interesting films to be found there. Perhaps some of you knows of similar video sharing sites? I am grateful for any tips. In this video we will see a cute blonde girl getting caned in order to stop her talking back. But each time she insists in her rights for freedom of speech which results in even more and harder strokes on her already velted and sore bottom. There is not much of a plot but still I find the film very exciting and I can very well picture myself bending over the chair, with two stern cruel Mistresses walking around me, brandishing their sharp canes, like vultures circulating over their victim. Master is back home now and just before I started writing this he gave me a really hard trashing with his heavy leather belt so I have to stand up while writing. I think he is out looking for the canes at the moment...

Have a great holiday all and let us make 2009 into one of the greatest years sofar. *hugs* tina


frants said...

Thank you for this very nice, icy cold NuWest film, that I have never seen before!

Anonymous said...

What a delightful little video, Tina? Thanks for showing.