Sunday, 8 February 2009

Blogger technical problems and a good caning

Have you noticed something strange about my blog lately? Apart, of course, from the fact that I have not been here as much as I should? All of a sudden I could only see a white page when I tried to access my blog. Obviously this was some technical problem with Blogger and I got the answer through a users group. When the content warning option was switched on for some reason the entire blog disappeared. So I switched the warning off and everything worked as usual again. Now obviously this complication has been corrected as the content warning is there again, this time because somebody has complained about the content hen my blog had not been censored out of blogosphere after all.

While I am here I might as well share a video from the Nu West archives with you. I like this one very much. A female thief is being caned and I really like the expression and attitude of the strong and fit Mistress wielding the cane. I simply must have a good caning myself again very soon...

Take care all and see you soon
*hugs and kisses from tina*


anna d. said...

Yikes! After watching that video, i'd be sure NEVER to misbehave! i sure hope that poor girl got some ice on her bottom, then a pillow to sit on for a couple weeks!

tinaslut said...

Who knows, maybe they had her sitting on broken glass instead... with her bottom smeared in tiger balm... This Mistress would probably be capable of this ;-