Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The need for anonymity

Many who visited my chat have asked me why there are no pics of myself in the blog. Well, this is a delicate question. Believe me, being exposed in this way would surely add to my own thrills. However, it would also mean a big risk as you never know for what purpose some people would use the pics or the knowledge of who I am. It gives me a security being totally anonymous and obviously I am not the only one thing along these lines.

There is a very popular Swedish author of erotic short stories writing under the pseudonyme of Clara Jansson. Those of you who don’t speak Swedish may never have heard of her. Anyway, she is currently releasing her third collection of short stories focusing on sexuality from the perspective of women. But her texts are not really the mainstream type of erotic stories as she covers most areas of sex, writing about the dirty, the wet, the perverted. She say she is a wellknown Swedish author normally active in quite another niche. The anonymity, she maintains, is necessary for her to be free to write about anything she wants. The very fact that nobody knows who she really is gives her the freedom to write about the most unusual and perverted sexual activities. If people knew who I am, she says, they would say either that “aha, you’re a lesbian, then you can’t write about heterosexual love” or “as a heterosexual woman, what do you know about the feelings of a lesbian?” She describes herself as a sexual cameleont, a two-sexed observer who could just as well be a man for all we know. Also, we know nothing about her age.

I fully well understand the way she feels. As for myself being anonymous gives me a feeling of security and I may write about fantasies, self punishments and things that you normally don’t talk about. Besides, I realize that many of those following my blog has created a mental picture of who I am and would perhaps not like to have that image disrupted. Others get irritated because they can’t pinpoint exactly who or what I am and wants to have all personal details, detailed pictures and preferably also talk to me on the phone to really get convinced that I am what I claim to be. But the thing is that my passions is something very private and nobody around me in everyday life has got a clue about my secret desires. At the moment I feel that this is the best way – and I think Clara (whoever she really is) agrees. After all, you can get a very accurate image of a person by studying the way she writes. It would be interesting to hear what mental images you have created of me sofar. Please leave a comment while you are here. And yes, the Saudi story will continue. Very soon...

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