Thursday, 26 June 2008

Tina’s stinging nettle punishment, part 2

Yes, I did it last night… and believe me, it was one of my most wonderful experiences sofar!

I was a bit nervous as I was picking stinging nettles. The Dom who ordered me to do this had warned me that an “overdose” might cause allergic reactions and advised me to be careful. My first experience with the nettles had been a very arousing one but this time the punishment would be much more severe and prolonged.

Still I had no choice but obeying. Last night I arranged the boquets of stinging nettles neatly beside me, standing with my hands behind my head, eyes closed, visualizing what was to happen to me. After a long while of suspense, I put the first boquet of nettles on the hard wooden chair and sat down on them, rubbing my buttocks against them.

It took longer time than yesterday for the nettles to really start burning. But when they did, it felt like thousands of red hot nails were driven right into my flesh, with the fire and pain spreading from each one. The pain almost made me delirious and it took all the self-determination I could muster to stay seated. But I did, and as my entire body was on fire, suddenly I felt myself drifting into what you might call subspace, the pain being transformed into a state of ecstacy. Eventually the effect of the nettles was diminishing and I then turned the boquet around to have a taste of the other, fresh side. My buttocks were red, burning and covered with blisters, but still I wanted more. I needed it. I craved it.

I have no idea how long I was sitting on the burning, stinging nettles but eventually I got up and once again stood for a long while with my hands behind my head, sending thoughts of gratitude to the Dom who had ordered me to do this. Then it was time for the second boquet. This time the pain shocked me so much that I lost my breath. I thought that the pain would feel less the second time but it proved to be the other way around. But still this strange excitement was building up inside me and while I was suffering from the ever consuming fire, my juices started flowing. I was allowed to play with myself but not to come at this stage.

After a second pause of contemplation, sobbing from the extreme pain and fire in my buttocks, it was time for le grand finale. I took the third boquet, a somewhat smaller one, and placed it in the crack between my buttocks, while clenching my thighs. Then I drew the nettles forward, between my thighs and over my now very wet pussy.

Strangely enough, this did not hurt as much as I had expected. It transpired that I must do it very slowly to get maximum effect. When I did, it was so painful I had to cry out and tears were flowing down my face. Still, I carried on and the effect the nettles had on the sensitive flesh of my inner thighs was especially painful. I had expected it to be worse when the nettles touched my pussy but actually it felt good although it had the same burning effect there. I was now completely wild with lust and started rubbing myself with the nettles, masturbating with them and when I climaxed, my orgasms were so intense that I fell to the floor, spasmodically twitching.

As a bonus I was to give myself a birching, with fifty strokes on each buttock. I took position and swung the switch with full force. When it bit into my sore, burning buttock I gasped from pain. The effect was so much more intense from the nettle torture that I could not believe it. Still, I was determined to go through with my punishment and I did, although it took much longer time than usual. When I had administred the 100th stroke I had to lay down masturbating again and I climaxed repeatedly, with several orgasms in a row.

This was wonderful and I am very grateful to the Dom who ordered me to do this. Tomorrow is a great day, as you, my beloved Master, will be with me again. When I meet you, I will be wearing something very special. Yes, I just put this one on and it will stay on for two days, no matter what you and I do during this time. I have attached strings so it can be tightened at will.

Believe me, this slut loves to suffer for you… ;-)


Adam said...

Tack för kommentarerna på vår blogg, det värmde!
Vi har kört igång en liten tävling idag som du jättegärna får vara med i om du vill, kom in och läs om den :)
Den där Bh:n såg riktigt farlig ut...ojoj!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I like your blog. If you like we could exchange links betwen our blogs.

Let me know!!!


EDWARD said...

The nettle punishment sounds like a lot of fun,Im going to try that myself,thanks for the detailed description of your self torture.cant wait to hear about the tack bra,from the looks of it,it will be a challenge to wear 24 hours.sleep on your belly for me. edward.

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