Saturday, 5 September 2009

Back and proud and with fresh whipmarks on my bottom... mmmmmm

Hello my wonderful friends and my apologies for neglecting this blog for so long :-) Seems like you need to make blogging into a daily routine if it is to be done at all. But now I'm back and I'm proud. I' m hot and I feel sinful like never before ;-) I have realized that Second Life perhaps isn't my cup of tea after all. Sure it is exciting but I have realized how time consuming it really is, especially if you don't have a very fast computer. Besides, there's nothing wrong with the First Life, better known as IRL..

The other day when I went out to lunch I suddenly got the immediate urge for pain! You know, like when you're desperate for a cigarette or some sweets and must have it right away. So instead of having a meal I jumped into my car and drove as fast as I could out of town and before I knew it I was walking on a path into the woods. I knew I had to be back at work in around 45 minutes and I also knew I had to experience pain before I did. So I cut myself a bunch of whippy long switches and went deeper into the woods where I hid behind a big rock. The risk that somebody would see me was minimal but anyway I don't think I would have cared. I took of my jeans and panties and bent forward, sticking my bottom out and started whipping myself with the switches as hard a I could. Oh, what a glorious feeling! I lashed away like obsessed, striking with three switches at the same time. In my minds eye I could see the switches biting through my skin, deep into my quivering buttocks. After arount twenty lashes I realized it would be more effective using just one of the switches and I started whipping myself savagely with the longest one, striking as hard as I could and the strokes fell faster and faster while I stuck my bottom out to meet each stinging lash. Tears were flowing down my face and I was catapulted into subslut heaven.

I reached my goal of a hundred lashes on my bare bottom and when I caressed my sore welted buttocks I could see blood on my fingers. I simply could not wait to get in front of a mirror to see what I had accompished. And, naturally, sitting down was out of the question for the rest of the day. It really was an ordeal to drive my car back to work and I put some paper tissues in my panties to absorb the red driplets. God was this wonderful!

Back at work a colleague asked me where I had been as she didn't see me at lunch. 'No, I just took a walk in the woods instead' I answered with a smile.

Take care and have a great weekend whatever you do. love and kisses from tina.


Scipio said...

I liked the story. Really nice. It was a sexy idea that you needed pain and you solved it by yourself. Can you do the same with golden shower?

Master Scipio

tinaslut said...

I have actually tried that, too... although it's much more difficult, at least if you want the stream into your mouth :-)

Scipio said...

That makes me curious. I hope you have time to write about how you take care of your thirst.

Master Scipio

Anonymous said...

Yes, sometimes we just need to feel pain - I'm getting my dose tomorrow!