Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A bad girl gets imprisoned and flogged: Tina in Saudi Arabia, part one

Mmmm this girl is sooo horny now... fantasizing, masturbating, longing for rough brutal sex and severe punishments. I dream about it all the time but it seems like it gets even worse as spring is approaching. Yes, I am a bad bad girl and I really need to be punished. It's about time I get back to my self punishment sessions very soon as my entire being is craving it, my mind is focused on pain and humiliation and I am longing to wear those vivid marks on my body. Here is one of my favourite fantasies which I often use as I bring myself to climax again and again. I hope you will enjoy it, too.

It is really my own fault that I am in this situation at the present time… I am sentenced to eight years imprisonment in a Saudi prison plus five thousand lashes. I went from Sweden to Saudi Arabia to work as a nurse and I soon learnt that I could earn an enormous amount of money as a prostitute. Often I picked up my customers in public places, parks and so on. The dress code of the country did not expect women to dress in a sexy way, but I took the risk and could often be seen walking around in a short miniskirt in the parks of Riyadh and all the time I was bare-foot. The desperate lust. I needed to have sex all the time and my customers really did appreciate the blond, horny European whore who put all her soul and body into the act. There was no question that I was enjoying it. Many men of an high position learnt about me and often picked me up regularly in the parks of Riyadh.

It was as I was serving a Saudi prince by my mouth (I later learned he was a prince) that I was caught red-handed by the police in a park. They told the prince to disappear quickly not to be involved in a scandal, and so he did, without even having the time to arrange his clothes. A big limousine was waiting for him nearby the park.

Now I was going to be arrested by the vice squad of Riyadh. At the time I had also had some alcohol which the prince had given me, and I struggled and kicked with all my might as three policemen grabbed me. Two others were coming to assist their colleagues as I suddenly succeded to grab the revolver from one of the cops. They immediately let me go and I backed from them, having them at gunpoint. Everything happened so quickly that I could not think. I backed further away from the group of policemen, pointing the gun at them, but I did not see the big athletic policeman that silently slipped behind me. He was not taking any risks and was determined to neutralize me as effectively as possible. One of the other men cried out at me; I turned my head and at that very moment the man behind me struck hard with his heavy blackjack. My world exploded in a cascade of stars as the blow hit my head and everything went black. I was deeply unconscious when I hit the ground as a ripe fruit before their feet. In his excitement he had struck far too hard, but they could see I was still breathing and I was carried away to a waiting car.

More than twelve hours later I woke up at a prison hospital in Riyadh. I had an excrutiating headache and a big lump plus a bloody wound on my head where the blackjack had hit me. Eventually, as I was considered fit, I was transferred to a cell. The interrogation started and in Saudi prisons you can be held in custody for a very long time before going to trial. Some means of trying to make me confess what I was charged with were rape, humiliation and abuse. The policeman who had swung his blackjack with full force was a very cruel, brutal and muscular man. He realized that he now had every possibility to use me as he wanted and he spent several hours in my cell to force me into confessing. He used his blackjack in a quite different way now: he raped me by the huge club, thrusting it in and out of my pussy with full force, so hard and deep that it hit my cervix. Nor did he spare my tight puckered anus and the first time he pressed his blackjack into my rear, I started to bleed. My God, how it hurt! This orifice was going to be expanded considerably over time, as I learnt that these men loved using a woman in this way. Especially a Nordic blonde slut like me.

I was forced to suck him off, as well as many other men who came to me in my cell to use me and rape me. I have no idea if they were policemen or not. Every day I was sodomized in the most brutal way and when I finally got over the initial shock of pain, it became a real endorphin high for me. I climaxed again and again, never seeming to be able to stop. When I was left alone in my cell I was constantly masturbating and I was longing to be used again. I also got beaten regularly and enjoyed it. After several months I was sent to trial and after long hours of hearing, I was made to sign a paper in Arabic, which I did not understand. When I finally had it translated, I realized that I had been sentenced to five thousand lashes to be administred by fifty lashes a week plus eight years imprisonment and being branded with a red hot iron. In the verdict it was stated that the lashes should be hard ones, as opposed to normally when a woman is flogged, when the flogger holds the Koran under the same arm wielding the cane, in order to lessen the impacts of each blow. I was the first woman ever in the country to be sentenced to branding in addition to public flogging and imprisonment. This was to make an example for other prostitutes trying to threathen the moral of the nation.

I cried helplessly when I had had the verdict translated. How could I possibly survive such an extreme punishment. And yet… why was it that my pussy was tingling with lust and my juices flowing at the same time as my body was shaking with sobs? I was brought back to my cell, my hands and feet chained by heavy iron cuffs and a heavy iron collar around my neck. The man who had knocked me out with his heavy blackjack was leading me by a chain attached to my neck collar. I was already mad with anticipation of what was expecting me in my cell….

Do you like this type of stories? This is something I just wrote in about 30 min’s about a fantasy dream I had a night a long time ago. If you want to talk to me we can set up a time in my chatroom (see link "Enter my chatroom" in the right hand menu.)

Please tell me what you think and if you want to see more along this line. Gosh, now I'm so horny that I simply have to masturbate... mmm I'm such a cheap dirty whore... a real slut... a painslut... be with you again soon. If you want to I'll continue the story, please leave a comment.

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Scipio said...

Can we chat tomorrow 8 april? My slut is coming during easter and I need ideas how to punish her.

I be here from time to time tomorrow evening.

Master Scipio

kinkycatlady said...

The red hot iron has got me going... next installment please!

tinaslut said...

I'll try to be here.


tinaslut said...

A red hot iron coming up, kinkycatlady ;-)

So you don't think the story is to extreme then?

Scipio said...

Go medevial. Let the slut come to secret torture dungeon and let her try some nice things.

Let her escape and come to vanilla life. she finds it so boring that she comes back.

Master Scipio

Anonymous said...

Just a little too dark for my taste but it's your fantasy! I look forward to hearing you've been giving yourself the discipline you need.