Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tina's punishments: Branded...

Yes, I have done it now. I am branded by my own hand. Believe me, this is nothing I recommend you to do if you are not very certain about it. There are certainly risks involved, one of them being the risk for infections. To minimize these risk I wore a mask over my face and rubbed the place where I would apply the brand with alcohol.

I branded myself on my right buttock when I was 18 years old which is some time ago... At the time I used a stiff piece of steel wire which I formed into a circular loop with a handle and heated it over a gas flame. I kneeled and stuck my bottom out and when the circle was glowing bright red I immediately pressed the "branding iron" as hard as I could into my flesh and held it there for several seconds. I still remember the sizzling and the smell of burnt flesh. I was surprised that it didn't hurt more than it did but I have later learnt that this may have to do with damaging the nerves in that area. This mark has faded over the years and is now history - the whim of a silly teenage girl. However, what I did this time was a bit different.

I was to brand my left breast with a heated fork, a few centimetres over my nipple, with the tines pointing towards my nipple. As I had no gas burner this time I heated the fork in the oven at 275 degrees and when I thought it was hot enough I pulled it out, holding it with a thick cloth and immediately applied it to my breast so it should keep the heat. This hurt a lot more than branding my rump when I was a teenage girl and the pain shock made me jerk back and the fork got out of position. But it did make a good contact with my skin first... I first applied the base of the fork and quickly pressed the tines into my flesh like you do when mashing potatoes. The brand never penetrated the skin and you could then maybe say it's not exactly "for real". But it surely hurt for a very long time and the area swelled up to be bright red. I was constantly watching it for infections, cleaning it with alcohol and keeping it in open air. Now, a couple of days later, the brand is darker and I never experienced any blisters, nor any infections.

What it did to me was to increase my sexual lust to a degree that I felt like going out of my mind. Yes, I could not stop masturbating and I hardly slept at all during the night. The pain from the burn in my breast would keep on increasing my arousal all the time and I am not ashamed to say I haven't been so horny since I don't know when... I did this with the approval of my Master who is at the moment abroad but we keep in touch on a daily basis so I can report about new self punishments and marks in my flesh.

That's it for now but I think you can expect me to be a lot more active blogging than I have been for a long time. My lust is growing continuously and I am longing for pain... will keep you updated. Hugs and deep passionate kisses from tina in Stockholm.

A very useful tool for many purposes, not only eating... mmmmmmmmmm


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are a bad girl, deserving this punishment. I hope you want more of those!

tinaslut said...

I am indeed a very bad girl and I do deserve all the punishments and pain that is coming to me... mmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I just love you masochistic adventures, Tina. Please don’t stop writing them. I love you blog xx