Monday, 12 January 2009

A good otk spanking is always a great start

Hello there,
I hope 2009 has taken off in a great way for you all. Why do I keep on ignoring this blog when I actually enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts? One of the best things about it is the intreraction with you. It's so inspiring and many times exciting. That is the beauty of a blog, I think. It is not just a diary but a continous exchange of thoughts. This is always something enrichening.

I just got a comment from 'Anonymous' out there in blogosphere and I thought I may as well use it for a new blogpost. 'Anonymous' asked me a few things:

As a real hardcore BDSM woman, what are your favorite equipment and where do you buy it? What would you recommend?

Well, I really don't see myself as a hardcore BDSM woman. The hardcore bit is not essential for me as it varies so much with the circumstances and the mood I'm in. Actually, a good otk firm hand spanking works wonders for me in most cases. But sometimes my excitement gets so intense that I just need to go further and my lust is triggered by more pain. I don't really want to recommend anything as everybody's situation, preferences and limitations will be different. The important thing, I feel, is playing safe and be very aware of each others reactions. Plus having a profound respect for each other. I feel that dreams and fantasies are a very good starting point and when you and your partner can talk freely about your fantasies you will be off for a good start.

Also, have your preferences evolved through time and what was that like? Did you e.g. start out with handcuffs and ended up with caning? Was it more like spanking -> spanking with a belt -> caning & flogging?
Yes, my preferences are evolving all the time. I am always curious and eager to try new things although I have very definite limits. Actually, I was doing self punishments long before I started playing with somebody else and I think most of my advancements into harhser punishments were made by my own hand. A definitive turning point was when I discovered the beauty of a thorough birching and I soon realized that I simply could not carry it out efficiently enough by my own hand. Using birches and switches (or rather letting Master use them on me) is one of the things I love best. This has to do with something else which perhaps is the closest I'll come to having a fetish. Although I love dressing up, doing make-up and so on for various role plays I don't really have any fetishes as such for clothes, accessories etc. But something which I love is having vivid marks on my body after a session. This excites me so much... feeling the hard, sore welts which make me very reluctant to sit down, admiring the scars and whipmarks on my body in front of the mirror... it adds a dimension which I hardly can explain. But I find it very exciting and I frequently masturbate in front of the mirror several days after a session, getting extremely aroused by the sight of the marks on my body. I see these as marks of love and one of the joys of being whipped and trashed very hard is knowing the session will bring such wonderful marks... mmmmmmmmm

What is the most hardcore you have ever done?

Well, I really don't know what to answer to that. I find it hard to pick out one special session. I have been flogged, caned and punished in various ways countless times in addition to the punishments I have inflicted upon myself. But then I don't look upon it as hardcore or not - it's just a matter of what works for me and for us at any given time. Then surely the sessions may become very hard.

Thank you, Anonymous, for yor kind comments on my blog and do keep coming back. I would be very interested to know about your own experiences as well as others visiting my blog. What is it that turns you on? We may well give each other new ideas and like I said, I am always eager to try new things.

One thing which always works for me is a good otk spanking and it is always a good start of a harder session. A girl who gets spanked quite a lot is Niki Flynn - a famous spanking model. Do check out this gallery to see her being spanked acting as a cheerleader.

Another girl who regularly gets her bottom tanned is Amelia Jane Rutherford. Check out her great blog and click the pic to view one of her new galleries.

There are several films of these two girls getting spanked and punished in various ways. Do check them out at SoundPunishment.


William Boyson said...


I got my New Year off to a good start, thanks to you! After reading about your post-Christmas caning, I knew I really needed punishment. My next visit to my Tutor is not until March but he agreed to supervise a remote punsihemnt for me last week, which was lovely. I'm still a bit sore 8 days later, which turns me on no end!

Thanks for the link to the Nikki Flynn pictures. She is such a trooper, I love her. I love cheerleaders, too, so that was a double whammy.

Be good!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, hi, hi there!

When I asked you about your equipment, I was expecting more an answer along the lines of: I bought _this_ whip at for $19. Knowing exactly what equipment you use would increase the realism of your site a great deal.

Do you use bondage equipment like cuffs and ropes or are you mostly in to pain?

Is your otk (on the knee?) spanking something you like to do in connection with real life disciplining or do you rather make up some reason as part of role playing or do you discard these "pretexts" altogether?

Have you ever used rape as a theme in role playing? What are your favorite bdsm stories?

What excites me? Well, bdsm. That's the reason I appreciate your site. :-)

I am not so old, and I have actually never experienced it for real, so it is maybe wrong to say that I'm in to in. I'm too much of a noob. I once had the opportunity not that long ago, but got scared and choose not to try it out. It wasn't really because I'm afraid to pursue my fantasies per se, but rather because I didn't have the time to get to know the woman I'd get to share it with well enough and I had lots of things that came in between. Also, I can be something of an eremite. :-( I won't get into that any more for now.

Best regards,

kinkycatlady said...

Hi Tina,

Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts on my blog. It's always wonderful to meet fellow pain sluts. I'm relatively new to the kink blogging thing, but so far it's been a remarkably rewarding experience.

Also I totally agree with you in regards to admiring your marks and welts for days after a session. In fact I'm doing that right this very moment. Mmmmmmmm indeed!