Saturday, 21 May 2011

Breanne – a true Texan NHPS!

Ever heard about NHPS before? No? Well, it stands for Nympho Humiliation Pain Sluts and believe me, this sweet Texan redhead surely fits the description extremely well. If you check out her daily assignments posts at you will understand why.

Breanne surely is one of the most exciting friends I have made for a long time in cyberspace and like myself she is constantly horny, a painslut with a never ending desire to experiment and experience new heights. She was kind enough to let me interview her and so I am now very proud to present this farmer’s daughter from Katy, TX, in the good ol’US of A.

Yes, I live on a farm. Actually, I’ve pretty much lived here all my life, except for the four years I was away at college, and even then I was only about forty five minutes away from home. The farm belongs to my parents. Dad inherited it and it has been in the family since before the Great Depression. We’re small and we are mixed use. Half of our land is good grazing, the other half is good for agriculture, so we do a little bit of both. We have a small herd of cattle, about fifteen horses, goats, a few llamas, and somewhere out there is a stupid emu which I can’t catch and my dad bought off a fellow rancher a few years ago to “try out”. On the agricultural side we do mostly soybeans, but we rotate crops every once in a while and handle corn, cotton, and last year, when dad got a burr up his butt, kale. Who the hell eats kale? I’m pretty much the only “farmhand”, which is why I’m not doing “Daily Assignments”, but more like “Once a week assignments.” For big projects we hire temp hands to help out, but mostly it’s just me.

Right, but this blog is supposed to be about sex, violence, sadism and other exciting things so let’s tone down the agricultural part of the story and have a closer look at Breanne Erickson. Who is she really? And, yes, I know you are wondering: how did she get to become a painslut?

To be honest, my interest in pain and humiliation first started after being introduced to the whole BDSM world by my best friend. We were fifteen and I was a frequent over night guest. Kari’s parents were separated and not yet divorced, and Kari had found her dad’s collection of BDSM videotapes. Real VCR tapes! Since her mom was out line dancing, Kari and I snuggled down in the living room, and watched several that evening. I was glad I had a blanket cause I was um… rather taken with the whole thing. We made a habit of watching the tapes over the next two months or so and it became obvious that I identified more with the girls being tormented, while Kari was intrigued by the whole dominatrix thing. Then one night, again by ourselves, Kari held out our two favourite tapes and told me to pick one. Not to watch, but to act out. That night was the first time I had ever been tied down. Kari whipped me, though not hard or anything, and I got screwed with a variety of vegetables from Kari’s fridge. It was awesome and I was hooked.

You get the picture? Breanne tells me that sex wasn’t really a part of her life until she got about twelve. Her mother’s romance novels didn’t do much for her but eventually nature found its way with Breanne and she started to do some self-exploration. She actually lost her virginity to a hairbrush at thirteen!

Today Breanne is a beautiful woman of 25, 5’4/1.63, 117lbs/53 kilos. Officially, she is 36-24-34, with a B sized cup. She is generally playful, a little sarcastic, sometimes moody, but usually pretty positive. She’s also an early riser, usually getting up around five in the morning and usually in bed early. No wonder… you can have a lot of fun in bed mmmmm

As for self punishments these are often an integral part of Breanne’s daily assignments and so she has become pretty used to doing it. Yes, she even does it without anybody ordering her. She often uses clamps and ice on herself. Plus the occasional rubber band. One of her biggest favourites is being whipped but she admits it’s quite hard to do right as you can never spank yourself hard enough (or so she thinks). So she prefers a helping hand… Which makes me want to recommend the use of a sjambok (further details in an upcoming post) or a birch… but maybe birch trees are not so common in Texas? Anyway, these are perfect for whipping yourself and believe me, they do pay big dividends. ;-)

Breanne is also a very productive and exciting writer. She is very modest about it but do check out her blog at and her stories on and I think you will agree with me that she is something special. She got in touch with Michael Alexander who was starting up his website and he asked her to join as a co-author. Yes, she does get paid for her work but as I understand it this hasn’t sofar really made her a rich woman. But, what the heck, her parents pay her for taking care of the farm, as well as giving her room and board, so she doesn’t really have many “expenses”, unless you call purchasing condoms in bulk an expense…

Breanne’s family are aware of her bisexuality but her actual sexual activities are unknown to them. She has learnt the hard way not to be too open about her sex life since the day a guy with whom she had been doing cam sessions turned up at her and her girlfriend’s apartment and wanted her IRL. They had to call the cop to get him out.

Are you getting curious about this girl? Do check out her story Riding The Wooden Horse at the free story archive at and I am sure you will agree with me that she is indeed somethin’ else. She tells me she would love to live the life of 'O' for real and would even accept the brand.

Breanne’s Daily Assignments is a regular feature of her blog and she has told me that she will gladly accept an assignment from YOU, my dear blog followers. This is provided the assignment does not clash with her preferences and it should also make for good reading. But I am sure you can think of many ways to punish this lovely lass at a distance. Her limits are no blood, no pee or scat play, no children, and nothing that will get her arrested (within reason). She adds:

I also like to make sure everyone who proposes an assignment understands that I’m REALLY doing these things, so they have to be realistic. So if you assign me to “screw three hundred guys”, I’m going to have to negotiate a little about that. I also am allowed to nix things based on medical reasons. See, the nice thing about being a submissive is that we are really the ones in charge. We can always say no. We just don’t want too!

Do you want to dominate sweet Breanne and give her an assignment? Please send a detailed description of what you want her to do IRL and I will forward your messages to her instantly. She will report about her assignment in her blog (and hopefully mine). And do become a VIP member of the Michael Alexander Stories for more great stories from Breanne and MORE!

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She should get the biggest enema she could take with 20% glycerine and 80% water, plug it up with a buttplug,get a gag-ball and whip herself with nettles. I asure you its the hardest and most satisfying thing ever trying not to shit yourself (you wont, it just feels like it with that full belly) whilst feeling the burning nettles not being able to scream. To make it a bit more interesting add a pussy pump or a huge vibrator to it and some tiger balm to the nipples.