Monday, 28 September 2009

Smile - and the world smiles with you!

It's a great sunny day here in Stockholm and I really feel inspired. How about you? Sure we have all have work and other things hanging over us. Yet everything feels so much easier when you have your dreams and fantasies with you all the time and are looking forward to something nice. Something exciting. Yes, you can fill every day with exciting moments and the most tedious of tasks will all of a sudden become a piece of cake. Everything gets easier if you look upon it with a positive attitude. Yes, my sinful lusty dreams will take me smiling through what would otherwise have been a very boring day.

I hope your day will be a good one, too. Just think of something nice. As you have come here I can well imagine what you'd like to dream about :-) Do it! If your dreams are really vivid and accompanied by a burning desire they will become reality. Who will you meet today? Smile at him/her. Give fate a chance. Your love may be just a smile away.

hugs, tina


Anonymous said...

Yes you have a beautiful smile and a nice sexy mouth. One I would love to fill with my cum. That is my dream.
To have you to punish and humiliate to stamp and to mark you.


Anonymous said...

Yes that smile of yours . It looks like you have just taken your masters cum down your throat and have licked it off your chin.