Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Please punish me hard, Master!

I feel your strong yet senstive hands gently sliding down my back as our lips meet and I close my eyes, for what reason I don't know. Our tongues meet and start sliding in and out of the others mouths while I tiptoe and curl my leg around you, shamelessly rubbing myself against you while our French kisses are getting deeper and more passionate all the time. My blood is boiling with desire and as Í feel your hands sliding in under my short skirt and cupping my buttocks I am moaning with lust. Raw, pure lust. Yes, it's happening again. My passions are taking control of me and there is nothing I could do to stop it even if i wanted to.

You draw up my skirt and exposes by buttocks, gently caressing them, pinching, slapping them lightly... then the scene takes on a new direction. Your kisses become more aggressive and demanding and you move down my neck, leaving vivid sucking marks in my flesh. Oh, how I love this. We would never enter into vanilla sex and this is just a starter. But I realize that before I can be released from all the excitement building up within me I shall have to suffer at your hands. From putting sucking marks on my neck and shoulders you begin to nibble my ears, my lips, down to my stiff nipples, then your nibbles turn into harsh bites and you are sinking your teeth into my flesh, without drawing blood but leaving vivid teeth mark. Oh, please bite my nipples again... harder... you can read my mind, I know that... yessss, now you are concentrating on my nipples and while you bite one you pinch the other between your thumb and forefinger, pulling and rolling it, squeeezing harder... mmm I feel like oing crazy from the intense pain but just want more... my moans are of passion and desire just as much as pain... please, bite me harder, torture me, yes, now the areola... your teeth sink into my breasts and I love it... don't stop, please...

You drag me by my ear to the shed. The door is closed and you force me down over the trestle. You strap me tightly to the trestle drawing the straps so tight they cut into my flesh. My ankles and wrists are tied to the foot of the trestle and I am bent forward with my taut bottom sticking up for maximum exposure and impact and my head down with my hair hanging before my eyes. My legs are wide apart and I feel ashamed about the glistening juices down my thighs.

You choose a long heavy stick made of pure Swedish spruce. The bark has been cut off and as this has been done with a knife the surface is jagged. I fear this dreadful punishment tool as much as I know that I must have it. When I am tightly strapped to the trestle you brandish your ferocious weapon, swishing the stick through the air. Even one single stroke will leave me screaming out loud and begging for mercy while I will still be begging for another one, harder please. The stick is very hard and the impact is almost paralyzing, a dull pain which keeps on spreading through every nerve in my body. It leaves huge hard welts and easily penetrate the skin. I know that you will not spare the rod and that you will lay on the strokes with full force. Oh, how many days will I have to lay on my stomach after this session?

- Tina, you know why you are being punished?

- Yes Master... because I am a wanton slut who is ruled by my pussy and my wicked thoughts. Please punish me hard and show me no mercy.

You raise your arm, take aim and I brace myself for the first vicious stroke, knowing that I will get my reward and my release when I have gone through my ordeal.

I love you, Master...


Anonymous said...

Sir: Now that is better, Tina. Obedience is a virtue. A girl that is disgraceful in her behaviour should always show a little humility and grace in her punishment. For there is virtue in that! And Tina you have a LOT to make up in the virtue stakes, haven’t you?

Two fingers slip down on either side of your vulva your labia hands out engorged with blood and as I draw my fingers up I pull out your clitoris. You gasp then look away. I put a hand in my pocket and take out a clothes and clasp it on the hood of your clitoris.

Tina: Ohooooo…(The peg bits painfully into your soft flesh)

Sir: What’s the matter Tina?

Tina: Ohoooo…it hurts Sir!

I laugh as I pull on the peg stretching your tender flesh as far as it will go.

Tina: Awweeeeee! Please, Siirrr. It hurts…please…Sir (mascara colored tears drip down from your eyes as you look up at me and beg.)

Sir: But, it is supposed to hurt, you silly girl. (I say calmly) This is after all the bane of all your undoing, isn’t it Tina?

Tina: Whoooooo, yes, Sir. (you whimper) Ohhh, please. No more!!

As, I slowly twist the peg, the pain in your body increases and your legs snap shut. Your breath hyperventilates, tears dripping from your eyes. I twist the peg some more, you draw back on your legs, the peg snaps off! You SCREAM, your hands dive between your legs, your eyes now flooded with tears.

Sir: That is pathetic. I knew you couldn’t take your punishment! I knew I should have sent you to Ms Roper!! You just a WEAK pathetic little girl!!! (I shout at you)

Tina: Oh, no Sir! I can take my punishment. It is just well it is so tender there, Sir.

Sir: I don’t remember telling you to take your hands off your head. Tina!! (I hollow)

Your hands immediately go back to your head and you stand with your legs shaking while you move them apart. My fingers run between your legs down your labia and back and then press two fingers into your vagina. Pushing hard, stretching the soft tissue, exploring your intimacy.

Sir: Tina you are really nasty girl and you have so much to learn, but fortunately for you, you are a young and tender girl and because of that I have decided to take an interest in helping you to improve your behaviour. Now I am not going to waste my time on you unless, I get your full cooperation. Do you understand Tina?

tinaslut said...

I understand, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Sir: Good…

I withdraw my fingers from your dripping cunt running them up your labia and then take the peg and hand it to you.

Sir: Take that and put it back into position!

You take the peg in one hand, bend down and with the fingers of the other stretch your vulva and put the peg back on the hood of your clitoris.

Sir: Good. Now lets have those hands back on your head. Every time that peg snaps off your tender flesh I will administer the cane. The first time it will be one stroke and the next it will be two. Doubling each time it comes off. This will teach you to keep focused on keeping still, whist I administer the strap on your bottom. Do you understand Tina?

Tina: Yes, Sir!

I move behind to your right.

Sir: Good, now stand up straight!

I wrap the twase in across your lily-white cheeks. You let out a gasp. The peg pinches hard as it swinging, jiggling, bouncing to-and-fro, compounding the pain and humiliation of your distress. Again and again the tails ignite fire into your soft flesh. Then with full fury, I bring the twase down on the back of your upper thigh, the stinging tails bite deep into your flesh. You kick your leg forward. You scream shuddering with the pain as the peg falls to the floor. As you hop around I pick up the cane.

Sir: Tina, get back into position and bend over.

Tina: Ohhhh, please Sir! Not hard…(you cry)

The cane whistles through the air and on impact it cuts deep into your cheeks. You jump up letting out a ear piercing screams, while you hop around the room crying.

Sir: That was pathetic Tina! Get back into position immediately or I will really give you something to cry about!

I walk over to where you are cowering in a corner crying grab hold of your hair then drag you back into the middle of my office. Twist you around and pull you upright by the scruff of your hair.

Sir: Pull yourself together you useless slut, I yell! (Right into your ear)

Tina: But it hurt so badly, Sir. (You say hysterically, between clenched teeth)

Sir: That was nothing! Now stand up straight and stop being such a drama Queen! Hands on your head, feet apart!

Still crying you straighten your back your large breast beneath your blouse heave up and out provocatively and move your legs apart. My hand moves down to your crutch. I run my fingers down your inner lips.

Sir: Is it sore? (I query sharply)

Tina: Yes Sir. (You whimper)

I push two fingers into your vagina, forcing them inside you, relentlessly exploring the depths of your intimacy. You gasp as I begin prodding your cervix, and as you teeter on tiptoes you try desperately to maintain the dignity of your composure.

Sir: Oh, what a big surprise (I say sarcastically as you gasp) Your WET! You dirty tramp. Your wet.

I pull my hand away and give you the peg. Your hands come down from your head, your face a picture of dismay, pouting your lips, reluctantly you take the peg from me.

Sir: You know what to do with this don’t you?

Tina: Yes Sir.

Sir: Get it on, Tina, I don’t want to be waiting here all day!

You hiss out of clenched teeth as you gently clamp the vicious peg on to your bruised flesh. From behind, with some delight, I observe the eruption of a red welt on both cheeks. Also, the strap mark that contours your left upper thigh splits into two tongues of crimson flame just below your crutch. With full fury I uncoil the leather serpent this time it hits your right upper thigh around which it painfully curls and delivers its deadly bite. Your leg lurches forward, the peg is slaps against your abdomen, you let out a gasp, your whole body swings to the left shakes, the peg swings to and fro and then your leg comes back to regain your balance.

Anonymous said...

Sir: Legs apart Tina. (I bark)

The next stroke I administer, with full force directly at the crimson flesh on your right inner thigh. I am delighted not only that the tail end found the mark, but also rather more by it’s affect. Your leg catapults right up as you scream, your body swings to the left to offset you balance and you rub the area ruefully with your right hand. Having regained your position. I kneel down and look up between your legs. To my astonishment the peg is still hanging there? Right I will bring the bitch down a peg or two I muse to myself and I swing the strap in hard upon the welt of the right cheek. You let out a shriek growl, your buttocks clench tight shaking and your hip shoots forward while your legs tremble. Without giving you a moment’s respite, I crack the twase in hard on the welt of the left cheek. You jump up screaming a your legs shaking and a hand on your buttock. As you hobble about on in your court shoes trying to regain your composure I crack the twase down hard on the welt of the right buttock. Both hands now rubbing your cheeks. Your whole body trebles and the peg drops to the floor.

Sir: You useless bitch! (I yell!) Now get back into position and stop all your snivelling!

Tina: Soorrrryyyyy, Siirrr…(You weep)

I lean back and pick the cane up off my desk.

Sir: And so you should be. You’re not putting enough effort into to this, Tina. Now lets see if you can take this with a little more grace! Bend over Tina.

As you bend over the crease of your buttocks opens up and the rounded out muscles of your buttocks tighten and with your legs spread the lips of your engorged labia hang low. I throw back my arm to its full length and bring the cane down with such force that my feet almost leave the ground. I am aiming for a target just above the first welt. The cane cuts in viciously. The room is filled with the most deafening scream. You forward and up in the air and crumple in a heap on the floor howling.

Tina: Ohooowww. Please Sir no more (you sob) Please sir.

I walk over to where you are laying curled up on ruefully rubbing your backside. My patience with you snaps.


You scream as I drag you up by the scruff, pulling you back onto your feet and push you back into possession.

Sir: Now face me. Get your blouse off, Tina. Get it off!

Your whole face is wet with black mascara tears and your hands shake as your fingers urgently unfasten the knot in your tie.

Sir: Come on! Get it off! (I yell impatiently)

Tina: I am Sir. (you whimper meekly)

You drop the tie on the floor and hasten to unfasten the buttons of your blouse exposing the cleavage of your large breasts. The white half-cup bra does little to conceal the plump ripe flesh of your bosom. You take off your blouse drop it on the floor beside you and a hand covering the front of your breasts.

Sir: Gosh! You really think your something special don’t you? Get that bra off!

You have one hand holding the front of your bra the other goes to unfasten the strap at the back. Then you lift your arms through the straps.

Sir: Come on! Come on! Get it off!

Tina: I am Sir (You sniffle)

You lift the bra away and drop it on the floor, hands clapping your breasts.

Sir: Hands on your head! Tina.

You look away from my gaze and lift both hands hesitantly to your head. Your large ripe breasts bobbing up and down tighten and stand proud firm and ripe as you do. Your areolas are as large as the palm of my hand and your nipples stand arrogantly erect. I reach up and pinch your left nipple between my thumb and index finger. You teeter on tiptoes as I pull your breast up to chin level by your nipple. Your mouth tight lipped you grasp in pain.