Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Strange preferences?

Luckily, we are all different and we have our individual tastes. In a relationship we may have to adjust ourselves to the other part to make it work. This can be especially challenging in a bdsm relationship. I realize that I am very lucky to have found a Master who is into the same sort of things that I am. Often we don’t have to speak at all – it just works like it should when we are playing, just because we know each other so well. The big difference is perhaps that he is a bit more sensible than I am… I do have a tendency to want to go too far sometimes.

What is so wonderful is that we also share the same limits, without even discussing it, without safewords. No, sometimes I wish I could use a no-safeword to make the action continue J It may seem strange but it has been there as long as we have known each other. Not that we are exactly reading each other’s minds but we just work in the same way.

So what are my actual limits? Well, first and foremost absolutely NO KIDSEX and NO ANIMALSEX. No scat, either. But on the other hand I enjoy golden showers very much and I love taking the yellow stream in my mouth, swallowing as much as I can. So what’s the difference, one may wonder. Well, I just work this way.

I get simply high on hard floggings and birchings but I also enjoy relatively mild otk spankings. Having my face slapped, hair pulled, ears pinched – yes, it all turns me on. But for some reason a fist in my face would not be as exciting as a slap with open hand. I see nothing exciting with losing a tooth or having my eyes swelled shut because of a blow. But I don’t mind bloody streaks and scars on my body, as long as they are the results of a severe whipping. When the cane bites deep into my flesh, splitting my skin so that blood oozes out from the welts, this and the pain shocks drives me over the top with lust. But just cutting my skin with razor blades or knives would never give me the same satisfaction.

Breaking bones, amputations, mutilation – no, that’s nothing for me. I see nothing sexy about ending up in a wheelchair after a session. Everything connected with hospitals I even find extremely unsexy. Maybe it’s because I have been working a lot in these environments. But a public flogging in the market square in front of thousands of spectators – or grim tortures in a medieval dungeon, YESSSS… both IRL and in my fantasies.

As for the medieval dungeon, being stretched on the rack is OK but not having my limbs dislocated. More or less permanent marks are not only OK but can be very arousing. Yes, I would let myself be put in an Iron Maiden, provided the spikes were rather short and didn’t cause any internal damages. But having your tongue cut off or your eyes stuck out would be definitely wrong, although it did happen in “those good old days”.

I realize I might not be too easy to understand. One problem was actually finding someone who was interested in playing but my biggest problem has always been that those punishing me have been to mild (or meek) and left me frustrated. That is, until I met my Master. Still, there is the security that I know he will never go too far with me, although he will definitely take me over the top.

I realize that I have earned quite a punishment for neglecting my blog and I will get back to that subject very soon. Take care,

Your slaveslut tina


EDWARD said...

Thanks for the update Tina.For keeping us all waiting so long for this update,I am sure a most severe punishment is in order.I hope to read about it here soon. edward.

moonheart said...

Hello Tina,

great post, i can relate to it. I've been in 3 D/s relationships but that didn't work and left me frustrated. Until i met T. We're also on the same level but lifting each other further on new, exciting experiences.

Sweet greetz from mo(onheart)

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Hi swedeslut tina,

Just checking in on you to see what's happening.

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Nympho said...

Hey Tina,

thanks for the comments on my blog glad you enjoyed the post I am just about to post a new sexy post.