Sunday, 4 April 2010

I surrender

I just can’t take it anymore! My lusts have taken complete control of my mind and I can’t think straight. How long will you make me wait? I have been walking around like a caged animal all day long, barefoot and with just a short skirt and a top on. Nothing else. Wide open and available for your pleasure. I have been yearning so much it has driven me to desperation. You have explicitly forbidden me to masturbate as you want me as aroused as possible when you come to claim your property. But when are you coming to me? Oh, this is the worst of tortures I have ever experienced and I would rather be suffering on the rack than going through this ordeal.

As you close the door behind you I am drawn into your arms by a magnetism I cannot resist. Please hold me tighter. Your gentle kisses evokes a lust within me which just keeps on growing, making every fibre of my body yearning for love. I know that your soft kisses will turn more and more demanding, that soon you will want to place sweet sucking marks on my neck. Soon your teeth will sink into my flesh leaving marks of love. Please conquer me. I surrender to you completely.

I wrap one leg around you, rubbing myself against you like a shameless slut. My entire being is uproar with the ever consuming fire of lust and passion that rules my body and my mind. Yes, I am yours now. Only yours. Please use me as you wish. I love you passionately and eternally. This is happiness.

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