Saturday, 21 June 2008

Sometimes enjoyment has low priority

I know that there are many of you out there who are waiting for news about me using the thumb tack-bra as self-punishment, which you voted for in my poll. However, I have been forced to postpone this a bit as something just happened which makes me realize there are more important things in life than playing erotic games.

This afternoon I was suddenly missing Ville, my faithful dog. He usually lies resting outside my door, guarding. However, all of a sudden he was gone. After searching for a long time I found him sitting behind some bushes, panting and obviously in great pain . Soon I realized that his hind legs would not bear him and I had to help him stand up.

I had feared for a long time that something like this would happen. Big dogs like Ville often get problems with their joints as they grow old and he is now over 11 years old. Naturally, I had to take him to the nearest emergency animal hospital to get him some help. They took an X-ray and as they explained it to me, I realized this was serious. At the same tame, the female veterinarian asked me discretely if I had thought about the option of putting him to rest before the pain became too much.

It may sound strange but at this very time Ville turned his head at me and looked straight into my eyes. His eyes said it all. Please, don't! I will come back. I will tell you when the time has come for us to part. It was an extremely strong moment and with tears trickling down my face I told the friendly doctor that I would like to try to help him come back. She understood and I got a prescription for some strong pain killers which would help him. I had to support him as we went back to the car but the injection he had got at the hospital seem to make him stronger.

At the moment my only concern is Ville and I want to help him t get well as much as I can. I will have to concentrate on this so I hope you will bear with me for a while. The self-punishment will be carried out but I hope you understand that my thoughts are now elsewhere. All of a sudden I was pulled back to reality from the world of excitement where I have been dwelling for a long time.

Talk to you as soon as I can.



Outlaw said...

HI Tina, I hope your dog gets better. Best wishes.

Qarl said...

Thanks for sharing about your dog and your concern. Take care of Ville and yourself, because he obviously needs you now. All the best to Ville.

EDWARD said...

So sorry to hear about Ville.Same problem with my last best friend Bud.Heart breaking for sure,Be strong. edward.