Friday, 9 April 2010

Behind closed doors

Please come to me. I am yearning for your touch, reaching out my hand to caress your soft hair. My pouting lips are yearning for the touch of yours. Your sweet ripe swelling lips. Please come close to me. We hug and for a while I bury my face in your soft golden hair, totally filled by the sweet scent of you. Gently my lips touch the soft skin of your cheek, advancing kiss by kiss towards your sweet kissable lips. Our hands are slowly sliding down each others bodies and as I feel your hands cupping my bottom globes I rub myself slightly at you, first cautious, then more determined. Our breasts are pressed together and I can feel your stiff hard nipples pressing into my flesh. My gorgeous friend, if you only knew the power you have over me by just being you. I am attracted to you by a magnetism that hold me captured forever and I could never break away even if I wanted to.

We have all the time in the world. Our kisses get more and more intense, passionate, lustful, yearning, demanding. We are exploring each other with all our senses and our tongues and fingers seem to find spots that we were unaware of ourselves. I keep coming back to your lips, mesmerized by their firmness and beauty, pressing the tip of my tongue in between them, feeling you opening yourself up to greet me. Our tongues playing with each other, we are sucking, biting, first gently, then more demanding and I can feel a streak of viciousness from you as you sink your teeth into my lips… mmmm you have conquered me and you know it… your pretty love bites on my neck, biting my years, suddenly your teeth are all over me, our kissing becoming more aggressive, our caresses turning into pinching, slapping, our nails sinking in to flesh, leaving marks on soft skin… you clearly are the dominant part now… before I know it I lie on my back spread wide open, so utterly exposed for you… mmm you gorgeous wonderful powerful female, you have conquered me and I know that this is just a beginning of what’s to come… and I am in heaven, totally swept away by an immense wave of passions and lusts so intense they fill my entire being, my mind, my soul, every nerve of my body… please let this never end… mmmmmmm xxxxxxxxx


Scipio said...

Have you ever had too much pain, so that you need to stop your Master?

What is your wildest dream, that you do not dare to test?

Master Scipio

tinaslut said...

No, honestly that has not yet happened. I dare say that's because Master is very good at reading me and it's actually him holding me back.

As for a dream I would not dare to test I don't think I have one. We have tested things that didn't do much for either of us, like electro torture. But generally we share the same kinks and like the same things.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tina, just beautiful. xx