Thursday, 8 April 2010

Pliers - the tools of lust

I am standing in front of the bathroom mirror, making myself ready for an important meeting. For a while I was considering the lipstick which I call ‘whorish red’ but I realize it wouldn’t be appropriate. All of a sudden I am overwhelmed by lust. It can happen anytime and often when I am in a hurry, like now. I am expected at the meeting in less than 30 minutes and should be rushing out. But what do I do? I become itchy and sultry and realize that I must ease the pressure in one way ore another. My nipples are stiff and erect,protruding through the fabric of my top. Right away I realize what I must do. Like in a trance I walk away to a cupboard and come out with a pair of flat jaw pliers. I stand in front of the mirror and take off the top to expose my b cups with its hard nipples. I close the jaws slowly around my left nipple and gradually apply more pressure, twisting and pulling. All the time I am looking into my eyes, focusing on them. Just as if somebody else was guiding my hand my grip of the handles hardens and as my nipple is crushed between the jaws I feel the pain building up to an extent that it becomes too much. But I still press the jaws together, flattening my nipple. Tears are flowing down my face as I crush my nipple harder and harder between the jaws of the pliers. For a while I ease the grip just to press the handles together again, harder this time.

When I go over to my right nipple my left one is hurting like an open wound and the excrutiating pain spreads through my body. I want to make my right nipple hurt even more and press the handles together so hard I feel my wrist starting to shake. I have to bite my lips to endure the pain and my eyes are blinded by tears.

When I finally rush out my nipples are hurting extremely and every move I make is very painful as my crushed swollen nipples presses against the fabric of my top. I am lucky to immediately catch a bus and I will be arriving at the meeting just in time. I chose a seat in the back of the bus and I have my briefcase over my lap. Nobody can see what I am doing and I just must rub myself. Can I get an orgasm before I get off the bus? I simply must relieve all the tension that has built up within me. Surely the people at the meeting will feel the scent and realize what I have done? But do I care? I simply cannot resist. I have to bite my lip hard to prevent me from crying out as I come and my panties are wet. Surely it must be obvious to everybody?

I put the pair of pliers in my bathroom cupboard for further use whenever I feel needy. Naturally I am longing for you to use them on my nipples and other parts of my body. Not to mention that I am just dying to feel your teeth closing around my hard erect nipples, sinking into them, making me scream from pain-filled lust... mmmmm please bite me real hard...


Master Scipio said...

Hello Tina and welcome back.

Plier sounds like a good ide, I will use it on my slut too. On tits and clit.

I have teached her some things since she moved to my place. Deepthroat, pussy fisting and of course whipping and wax. Next is putting clothe pegs all over her and finally give her a golden shower to wash her dirty mouth.

Wish me luck...

Master Scipio

Anonymous said...

Yes Tina. Long nosed pliers too… The hard cold steel against your warm soft flesh. The idea of pinching a small speck of your areola, pinching, twisting and making you scream. Is such divine bliss? To clamp it so tight that it produces a small blood blister in your tender flesh. To take a blow torch and to warm the steel tips. Not cold now but frighteningly, impossibly warm. Maybe make the tips glow red. And sweep them tormenting across your breasts, you nipples. Maybe even viscously stabbing them in. Nipping, burning at your tender flesh. Leaving your flesh bruised, burnt and blistered. But why stop simply at your breast your areola and your nipples? Those pointed steel are wonderfully adaptive for seeking out a girls most tender flesh and her every venerability.

tinaslut said...

Master Scipio: Yes, I hope you have a great time together, with much enjoyment on both sides.

Anonymous: I like the way you think... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tina it is important in your attainment of true virtue, to observe, what I call the three graces, obedience, humility and discipline.

Obedience, is not simply about doing as you are told, it is about listening, observing and obeying. Humility is understanding that you are not simply placed upon this earth for your own self-interested aims or self-gratification. That you share this space with other humans who too have their needs and wants and desires and that you should strive to, in at least some part to, satisfy these needs and there is virtue in that.

Humility is mainly about giving yourself to others. For the root to love and self-forefillment can only be won though humility. Humility is the precursor of charity. And charity is “gift-love”.

As for discipline, Tina, nothing worthwhile was ever achieved without discipline. A disciplined mind is a focused mind and is the result of a disciplined body. But you don’t need to worry yourself too unduly about this. For here is man who really knows how to hurt a girl.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tina! I can hear the sizzling of your tender flesh. Your scream of mercy and the smell of fresh cooked bacon.