Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tina gets it again... mmmmmmm

Yes, I am still around and I am so sorry that I have let you down. Believe me, it is a real encouragement to read your comments and it makes it worthwhile to keep on blogging. Please forgive me for neglecting my readers for such a long time but I can ensure you that this cheap slut will be punished severely for her sins. Yes, it will have to be by my own hand until Master gets back again. But I promise to do the very best that I can and I pray to some higher power to give me the strength to punish myself harder than ever before.

It has started very good. At the moment I am once again spending a few days in peace and tranquillity in a borrowed cabin in the countryside, together with my wonderful friend Ville. Yes, he seems to have recovered quite a bit and it is almost like he never had any troubles with his legs. Of course I realize that our time together is limited but and when the time comes I must accept the fact that I and my faithful friend will have to part. But at the moment we are both enjoying life and we have a great autumn weather with lots of sun. And, not to mention, not a neighbour within miles…

This day I have been trashing myself quite a bit with switches and birch rods. As before, I realize that a good birching is much more effective as the birches have a sting that makes me loose my breath. It is almost like tracks of paon burning deeper and deeper into my flesh and the wonderful heat is spreading through my entire body. I will keep on trashing myself during the afternoon, masturbating like crazy and then start all over again. I want to cover my buttocks with bleeding stripes and scars. Oh, this is so wonderful…. this slut is suffering for you at this very moment and with every stroke that sends waves of pain and pleasure through my body I get a reminder that I must never ever let my readers down like I have done and it is so right that I am being punished this way. Soon my buttocks will be covered with welts and scars but I will not stop it. I must continue. This whore must suffer… she needs it badly… oh, please, give me the strength to keep on trashing myself until my bottom is covered in blood… mmmmmmm soooo wonderful… love it… just can’t stop…

*hugs and kisses* tina

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William Boyson said...


Yes, you deserve a good dose of the birch for being absent so long. Have your thrashings been outdoors? Do you have any photos to share, please?