Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Whoring - my new career?

Have you noticed that the spring is advancing now? At least here in Stockholm it is and as always this time of the year you get lusty and eager. At least I do. I can't help thinking on my way to work thay maybe I should have chosen another career. What if I was now on my way for a day's work in a brothel instead? I'm positive I would make a great prostitute. A whore. Surely enough many women have ended up in this trade unvoluntarily and it's just a shame that so many are forced to do it against their will. But what if I made it for kicks and could earn some extra money in the process? After all, isn't working for somebody else really a form of prostitution? Would I enjoy it?

Yes, I think so. I am more or less constantly horny and wherever I am and whatever I do my thoughts seem to drift away in a certain direction. Sex and submission occupy a great deal of my thoughts. Many other women have secret fantasies about rape and I'm sure many also about selling their bodies. But what if it was real? How do you start? My mental image of it is not being a high class escort but rather a cheap whore whom men would just use to get their instant satisfaction. Yes, I think that would suit me fine. The brothel I would go to each day would preferably be in the outskirts of town, a shabby place where you can get sex really cheap. In most trades I suppose you establish a relationship with your customers but I would rather see them as faceless individuals who just want my sexual services and leave me just as soon as they have shot their load into me. Just as personal a contact as if I was being fucked by a fucking machine and naturally I would offer all my bodily orifices for use.

I'm not seriously thinking about giving up my present job (yet) but these are thoughts that do come to me on beautiful sunny spring days like this. What if Master allowed me to work in a brothel in daytime? Would it make sex a tedious subject for me, like my present job can be at times? I don't think so. On the contrary, I think it would make me even more aroused. You may have read my book The Love Of the Lash and although it's pure fiction there is a lot of myself in the heroine. Also, I know I am really good in bed. Maybe prostitution really is my trade? I really have to talk to Master about this... ;-)

Take care all and enjoy life to the fullest. I certainly do. xxxxx tina


Anonymous said...

let me know .. i'd like to be the first one to use you in the way you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Yes tina you are right. If the statistics are right that is. Something like 98 % of all prostituted women would give up prostitution tomorrow if they were able. And only 2% of women would stay in prostitution. You are right again the majority of prostituted women are forced into prostitution against their will. Something like 75% of prostituted woman were sexually abused as children. The average age of entry for a young girl is fourteen. Although in recent year both in the UK and USA there has been an increase in the number of children as young as nine. All this is known by our current government. What do they do? They legislate to keep the abuse going.

However, having said that, there is this concept of a “free woman”. Dose, she really exist? Why are women forced into prostitution? For, money nothing else. Women do go into prostitution voluntary and some make a career out of it. However, whether forced, pimp-controlled, voluntary or for fun, prostitution dose great damage to women. Studies have shown that in areas where there is an increase in forced or pimp-controlled prostitution, violent crime against ALL WOMEN in those areas increases. I think it is important to recognise the difference between fantasy sex and reality.

There are really only two types of women in life. No I am not talking about Princess and whore. Or even wife and whore. I am talking about the “honest woman” and the “dishonest woman”. The WIFE and WHORE. What they do and there reasons for doing it are exactly the same. However, for a wife to get here dumb head around such a concept means the fickle minded slut has to think out of the box. Ok she may not be a public convince like the whore. But most “whores” see themselves as “free women”. Women who cannot find what she needs in one man. So she looks to many men to meet her needs. Understand it is not always money she looks for, sometimes just favours. A man to provide income, a man for security, a man to provide legal help and man to love her, a man to be her friend and man to fore fill her fantasies a man to be her soul-mate etc…etc…etc. The concept of the “free woman”, is simply a woman who looks to many men to meet her needs. The Wife is stuck with the same old boring bastard day-in-day out. The whore in a sense is the honest woman and the wife is the dishonest woman.

Tina you are a slut, you enjoy being a slut. And yes there are lots of men who just love a good for nothing dirty slut. I know from what you have already said you are going to try prostitution. You will try it because it is there! Because it is a challenge you cannot resist. Because you are drawn to it. Because it excites you. The thing is to know your reasons for doing it. Never become dependent on it for a living and never let anyone force or control you. And for heaven sake get out sooner than later. Suicide amongst prostituted women in London is ten times greater than the national average.

Please note I use the term “prostituted woman”. Why, because there is no such thing as a “prostitute” only “prostituted women”. Think, about it?


siegfried said...

To the longish Anonymous:

"Won't somebody please think of the children?"

Helen Lovejoy

Anonymous said...

Leave children out. Well, I recognise, “Children”, “Women” and “Pensioners” are people that we don’t look after very well in this country. So if by leave them out you mean forget them. Well, that is just my point. They have been forgotten and left out. And that is why some many are on the game. Bush it under the carpet. Forget it. Don’t talk about it. It was the same amounts Germans in Nazis Germany, it was better not to talk about the treatment of the Jew. Is call denial…the mind just switches off, because it is too painful to deal with. Was that always the case in the UK? No, not at all, but it has been in very recent history. One in two marriages in Britain will end in divorce. Which brings me back to marriage, the family and prostitution. Most women are forced into prostitution against their will. This in not only the result of studies by government here in the UK, this is also born out by similar studies in the USA and Europe. However, with the collapse of marriage increasingly a new generation of woman view “prostitution” as an alternative lifestyle to marriage. However, almost all prostituted women would far, far prefer marriage to prostitution.


tinaslut said...

Interesting thoughts, indeed. With all its negative sides I feel prostitution is here to stay. As one of the oldest occupations in the history of mankind it will continue to exist as long as there is a demand for it. Supply and demand is what rules any market.

Why, then, should I want to try it out? Not for money, that's for sure. No, more like an experience. A roleplay where I pretend to be a whore is one thing but I readily confess that the thought of doing it for real has occupied my mind a great deal. Yes Master, we have been discussing this a lot. If or when it is to be done there will be none of the usual negative elements like drugs, violence or abuse involved. It will just be me meeting a demand. I am convinced that I will enjoy it, too. And, whenever we decide it's enough, I'm out of it...

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2

Your initial question was do you think you would make a good whore? Legislators do have problems with prostitution in the UK. The dichotomy is this, on one hand you have women and children forced into prostitution against their will and on the other hand you have “free women”.

Whether a woman is a prostituted woman or not she has the exactly the same rights of protection by the law as any other citizen. Something like 3 out of every 4 prostituted women in the UK are forced into prostitution against their will. And it UK law sets out to protect these women and children against abuse. Believe me the legislation is this country is very advanced, sound and solid. Recently, due to the murder of three prostituted women in the UK. The British law has been amended in such a way that anyone caught hiring the service of a women forced into protection against their will, faces a mandatory life sentence. Exactly the same sentence handed out to rapists. It dose not matter if the client knew this before he or she committed the act. Ignorance is NO excuse in the eyes of the British Law! Furthermore, studies show that in areas where there is an increase in forced or pimp controlled prostitution there is also an increase in violent crime in all categories, against ALL WOMEN in those areas. By all categories it means: child sexual abuse, beating, rape, suicide and murder.

So why not make prostitution illegal in Britain. Well this again presents its own problems. In states in America where prostitution is illegal sixty percent of the female prison population are prostituted women. What do these women do as soon as they are released? Well, they go straight back on the game. Not really a solution at all. Ok in some states in America they do run successful rehabilitation programmes for such women, yet despite there enormous success of these programs. In reality they are few and far between. It sounds crazy because rehabilitation costs the American taxpayer just a tenth of what it costs to lock these women up and they are almost eighty percent successful. British police are reluctant to prosecute prostituted women, because if they do they get fined and then have to go back onto the streets in order to pay the court fine. In which case the legal system is benefiting from immoral earnings, which is a criminal offence under British Law. The other problem is the reason you quite rightly mention. What about “free women”, the 25% of women who go into prostitution voluntarily. To make prostitution illegal would cut right across their rights and the rights of an individual to make their own choices. Another, point that is not often stated is that the British Government acknowledges that prostituted women actually contribute towards the general quality of life in positive way. Therefore, in Britain prostitution is completely legal provided the women trading sex is a “free woman” in other words it is her choice without any intimidation or duress.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 2

Now if you do decide to become a “whore” than what is the best practice? Do you become a street worker, an escort or build-up your own excusive clientele? Street work although it is the most lucrative side of the profession, it is also the most dangerous. For not only are you up against the hatred of the general public, you will end up being kidnapped, beaten, raped and even worse. So Tina, steer clear of street work. Escorting is by far a much safer, more discreet way to go. Remember an escort is not actually being paid for sex. She is in fact being paid for her time. However, what her client chooses to do with their time together is a matter between yourself and your client.

Now I don’t want you to think that I am in anyway promoting prostitution. Because I am not! What I am trying to give you is the benefit of my understanding and best practice. There are occupational hazards in almost all public service work. Prostitution is no exception! I will put up a blog just for the benefit of yourself and any of your friends on best practice. It just may help you to avoid some of the pitfalls that can be frightening, dangerous or even life threatening. Understand, that some women go though a whole life of prostitution, make lots of money, meet lots of people and make lots of good friends, without anything bad happening to them.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Tina. Here is a link you may be interested in?


Anonymous said...

Ok Tina. I don’t intend it to be the last word. But the blog will answer a lot of questions. I have put some useful link on the blog. I will start adding content later.

Here is the link:-



Anonymous said...


I sit waiting, sipping at the ale. They certainly serve a good pint here, I think to myself. Just then a gentleman comes into the pub and starts looking around. Then looking over at my table and his face lights up and with raises his eyebrows passes me a look of recognition, walks over to my table and says. “Is it”?

I smile dryly and answered. “Yes of course it is”.

“I will just get a pint. What are you drinking?”, he enquires.

“Make mine their Special Brew”, I reply.

He smiles and walks up to the bar. When he returns he puts the pint in front of me and sits down opposite. Takes a sip from his pint and says

“We are talking about Tina, aren’t we?”, he asks.

“So you are the proud owner of that filthy slut?” I muse.

“I suppose that is one way of putting it” he laughs and then adds, “What exactly are your intentions?”

“That whore of yours is nothing more than a piece of slut meat. Why her mother would be absolutely horrified to discover what a nasty girl, she has tuned out to be. As for her poor father. But don’t you worry I will teach that bitch, I will bring her back into line. I will teach her good and proper don’t you worry about that!”

His eyes light up and he smiles, “You’re a big fellow my friend, do you do any martial arts?”

“No, not martial arts, more western style, more your Sylvester Salon type.” I reply.

“No kidding, you appear to me to be the proper Gent, but in a larger frame. A really decent sort, but definitely not the sort to mess with. So you intend to string that bitch up like the piece of slut meat she is and knock some bloody sense into her? Do you?” He enquires in an excited tone.

“Something along those lines”, I say not wanting to disappoint him too much at such an early juncture. “But your interest in martial arts is that your, interest?”

“Kick boxing actually, but steady she does have her limits!”, comes his reply.

I pull out a packet of panatela cigars and offer him one, he takes from the pack, before I unwrap one for myself. Then flick the flint with my thumb and light his cigar before my own.

“She doesn’t give a very good description of herself on her blog, what dose she look like?”. I enquire.

He reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out a wallet from which he draw some photographs and hands a couple to me.

“Woww she is some beauty isn’t she? I can certainly see why you are so proud of her! Though, I suppose, looking like that, she must lead men a merry dance. Perhaps most would simply want to play with all that flesh and wouldn’t give her the discipline she really needs.”

“That I am afraid is half the problem”, he says calmly.

I turn to look at the other photograph, “I am impressed. Quite a strapping lass?”

“Strapping yes. However, her breasts are very tender. Please, take a look at these.”

I draw though the cigar and blow a plum of smoke into the air, flick the ash off the glowing ember then place the cigar into the ashtray before taking the photograph off him.

“Good, very good. The welts, I presume are your own handy work”, I chuckle.

His whole face lights with a big smile. “Oh, yes!” he exclaims with delight, but these are even better.

“I must admit, I am very impressed, you really know how to keep that bitch of yours in order!”, I chuckle.

Anonymous said...


“But don’t get too carried away, my good man, because you must respect Tina’s limits” he says firmly.

“Limit, yes limits, we all have limits, my friend”, I say as I reach into my lapel pocket and hand him a brown envelope.

He takes the envelope and looks around shifty. I smile and say, “Don’t worry my friend it is all there. Count it”.

He picks up a knife and cuts open the top of the envelope. “Gosh, a fair sized wedge there pal.” He exclaims with approval.

Just then the barmaid walks into view she is holding a poster and is heading in our direction. With her double D breasts swaying from side to side, bobbing up and down. The eyes of the men in the pub follow her like hawks. “Take a look at that”, I say to my friend.

He turns, laughs and says she’s a big lass. She turns the corner out of my view and then says out loud if as addressing the barman. “I need some pins, these ones are stuck in too deep”.

“I prefer to use tacks myself”, I quip to my friend.

He looks up still thumbing his way through the notes and says, “No the heads would be too small”. And then returns to his counting.

“I am not sure the size of the heads really matters, it is the size of the sharp end that really count, just use a funnel”, I muse.

He looks up at with a quizzical expression.

Realising that he is not on my wavelength I change my tact, “Look I have these two ping-pong bats. I have knocked twenty five, one inch tacks into each bat. All I do is spray the her tits with a neat solution of bleach and smack those bats in good and hard!”

The barman shouts out to the barmaid, “Use these to pull them out!” He is holding up a pair of long-nosed pliers.

“No I wasn’t talking about that, the money there is more than we had agreed?” he replied frowning.

“Twice as much more, in fact my friend.”, a token of my gratitude to you for letting me use your slut.

“You know something I have spent a lot of time and effort on that useless slut. It is about time I got some return on my investment.”

“Damn right, my dear fellow and that is exactly why I have given you the bonus. In appreciation of all your efforts.”

My attention has been stolen by a large spider running beneath the table. It stops as if it has just noticed me observing it.

“Take a look at the size of that fellow”, I say looking under the table.

He looks under the table and says, “I should take it home to Tina”.

“Why dose she like spiders?”, I ask curiously.

“Oh, no, she hates them!”, he muses.

“You mean almost as much as she loves ants”, we both start laughing.

“Tina is absolutely terrified of stuff like that. The other day I found her shrieking in her kitchen. It turned out to be a mouse.”

“What a little mouse! What harm could a cute little mouse, possibly do to her? You should do something to help her get over all these phobias.”

“I was rather hoping you might be able to help her in that direction”

“I am sure I could, if I put my mind to it. If you really think, she is worthy of all my efforts and attention”

“Well, to be honest I am not sure she is worthy. But I am sure that a man of your calibre might take my worthless slut and turn her into a more worthy whore.”

“From what you tell me, I don’t think she is a lost cause. I understand she doesn’t like electricity either?” I enquire.

“No. She finds it really quite boring”, comes his reply.

“You must have had the voltage turned down low. What she needs a short sharp shock”, I say calmly.

Anonymous said...


“Mmmm… Maybe your right”, he says thoughtfully.

“Here is the time and place, you will get her back at the end of the weekend as promised”. I tell him.

“Is it is still half up front and half on successful completion”, he asked me in a concerned.

“It is indeed my friend, it is indeed”, come my reply

“Now what did you say Tina’s limits were, exactly?”, I enquire.

“Limits? Tina doesn’t have any limits! I just don’t want her hospitalised. I need to keep that useless whore working. I need to keep the money rolling in. So please avoid her face, don’t break any bones and don’t cut anything off! Just stick to those simple rules, pal and everything else is fine and dandy.”

“Well, am pleased to hear that, because I promise you, Tina is in for a rude awakening. I am going to show that slut what hell really looks like”

“Look she is a real drama queen, she will cry, scream, spit, howl and shout all kinds of abuse at you. You know stuff like “I am going to the police, you evil bastard and have you put away for life!”. That sort of shit. But just ignore her it is just crocodile tears. She loves it. The worse thing get the more the stupid slut loves it. Because if you are not completely satisfied with her performance get right back to me. Because whatever you do to her will be pail in significance to what I will do to that stupid bitch!” He says almost shouting.

“Good”, come my reply.

“Now I really must use the loo, do you know where it is in this place?”, he asked urgently.

“You mean the gentleman’s, go through the lobby at the other end of the bar there is a door through that door into the hallway and it is the door opposite.”, I say as I point through the lobby. He get up shakes my hand and disappears down through the lobby.

tinaslut said...

Wonderful scenarios! It's just that it's a bit difficult to know who's who as everybody's posting as 'anonymous'. But it will indeed be interesting to follow the story of how the whore will learn her lesson. Is she to be kidnapped or delivered voluntarily?

Anonymous said...

Tina I really like you. The more twists in the story the better. I can almost feel where you want me to go. Go on tie me up, bundle the bitch in the back of a van. Grope her molester her, manhandle her. After all, she is nothing but a piece of slut meat. Ok, I will re-write it as if in a play and email it to you. Perhaps tie her up. Chuck her into the back of a van and drive to a meeting point. Drag the bitch out and throw her into the boot of my car. Or maybe just drop her in a forest. You know tie her up naked and just drop her there for me to pick up. Perhaps the guys might even tie her to a tree naked and rape her before. I arrive to pick the whore up.

I didn’t really think that far. Maybe you got some ideas. Or maybe someone else could add some suggestions. I really like the idea of the transaction between your master and myself. That is cool.