Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Whipped women suffering under the cruel lash

Does the subject of women being whipped excite you? Do you enjoy watching women suffering under the lash? Just look at the posterior of this lusty wench beckoning for the cuts of the whip. Give it to her good... soon she will be hot and ready mmmmmmmm

Master and I love watching videos like this together and they always inspire us for real life punishments. In fact, it seems like Master lays on the whip extra hard on me each time we have
watched a whipping video first.

This blonde actually resembles me quite a lot although she has got larger breasts :-( *jealous*
So it is just right that she gets an extra hard flogging... don't stop... just whip her harder...

Actually, when watching pictures and videos like this I get extremely horny and I have to do something about it real soon. Fortunately Master has allowed me to cum... and I do all the time... mmmm I do need a harsh whipping myself now... if you would like to see more of these gorgeous ladies suffering under the whip, go to Whipped Women.com immediately. Tell them tinaslut sent you - and enjoy!


Breanne said...

I have to agree with you about getting whipped. It drives me crazy, though I'm not sure I could do it like the girls from that website Whipped Women. For me to be able to stand it, I have to be really turned on, or have the strokes concentrated on just my breasts, bottom and vagina. Otherwise... it just hurts. Guess I'm pretty weird.

tinaslut said...

Aren't we all weird, Breanne ;-) I must confess that the spots you mention are my favourite receiving targets, too... and, yes, my thighs... the welts look so good when I am wearing shorts or a short dress going out after a session ;-)

Thomas said...

läser din blogg med stort intresse och är väldigt sugen på att träffa dig. Vill köpa loss dig från din master och sen visa vem som verkligen bestämmer.
Då jag vet att du är en mycket olydig kvinna så skall du straffas som en sådan, straffas och sen hänga där och tänka över dina synder. be om att få mer och mer och jag skulle driva dig till vansinne, när du är som mest sårbar så skulle jag utnyttja dig totalt och förnedrande. skulle knulla dig så hårt så du är på gränsen till att svimma.