Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Please whip me real hard!!!

God, I feel so hot now! Yes, I'm horny and wet and I just can't stop visualizing. Please note that I don't say fantasizing but visualizing. That's a big difference! Many of us have fantasies but when it's just about mental pictures without really feeling it, experiencing it, desiring it... then it'll stop at just that. A fantasy, just like watching a film or reading a book and then it's back to reality. But what starts as a dream or a fantasy and is fuelled by an ever increasing desire and lust will become reality in the long run! You don't believe me? Well, try it for yourself. There are many books about affirmations around and basically they all tell the same thing: visualize something, desire it - and it will become reality. That goes for masochistic sex dreams as well as more tangible assets like money or whatever you may want.

I have realized that all the time. It's just that for a time I lost my focus. But now everything feels great and I feel the lust and desire building up within me more and more every second... mmm I will have to experience real life pain now before I go insane. And I will experience it!

Somebody might have wondered what happened to the story 'Tina in Saudi Arabia'. Well, I will continue writing on it now. Blame it on procrastination - something which I have just abolished from my mind. Do the story mean that I really want to experience it all in detail as described? Have I booked a ticket for Riyadh and packed down my hooker outfit? Well, the truth is that so many of my fantasies have already become reality and they have all taken me to heights I could never have imagined. Yes, I enjoy pain and humiliation and it fuels my lust as nothing else. As long as it's a lustful experience and does no serious harm it's positive, I think. What do you think? And what are you visaulizing right now? Do you want your dream to come true? As for Saudi Arabia we'll see what happens...

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Fa said...

well Im still waiting for you to complete the saudi arabia story

and guess what .. yep Im from Riyadh ;)