Sunday, 7 August 2011

Naughty girl trashed by Strict Lady each weekend

Although I am maybe not the greatest fan of Facebook - sometimes I think FB stinks - this forum definitely has its assets. I have made lots of new friends and contacts there and now and then there comes somebody just like myself. Like Titti. We have been talking a lot and it seems like she lives a very exciting life, meeting with her 'strict lady' each weekend. Or, at least, she used to.

Titti is a beautiful Swedish blonde, now living in Malmoe after moving from home. She is 28 yo and one of her greatest passion is dancing, mainly lindy hop, street dance and even some break dance at times. The dancing occupies a great deal of her life when she is not working at a local call center and over the years she has tried out numerous different sports. 'Maybe the sports have been a way of trying to find a substitute for living out my masochistic urges' she says.

Yes, she is a masochist. She tells me that she was always dreaming about submission, spanking and other forbidden pleasures. When playing with other kids she was usually the black sheep who had to be punished and she enjoyed it. Oh yes, it surely brings menories from my own childhood when I was playing Cowboys and Indians with the boys and always seemed to be the one tied to the totem pole... As for Titti, her first real life experience of spanking was together with her then boyfriend and she enjoyed it very much although their relationship didn't last very long.

As with so many of us, Titti's forbidden thoughts would not be suppressed and she started actively seeking information. She went to different fetish parties and although she participatred actively the real special sensation that she was yearning for would not come to her. She also started doing self-punishments but it usually didn't feel very good. The best results were achieved by an improvised spanking machine which she made from a chair, a bamboo stick and a heavy duty rubber band and it almost felt like being caned for real. Yes, this was what she wanted. She really enjoyed feeling strokes from the cane across her bottom without being able to control them herself.

Eventually, Titti met a man who introduced her to spanking and all of a sudden everything fell into place. She realized that what really fired her was having her bottom trashed and she wanted to try anything. As she puts it, she became something of a 'tryoholic' (love that word!) and she tried anything from stinging nettles to various spanking implements. But it wasnt until one day she met a very special lady while chatting in a spanking forum. It turned out they had earlier met at some fetish parties but nothing special had happened. As they were chatting, both Titti and her strict lady realized what they wanted. They were both very interested in good, old-fashioned spankings and corporal punishment, without sex and all the bdsm gear.

When they first met, Titti and her new friend just sat chatting, drinking coffee and so on. They agreed that none of them wante a stop word, in order to make the punishment session as realistic as possible. On their first evening together, Titti got spanked and when she went home that night, she knew that this lady had succeeded to ignite the fire of passion within her – a fire which would just continue growing.

It took a long time before Titti heard from the Strict Lady again but finally she got a very special SMS and from that day they were seeing each other at least every weekend, usually on a Sunday. The sessions generally takes the whole day and at first, Titti presents her diary of the week for approval. Usually there are quite a few reasons for punishment.

The Strict Lady uses many different implements, like canes, belts, birch twigs and lots of different things. Titti especially loves being caned and she is very proud of her marks when the Lady sends her home, very sore and now a good girl. It has happened that the cane has been used with such intensity that it has broken the skin and although that is maybe not Titti’s cup of tea she gladly accepts her punishment and is always longing for their next date. She especially loves ending over a chair, kneeling in the sofa or lying over the kitchen table, her posterior beckoning for the trashing. Corner time and stinging nettles in her pants are other favourites.

It seems like sweet Titti has finally got what she had been dreaming of. But last time we were chatting on MSN she told me she had a new boyfriend and when they met she had stopped seeing the Strict Lady. Sofar he knows nothing about Titti’s secret passions and the question is if their love will be strong enough to extinguish the raging fire within her. Anyhow, it is great to see another girl deciding to do something about her secret fantasies. I wish you all the best for the future, sweetie and I hope to talk to you soon. xxxxx tina

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Delightful photographs of a lovely girl whose neat little bottom I would love to whip and cane.