Monday, 15 August 2011

The whipping of Inmate 347 - beautiful blonde suffering under the lash

Just look into her eyes. Can you imagine her feelings at the moment? Is her mind filled with sheer terror and fear or is she maybe excited about what is going to happen to her? Is she yearning for the kiss of the lash upon her nude body? Either way, this beautiful blonde inmate is now in for a severe whipping. She is regularly whipped and punished and there simply doesn't seem to be an end to her suffering. This is Inmate 347, doing time at a Very Special Prison for women.

She is in the hands of one of the most cruel female wardens you can imagine. The warden will always see to it that her women are punished with the utmost cruelty and she wants vivid marks on their bodies. Just look at her stern face and you will realize that she is indeed a Very Strict Woman. A woman who is enjoying hereself immensely.

The warden oversees the whipping of this blonde beauty and all the time she urges the whipper to lay on the strokes harder. Her screams and the sharp cracks of the whip echoes between the stone walls for what seems like an eternity.

No. 347 can look forward to countless further whippings and you know, I suspect she is really enjoying it. I would definitely love to take her place... mmmmm

Do you want to see the entire video where Inmate 347 is getting whipped? You're going to love this one! Go to Whipped Women - and don't forget to tell 'em that tinaslut sent ya ;-)

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