Saturday, 8 January 2011

The caning of tinaslut - or How to overcome Writer's Block

A good caning is actually a very good remedy for writer's block. Just ask me! As you have seen I have neglected my blog for an unacceptably long time and that is not fair to those of you who are following my blog. But now that Master is home for a while things are getting different. Procrastination and inertia are dangerous enemies when it comes to getting things done and I know I have a tendency to fall back and become inactive at times. Yes, despite all the self punishments I have practised it seems I have a lack of self discipline at times.

That's where the cane can work wonders...

When you start on some project, like blogging, you are often very enthusiastic about it from the beginning and rarin' to go. And it can work well for some time... then the inertia takes over and it's like a roulette wheel going slower and slower until it stops completely. Then you need something pushing you back on track. If inertia slows you down, procrastination is most effective for stopping you to do something about it. But thanks to the cane and my beloved Master wielding it I have overcome those two obstacles.

This week I have been caned each day, two times a day. Instead of applying a specific number of strokes Master starts quite slowly and gently, then strikes faster and harder and before I know it the strokes are raining upon my bottom and thighs like a shower of fire. It's like a spanking machine gone out of control and it always make me desperate for more and my screams of pain are just as much begging to be caned harder and faster. The cane whips up unbelievable masses of endorphins and very soon I am simply high on it... just can't get enough. When Master finally lays down the cane I am so happy to fall into His arms... it's the perfect way of landing after this unbelievably intense trip into subspace (or should I call it 'painslutspace'). More often than not we don't have sex after a session - we are just as happy laying together and feeling the nearness of each other... Master's caresses, soft kisses and words have a soothing effect on me and I know he will be with me all the time so I can relax and feel safe. When my pulse has gone down to normal and I have landed he smears my welted bottom with soothing balm and I simply feel like a newborn woman.

Is this sane? For us it is very much so. The thing is that in a few hours we will both want to do it again. This is maybe not the classic bdsm relationship as it doesn't really involve punishment as such. The worst punishment would be denying me what I crave: a real good trashing. According to the book of rules a punishment is not a punishment if the masochist (=me) enjoys it. But what does it matter? Master enjoys trashing me and I can never get enough of it. Often I beg Him to whip or cane me and he is always happy to do it. Actually, it is Him stopping me most of the times as my hunger for pain is so intense that maybe it's good I don't have a spanking machine after all... it would probably be over-heated ;-)

Is it sensible to get caned again just a couple of hours after a severe caning which has left my bottom globes covered with welts? For me it is very sane. Some of he puffy hard welts on my buttocks sometimes split so that blood appears. I can stand for long periods in front of the mirror, admiring the marks on my body while masturbating... it makes me soo horny.

A side effect of these sessions is that inertia is washed away completely, I get eager and full of energy and immediately want to deal with many things that have been neglected - like this blog. Pain is for me a source of eternal energy which is accessible any time I need it. It can work when I am practising self torture and self punishments but nothing can beat the way Master punishes me - that is, if you can call it a punishment after all. For me it's sheer pleasure and I can never get enough of it...

Time to bend over for the cane again... mmmmmmmm please trash me real hard this time, Master... make me bleed...


Anonymous said...

I have 3 special "Mallaca" canes in there own felt cases. Thin 1/4", med 3/8" & thick 1/2". After you have been trused up on a beam above you with rough hemp & legs spread, ankles tied to rings in the floor with hemp. I select med. for a good whipping on your ass & legs all the way around to your front making thick welts rise on your flesh. Mirrors have been added floor to ceiling so you may watch your own suffering. I get the thick 1/2 " thick "Mallaca" & cut the thick welts to bleed. You havn't cried out till now but for more as you get hot & horney Tinaslut as your ass, hips & legs bleed down your legs to the dirty wooden floor. Last I get the thin Mallaca cane to be used on your belly & breasts
From where I stopped on your legs I start & work my way up to your breasts as hard as the 1/4" will cause welts. You scream, but not to stop but to continue more
& even harder as the cane strikes & welts break & turn bloody as you admire your punishment in the mirrors. You smile as if you are thanking me for your "Cane Flogging". As I carry you to your rooms I can feel you masterbating. I will be calling on you again with my "Martinet. your master from beyond M.

tinaslut said...

mmmm that's a most erotic scenario, indeed... a good trashing with those biting Malacca canes will definitely fire me... don't mind lying face down for a week or so afterwards if I can just get a real savage caning... administred by somebody who's immune to my screams and pleas and who wants to see deep bleeding scars and welts on my body... somebody who wants to hurt me real bad... make me suffer... just can't get enough... beggin for more... harder, please... mmmm