Thursday, 28 August 2008

Mary Bryant - The Whipping Scene

The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant is a 2005 film loosely based on the life of Mary Bryant, an Irish English (Cornish) girl convicted of petty theft and is transported to the Australian Penal Colony on the First Fleet with other prisoners bound for Botany Bay. I hope you will enjoy this clip from the film.


EDWARD said...

laced mary pretty good I'd say.A little over the top,but fun to see just the same.Almost as rough as MOOD PICTURES.COM .THEY TEAR EM UP OVER THERE. edward.

Anonymous said...

A very good and just punishment for this hooker-sow, with a holy god whip on her naked whorish body is just and fair,for her unholy life in prostitute!
She is not human,but she is a bad wilde beast and in name of the holy bible,this dirty sow must after her flogging enslaved in chains and sold on a African slave market as slave woman for a very cruel ugly fat stinking brutal man.

tinaslut said...

Sadly, YouTube have removed the clip now. But you are right, it was a great, vivid whipping scene and the prospect of being sold on an African slave market is something I find highly arousing... mmmmm