Saturday, 7 June 2008

A great tool for self-punishment

I have found a truly great tool for self-punishment! It’s a hard wooden paddle, length 47 cm. The paddle is heavy and very well balanced and it lies perfectly in my hand. Since I found it yesterday I have been using it very actively on my bare bottom and the burning pain it produces with every smack is something absolutely wonderful. The fire spreads from my bottom, orgasm to my sex and I’m not ashamed to confess that I am horny as a bitch in heat after a session with the paddle. Last night I was smacking my rump as hard as I could while masturbating and the ever consuming fire drew me to one marvellous orgasm after another.

This wonderful tool enables me to strike hard at exactly the spot I want to which can be hard when using whips, rods and switches. When I spank myself with the paddle I am overwhelmed by a strange fever, an obsession with continuing, to smack myself as hard as I possibly can to make the burning pain keep growing. Even if I smack myself very hard, the sound is muffled and discreet so the paddle is perfect when I am by myself for a short while and simply must have a good spanking right on the spot. Right now I have given myself a really hard trashing, smacking myself for a very long time and my poor globes are two glowing red balls of pure pain. I am sitting with my tortured swollen bottom on a wooden chair and the cold, hard surface feels so soothing and nice against my red hot rump.

When the fire eventually fades away, a deep, numb pain remains and the slightest touch is a very painful experience. At the slightest movement I am reminded of my thoroughly spanked bottom. I expect to be really black and blue the next days but it’s so good… mmmmmmm

I have been thinking about how to optimize the effect of this wonderful tool of correction. Maybe I should drill some holes through the paddle or carve some marks into the wood so that they are reproduced on my buttocks after each whack. Another possibility would be gluing some metal object to the paddle, with a structure sticking out. Then the metal would be embedded deep into my flesh as I whack myself and leave perfect impressions, just like a stamp. This would be the closest I could get to being branded with a red hot branding iron, something which I have yet to experience. But I am certainly dreaming about it and I am yearning for the day it shall become reality…

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needy girl said...

Det där är ju en sån man slår med om man missat bollen med det riktiga slagträt på de två första chanserna i brännboll. :)